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Italians Arrest Husband For Following Sharia Law

From those lovers of the gorgeous mosaic at Reuters:

Italy arrests man for locking up “lively” wife

Wed Feb 28, 2007 11:02 AM GMT163

ROME, Feb 28 (Reuters Life!) – Italian police arrested a jealous husband in the north of the country who forced his young wife to stay at home for two years because she was “too lively” to be let outside.

“She was too lively. She absolutely had to be locked up otherwise who knows what she might have done,” Egyptian immigrant Emad Zied, 31, was quoted as saying in Corriere della Sera daily newspaper on Wednesday.

His 20-year-old bride, Rasha, was rescued by local police and firemen who forced open the door of their apartment in the Italian city of Crema after a tip off from Rasha’s family.

The report said that Rasha rarely ever saw the light of day, but was “escorted” outside by her husband on occasion. Zied is being held in jail on suspicion of kidnapping.

 This sure sounds like a violation of Mr.Zied’s religious freedom.

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