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Jackson Lee Thinks Constitution Is 400 Yrs Old

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Sheila Jackson Lee Thinks the Constitution is 400 Years Old — It isn’t

March 12, 2014

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas) declared the U.S. Constitution to be 400 years old Wednesday on the House floor, which would mean it was signed in 1614.

“Maybe I should offer a good thanks to the distinguished members of the majority, the Republicans, my chairman and others, for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years, operating under a constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not,” she said.

That would be seven years after Jamestown, Virginia became America’s first permanent English settlement.

Lee is off by only 173 years. It was adopted on Sep. 17, 1787.

Sadly, Ms. Jackson-Lee’s ignorance about the Constitution isn’t at all surprising. The surprising thing here is that she is pretending to feel any reverence for an outworn document written by rich white male slavers.

Lest we forget, just last month Ms. Jackson Lee was bragging about how she was going to write executive orders by which Obama can bypass Congress.

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12 Responses to “Jackson Lee Thinks Constitution Is 400 Yrs Old”

  1. fishin4u2 says:

    How do these ignorant people continue to be reelected ??? If a Republican had made a statement like this, it would be the main story of the drive-by media…………

  2. canary says:

    Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!

    Patrick Henry

    In 5th grade my son chose Patrick Henry for a biography report and chose this quote as his favorite.

    It was the only thing marked wrong and wrote in red “What’s this?” and gave him a B.

    • captstubby says:

      canary, your lucky they didn’t call Child Services to arrest you!
      what kind of environment are these children subjected to?
      wonder who will play you on CSI (take your pick) T V show?

    • canary says:

      Capstubby, why would they call child services. Part of the report’s requirement was to write a quote of the famous person the student picked to do the report on.

      I can’t imagine someone her age not knowing this quote. My son loved listening to his speeches on the internet.

      And when you say who would play me on CSI, do you mean a good person or a bad person? Please, kindly respond.

  3. captstubby says:

    sorry canary, it was ment to be a joke about your conservitive enviorment and your children.
    the csi part was to have you as a” Right wing, bible thumping nut”.
    the Capt strikes out on this one.

    • yadayada says:

      canary – I think the only reason why you weren’t hauled off in chains is ’cause the teacher didn’t immediately recognize the quote as the racist-bible-thumping-right-wing-extremist threat to your child that libs account to racist-sexist-bigoted-homophobes they believe people like you (and me) to be.

      Capt. – I believe you meant “law and order”. they’re the most notorious for doing as you describe. next week’s episode; canary will be portrayed (by Christopher Walken) as a (see descriptions above). detectives will lead SWAT team into canary’s home to find his wife is chained to the stove, wearing torn and dirty rags, chanting bible verses. in the background the T.V. showing Hannity on Fox news channel, with Limbaugh blaring from the radio. there will be bomb making materials on a work bench and Nazi flag on the wall in the garage. etc. etc. etc.

      oh, sorry – should have posted a spoiler alert at the top of this post. apparently I just gave away their plot lines for the whole season

    • captstubby says:

      thanks yadayada
      for covering my six on this one.
      must be getting senile not to “fact check ” before that post.
      did you know,400 years ago,the capt. didn’t have the Interweb?

      canary,your posts are not annoying.
      like with all the busy bees at S&L, your thoughts and perspective are all appreciated.

  4. canary says:

    Capstubby & Yadayada, As the Bristish were coming Patrick Henry was trying to convince our forefathers to fight the Brits. The children were giving names to choose for History assignment. One was if the person was for or against fighting the British. Patrick Henry was known for his speeches and working quotes from the Bible into them. He pointed out that they had argued for ten years and called for “peace, peace” yet there would be no peace and they had talked enough and it was a waste of time.

    He gave a big speech protecting the 2nd amendment for citizens to be able to bear arms or we’d have the Brits walking into everyone’s home and we would end up with a King running our country. He wished that every home have a musket.

    I do believe Patrick Henry was against slavery. He was a self-taught at home lawyer as many of our forefathers achieved their educations.

    And Patrick Henry often referred to the Bible and revered God in his speeches. I feel he is evidence that our country was found on Christian beliefs. So, many of our civil laws, not just the Ten Commandments are from the Bible, but of course they don’t mention this and are not argued in court.

    Give me liberty or give me death was replaced by “better dead than red”. No one says that anymore.

    And for the record, with my annoying posts on “consumer shopping and buying groceries”, my mommy bear posts that the president and his wife by the constant company of trashy celebrities are poor role models for our youth, and
    our schools spend more time teaching about social issues than anything else, and comments on fasion that you would realize that “I am a woman”

    • yadayada says:

      sorry canary, wasn’t thinkin’. but you know only Christian caucasion men can be terrorists in hollywierd. look at that new liam neeson flick.

  5. Astravogel says:

    Jackson Lee thinks? Who knew?

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