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Italian Judges To Strike Over Budget Cuts

From Italy’s Adnkronos International:

Italy: Judges to strike over austerity measures

Rome, 3 June (AKI) – Italy’s judges on Thursday said they would strike to protest the some 25 billion euros in budget cuts that include salary reductions for many civil servants. The measure aims to reduce the country’s deficit and follows similar moves by other members of the European Union.

The Committee of Italian Magistrates "confirms that it is against the excessive measures in the decree law that penalise judges," the committee said Thursday in a statement. "Taking part in efforts asked of the country to bring it back to health doesn’t mean accepting unequal pay cuts and further destruction of the justice system."

The statement didn’t say when the walk out would take place.

Italian union leaders last week also threatened a general strike.

Italian politicians and other workers in Italy’s huge public administration will be forced by the austerity measures to accept salary cuts and freezes. The government also says it will recover billions of euros in evaded taxes as a way to reduce its deficit.

The European Union has asked its 27 members to implement measures to curb public spending in a bid to safeguard the euro and prevent a repeat of the Greece’s debt crisis. Germany, Spain, Portugal and Greece have also announced spending cuts.

Are the judges unionized? (They probably are.)

Wait until they really have to start cutting costs.

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5 Responses to “Italian Judges To Strike Over Budget Cuts”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    Ah, the finer points of Socialism are are “emerging” in Italy now!

  2. pamypo says:

    Just think is we could do this, some of public officals might go on strike! God forbid!

  3. Mithrandir says:

    Throw them all in jail with the criminals they sentenced, until they feel like doing their jobs again. That is what they do to everyone else: “Get screwed with a plea bargain and fees, or go to jail and get sodomized.”

    Judges, police officers, fire fighters, air traffic controllers should not hold people hostage! Judges are so arrogant, they would PAY the government just to have a job where they can rule and decide people’s fate like God. –don’t kid yourselves.

  4. proreason says:

    The United States will experience a boom unprecedented in history if we can elect a guy like Chris Christie or Paul Ryan president with a conservative Congress.

    When judges in Europe are too stupid to see the inevitable financial collapse of that society, it’s clear. That train ain’t turning around. Japan is already there. China will never be the economic powerhouse that the US can be…not with a Communist government…can’t happen. India is pretty socialist as well, and although it is doing much better than in years past, the infrastructure is still 3rd world level.

    If the United States can put it’s fiscal house in order….Ryan has a plan…Christie has the balls to do it….this country is going to be positioned for an economic recovery that will be greater than anything the world has ever seen. There simply won’t be any competition.

    The alternative is to follow in Europe’s shadow…self-destruction.

    Nov 2. The pitch of decision. Inevitable chaos and a new Dark Age. Or freedom and prosperity.

    It’s kind of important.

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The European Union has asked its 27 members to implement measures to curb public spending in a bid to safeguard the euro and prevent a repeat of the Greece’s debt crisis.

    There it is!!!


    The obvious answer always seems to take the longest to surface, doesn’t it? The welfare wagon’s wheels just fell off! Again, “ran out of other people’s money”. Keynesian economics is crap! Sure, looks good on paper, hell, even on Star Trek. But it never accounts for REALITY.

    A capitalist economic system works best because it ebbs and flows, grows, shrinks, responds to new demands, fills a need, etc. The very magic with it is the dynamic that allows it to shift. It also accounts for government jobs being a drain on the economy…a huge thing in the debit column. Necessary evil, if you will but should never be larger than needed.

    The absurdity of judges going on strike. That’s truly unbelievable. Entitlement truly gone amuck.

    No royals, no palaces…none of that. No the new elites are the ones who have their hands in the government till. Oddly though, their plans for a lifetime of paychecks seem to have come undone.

    Why is that?


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