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Israeli Raid Kills Hamas Interior Minister

From a deeply saddened Reuters:

Palestinian Interior Minister Saeed Seyyam (2nd R) walks surrounded by his bodyguards after Friday prayers in Gaza in this October 27, 2006 file picture.

Hamas interior minister killed in Israeli air raid

15 Jan 2009

GAZA, Jan 15 (Reuters) – An Israeli air strike killed Hamas’s interior minister, Saeed Seyyam, in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, Hamas officials said.

His son, his brother and three other people were also killed in the attack that flattened a rented house in the Jabalya refugee camp and gouged a huge crater in the ground. Four other people died in a neighbouring house, medics said.

Local television in Gaza showed Seyyam’s body being brought to a hospital, his face still recognisable and his eyes open.

Seyyam was in charge of 13,000 Hamas police and security men, many of whom are actively involved in fighting Israel. He founded the so-called Executive Force, a Hamas security branch originally set up to rival Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s presidential guard.

A Hamas official vowed vengeance for his death.

"The blood of Saeed Seyyam will be a curse on the Zionist entity," Hamas official Mohammed Nazzal told Al Jazeera television…


But isn’t Mr. Seyyam a civilian?

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5 Responses to “Israeli Raid Kills Hamas Interior Minister”

  1. proreason says:

    Finally, some good news.

  2. River says:

    Yes, great news! We must remember that these are the same Palestinians who celebrated wildly in the streets when 9/11 happened. And that was after Clinton spent years of effort to get a deal from Israel guaranteeing a Palestinian state. Arafat turned it down, flat.

    If Palestinians had a neutron bomb that would kill every Jew in the world, they would use it in a heartbeat. The world knows that in their heart of hearts. But the world thinks Palestinian lives are more precious than Jewish lives.

    It’s so funny when these guys – who have already pledged to exterminate every man, woman, and child in Israel – say “The blood of Saeed Seyyam will be a curse on the Zionist entity”. Yeah, they already declared war years ago, but now they’re REALLY GOING TO GET ISRAELIS!

    How about when they call for a ‘Day of Rage’, as they did last week? Let’s see….. the Israelis blow the hell out of these terrorists for two weeks, and they declare a day of rage. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    This is really a proxy war with Iran, and Gaza is their game board.

    • JohnMG says:

      I think Israel should lay low for a couple of days until Hamas can assemble vast numbers of their partisans for their “day of rage”. Talk about a target-rich environment.

      Go, Abie!!!

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Now this is what I call a cleansing of the gene pool……brother, son and 3 other nitwits assume room temperature. GET SOME IDF!!

  4. David says:

    Looks like those Russian gun toting body guards weren’t much use… I just keep thinking how much quicker this would have been if Bush had just allowed Israel to buy the bunker busters and daisy cutters.

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