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Murtha To MoveOn: I’ll Force Redeployment

Speaking for all Democrats in the Congress, yesterday House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer pledged this:

We will not abandon, we will not under-man, not under-supply, we will not under-train and we will not de-fund those who we have put in harm’s way. We will support our troops today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter…

And yet we hear this today, via the terrorist enablers at Reuters:

U.S. Rep. Murtha touts way to choke off Iraq war

By Richard Cowan and David Alexander

WASHINGTON, Feb 15 (Reuters) – U.S. Rep. John Murtha, a leading congressional opponent of the war in Iraq, on Thursday said his plans for placing conditions on how President George W. Bush can spend $93.4 billion in new combat funds would effectively stop an American troop buildup.

"They won’t be able to continue. They won’t be able to do the deployment. They won’t have the equipment, they don’t have the training and they won’t be able to do the work. There’s no question in my mind," the Pennsylvania Democrat said.

Murtha, an ex-Marine in his 18th term, made his remarks in a webcast on movecongress.org, which hopes to influence Congress to stop the war in Iraq.

As the chairman of a House of Representatives panel that oversees military spending, Murtha plans to advance legislation next month attaching strings to the additional war funds Bush requested on Feb. 5…

Murtha hopes to choke off the 4-year-old war in Iraq by placing four conditions on combat funds through Sept. 30:

The Pentagon would have to certify that troops being sent to Iraq are "fully combat ready" with training and equipment; troops must have at least one year at home between combat deployments; combat assignments could not be extended beyond one year; a "stop-loss" program forcing soldiers to extend their enlistment periods would be prohibited.

"We’re trying to force a redeployment not by taking money away, by redirecting money," Murtha said, adding he wants U.S. funds to be slanted more toward diplomacy and Iraq reconstruction…

Here is the MoveOn video, for those of you with cast iron stomachs:


When you think about it, this must be quite a sacrifice on John Murtha’s part.

Any cut in Defense spending probably takes money out of his and his defense lobbyist brother’s pocket. Still, by now Mr. Murtha must have found other sources of largess, such as MoveOn and George Soros.

Hey, maybe there are even some Arabs involved, like in the good old days:


Google video caption: The complete and unedited video of Congressman John Murtha’s January 7, 1980 meeting with the FBI’s undercover Abscam investigation. At Abscam’s W Street townhouse in Washington, D.C. With FBI Special Agent Anthony Amoroso, informant Mel Weinberg, and Howard Criden.

The American Spectator has a transcript of that shining moment in Murtha’s storied career.

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