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It Was Mostly Conservative Republicans Who Lost

I started a compilation of the American Conservative Union’s lifetime ratings (through 2005) of the the GOP Congressmen who lost in Tuesday’s election.

But a poster at Free Republic named FreeReign has beat me to it (though I have corrected some of his typos):

Republican Incumbents Who Lost in the House

Jim Ryun (KS) – ACU rating 98
J.D. Hayworth (AZ) – ACU rating 98
Richard Pombo (CA) – ACU rating 97
Chris Chocola (IN) – ACU rating 95
Tom DeLay (TX) – ACU rating 95
Gil Gutknecht (MN) – ACU rating 94
Bob Beauprez (CO) – ACU rating 93
Charles Taylor (NC) – ACU rating 92
Mike Sodrel (IN) – ACU rating 92
Melissa Hart (PA) – ACU rating 91
John Hostettler (IN) – ACU rating 90
Don Sherwood (PA) – ACU rating 87
Mark Green (WI) – ACU rating 88
Jim Nussle (IA) – ACU rating 86
Bob Ney (OH) – ACU rating 86
Anne Northup (KY) – ACU rating 86
Clay Shaw (FL) – ACU rating 82
Mark Foley (FL) – ACU rating 78
John Sweeney (NY) – ACU rating 77
Jim Kolbe (AZ) – ACU rating 74
Jeb Bradley (NH) – ACU rating 71
Charles Bass (NH) – ACU rating 71
Curt Weldon (PA) – ACU rating 70
Sue Kelly (NY) – ACU rating 65
Mike Fitzpatrick (PA) – ACU rating 60
Nancy Johnson (CT) – ACU rating 47
Jim Leach (IA) – ACU rating 43
Sherwood Boehlert (NY) – ACU rating 40

Of course eight of these seats (namely Delay, Foley, Ney, Green, Nussle, Kolbe, Beauprez, Boehlert) had been vacated for various reasons.

As to the issue of immigration, here is how the aforementioned GOP incumbents voted on the border fence bill, HR 4437, "To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to strengthen enforcement of the immigration laws, to enhance border security, and for other purposes."

Again thanks to FreeReign:

How Republican Incumbents Voted On HR 4437

Jim Ryun (KS) – Yes
J.D. Hayworth (AZ) – No
Richard Pombo (CA) – Yes
Chris Chocola (IN) – Yes
Gil Gutknecht (MN) – Yes
Charles Taylor (NC) – Yes
Mike Sodrel (IN) – Yes
Melissa Hart (PA) – Yes
John Hostettler (IN) – Yes
Don Sherwood (PA) – Yes
Anne Northup (KY) – Yes
Clay Shaw (FL) – Yes
John Sweeney (NY) – Yes
Jeb Bradley (NH) – Yes
Charles Bass (NH) – Yes
Curt Weldon (PA) – Yes
Sue Kelly (NY) – Yes
Mike Fitzpatrick (PA) – Yes
Nancy Johnson (CT) – Yes
Jim Leach (IA) – No

Only one of the these now unelected Republicans voted against the anti-illegal alien bill, apart from JD Hayworth who voted "no" because he thought HR 4437 wasn’t strong enough.

So one could argue that most of these people were not voted out because they were not conservative enough. Nor were they voted out because they were too soft on illegal immigration.

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