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Italy Gets Separate Beaches For Muslim Women

From those lovers of the gorgeous mosaic at the DNC’s Associated Press:

Italian Plans Beaches for Muslim Women

August 3, 2006

ROME — An Italian resort plans to create all-female beach sections for Muslim women wishing to shed their headscarves and long robes to enjoy the sun in privacy, officials said Thursday.

Riccione, a resort town on Italy’s eastern coast, will let hotels set up partitions on the shoreline to satisfy requests from growing numbers of Arab and Muslim tourists.

"Our beaches are big enough to answer this need," said Loretta Villa, Riccione’s councilwoman. "We live on tourism and we can’t survive if we don’t satisfy the requests of our customers."

By making some areas off-limits to men, observant Muslim women will be able to ease up on religious restrictions to cover up if men are present, Villa said.

The reserved beaches would be waited on by by waitresses and watched over by women lifeguards.

The partitions will not reach into the sea as a section, Villa said.

To allow Muslim women to swim without covering up in robes and headscarves, Riccione would consider building reserved seaside swimming pools, she said.

Oh, joy.

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3 Responses to “Italy Gets Separate Beaches For Muslim Women”

  1. mybrotherkeeper says:

    Talk about the righteous Muslim is a myth. They are like everyone else, susceptible to the same temptations. I don’t know how their women put up with their shenanigans. A lot of the men cheat, yet expect their women to be faithful–or else!

  2. 1sttofight says:

    Will the goats have to dress in green rain coats also?

  3. proreason says:

    Where do they put the burlap bags when they go in the water?

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