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Japan Implements Missile Defense System

From an irony proof Associated Press:

Japan’s Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada, center, speaks to reporters after National Security Council meeting in Tokyo Friday morning, March 27, 2009.

Japan OKs deployment of missile defense system

By Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press Writer – Fri Mar 27

TOKYO – Japan’s military mobilized Friday to protect the country from any threat if North Korea’s looming rocket launch fails, ordering two missile-equipped destroyers to the Sea of Japan and sending batteries of Patriot missile interceptors to protect the northern coastline…

Japan has said that it will shoot down any dangerous objects that fall its way if the launch doesn’t go off successfully. Tokyo, however, has been careful to say that it will not intervene unless its territory is in danger.

The North said earlier this month that any attack on the satellite would be an act of war.

South Korea and the U.S. prepared deployments of their own. Seoul is also dispatching an Aegis-equipped Sejong the Great destroyer off the east coast to monitor the launch, a military official in Seoul said. He asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Two U.S. Aegis-equipped ships, docked at a South Korea port, will set sail in coming days, U.S. military spokesman Kim Yong-kyu said…

On Friday, Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada told reporters he ordered the deployment of land-to-air and sea-to-air missile interceptors to the area at risk.

"We will make sure to eliminate anything that may cause us any damage," he said.

Under Friday’s order, the Japanese military is allowed to shoot down any missile fragments and debris heading toward Japanese territory.

The military will move some PAC-3 land-to-air missiles, currently deployed around Tokyo, to Japan’s northern coast, and deploy a pair of destroyers carrying SM-3 sea-to-air missiles in nearby waters, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

A set of the PAC-3 missiles would be also brought into central Tokyo to defend the nation’s capital. The destroyers, equipped with Aegis radar, will sail from their southern homeport of Sasebo.

Japan’s National Security Council approved Hamada’s order to mobilize the missile interceptors…

Somebody better warn these benighted Japanese that missile defense shields will never work and that they are a waste of money.

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8 Responses to “Japan Implements Missile Defense System”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    “Somebody better warn these benighted Japanese that missile defense shields will never work………..”

    Yeah but it will give then the feeling of a great nights sleep at the Hanoi Hilton!!

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    “…..it will give them the feeling….”
    I surely miss the edit thingy. I am trying to stop all my errors. (sorry folks)

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Not only does the Japanese MDS work LD, but it get’s 35 mpg & comes with a 100,000 mile warranty.

  3. proreason says:

    Looks like the japs are falling in the same sinkhole the US of KKKA is in……not realizing that defense is futile since it only inflames the innocent targets by damaging their fragile self esteem.

  4. Colonel1961 says:

    Wow – three missile defense comments in two days. The PAC-3 works well enough (wish it had a lethality enhancer and not just HTK). Just depends on a) Q of PAC-3s and b) Q of incoming missiles. One can overwhelm the PAC-3 system (C&C issue, so I hear) but, I doubt NK has the requisite quantities of nuclear and/or launch capability to overwhelm the Japanese (PAC-3 and/or SM-3) anyway…

    Wonder what ever happened to those Nikes (nuclear-tipped) and Hawks missiles on Okinawa after the reinstatement?

  5. canary says:

    Meanwhile, Obama and Hillary tell the world, that U.S. is doing more to disarm, and do away with defense technology, because everything in the world is the U.S fault, hoping that other countries will follow us. It really sucks when you have so many 3rd world countries that believe suicide feels good and is honorable.

  6. joeblough says:

    The Japanese better not miss.

    That’s all I have to say.

  7. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    No defense is fool proof. The Japanese of all people should know this based on their past military history. I know this is a bad example but one only needs to look at old combat footage of the kamikaze attacks. You can see that American carriers, battleships, destroyers, etc. would fill the sky with anti-aircraft fire against a single kamikaze plane and the plane would still get through and hit its’ target with devastating results. The problem with any elaborate defense system is that people begin to believe that it’s impregnable and soon develop a Maginot Line mentality.

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