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Obama ‘Restarts’ Guantanamo Tribunals

From a gobsmacked Associated Press:

Obama revives tribunals for Gitmo detainees

By Lara Jakes, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Friday restarted a Bush-era military trial system for a small number of Guantanamo detainees, reviving a method of prosecution he once assailed as flawed but with new legal protections for terror suspects…

"This is the best way to protect our country, while upholding our deeply held values," the president said in a statement…

"Military commissions have a long tradition in the United States. They are appropriate for trying enemies who violate the laws of war, provided that they are properly structured and administered," Obama said

Obama voted for one version of the tribunal law that gave detainees additional rights, but then voted against the more limited 2006 legislation that ultimately became law…

When Obama opposed the system that Congress ultimately approved, he called it "sloppy."

"We have rushed through a bill that stands a good chance of being challenged once again in the Supreme Court," Obama said in a Sept. 28, 2006, speech on the Senate floor. "This is not how a serious administration would approach the problem of terrorism."

Later, on the presidential campaign trail in February 2008, Obama described the Guantanamo trials as "a flawed military commission system that has failed to convict anyone of a terrorist act since the 9/11 attacks and that has been embroiled in legal challenges."

The restrictions on evidence almost certainly will result in only a fraction of detainees who ever will go to trial. The rest of the detainees would either be released, transferred to other nations or tried by civilian prosecutors in U.S. federal courts, an official said…

The decision to restart the process puts the administration in a race against the clock to conclude commission trials before the Navy prison is closed, by January 2010. If the trials are still going on, the detainees might have to be brought to the United States, where they would receive even greater legal rights…

We knew this was coming.

But, still, what a hoot it is to see Mr. Obama get such a hard reality slap.

"This is not how a serious administration would approach the problem of terrorism."

Isn’t irony… ironic?

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16 Responses to “Obama ‘Restarts’ Guantanamo Tribunals”

  1. Odie44 says:

    The WH Press conference got really interesting. Baffling answers from Gibbs, roundabout logic and a testy press corps.

    Of course, he brought up “Cheney”, whereas Ed something (the reporter) said “I never brought up Cheney’s name, why would you?”

  2. Howard Roark says:

    Yet another serving of crow for silly little Barry to munch on.

  3. proreason says:

    He’s covering his flank.

    The main attack is yet to come.

    • Howard Roark says:

      Of course, I’m suspicious also, PR. One only has to read between the lines to see that Barry will say one thing while doing another. My guess: he will hold tribunals for a select few of these combatants at Gitmo, but, being the Harvard-trained lawyer he is, he will stack the court in a sure-fire way that will render any “justice” meaningless.

      His preoccupation with the military courts being “properly structured and administered”, lest they perform as “sloppy”, shows this little boy’s disdain for military discipline and lack of lawyerly wiggle room to free guilty defendants.

    • Confucius says:

      Hi proreason and Howard Roark.

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Whenever caught between a rock and hard place, Barack turns into Barry and lets Igor quietly finish the job behind-the-scenes.

      Metaphor aside, Barack is a coward.

  4. Dangerous says:

    But, but, but, they’re just words. What’s this magical device that records them and plays them back to my disadvantage?

  5. Odie44 says:

    Of course Bambi is somewhere doing a Town Hall meeting or something…

    Does this moron even show up to work?

  6. Trogdor says:

    “This is not how a serious administration would approach the problem of terrorism.”

    At least he realizes his isn’t a serious administration!

  7. canary says:

    Odie, Pro, exactly. He’s lined up with graduation commencements (at least the one didn’t give him a doctrine like Notre Dame is going to do) townhall meetings.

    In Abomination Hopes aside a too long excerpt of how much he loves to fly and travel, here is one on how hard he plays. Barack Obama chapt 1 p.14 2006

    “Except for the few minutes that it takes me to vote, my colleagues and I don’t spend much time on the Senate floor. Most of the decisions – about what bills to call and when to call them, about how many amendments will be handled and how uncooperative senators will be made to cooperate – have been worked out well in advance by the majority leader, the relevant committee chairman, their staffs, and () their Democratic counterparts. By the time we reach the floor and the clerks start calling the roll,

    each of the senators will have determined – in consultation with his or her staff, caucus leader, preferred lobbyists, interest groups, constituent mail, the ideological leanings – just how to position himself on the issue.

    It makes for an efficient process, which is much appreciated by the members who are juggling twelve – or thirteen-hour schedules and want to get back to their office to meet constituents or return phone cals, to a nearby hotel to cultivate donors, or to the television studio for a live interview.”

    That’s Obama’s interpretation of how a serious administration would approach the problem of terrorism. Cameras, hotels, money, and blackberrys.

  8. Gila Monster says:

    Ah yes indeed Obama, schadenfreude is a b*tch of a concubine, bwaahaahaahahaha..!!
    How’s that saying go? Oh yeah. Beware when casting stones, lest thee bounce back and hit you square between the eyes. ;o)

  9. pdsand says:

    “The decision to restart the process puts the administration in a race against the clock to conclude commission trials before the Navy prison is closed, by January 2010.”

    A shot across the bow if there ever was one. I wonder what histrionics will ensue when the AP learns that Obama isn’t going to close Guantanamo either?

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Although not the beginning of the self-destruction I am hoping for, this is still very telling.

    A “testy” press corps is actually a huge advantage for conservatives as that same corps pursues their own agenda; That being anti-war, anti-industry, anti-America and when the white house gets evasive or downright insolent, that’s when the press corps goes into action and gets spiteful. It happened with Nixon and even with Bill-Jeff.

    So, when a supremely arrogant little shit like Barry, the amazing negro, gets too uppity, the newsies will have a little fit and stamp their little feet but….BUT…will, as always, slant the news to their agenda and have less inclination to make our little president look good.

  11. canary says:

    I think Obama will close it the end of the year. He’s got the U.S. Attorney and Judges to set them all free by then. Obama’s life-long rebellion with his friends, school mates, Chicago days with former felonists and bad relationships up to his election to include some unreputable, above the law picks he’s made to serve under him. There’s his criminal Acorn crowd, ignoring fraudelent voting. Probably won’t even get rid of the bed bug Pelosie bimbo boob.
    Obama’s describes his father and grandfather as violent bad men. and possibly in his genes. Many of his family say that he took after his father. Sure didn’t take after his mother’s side of the family. Loving, nourishing from the southern states.

    The news has only been able to show that Gitmo is better than American prisons. And some of the prisoners don’t even want to be released, their life is better there than serving Saddam Hussien.

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