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Japanese Ad Features Monkey As Obama

From the race baiters at the Chicago Tribune:

One (Obama) monkey stops show

Posted July 2, 2008

by Frank James

The Japanese love monkeys. They use monkeys in commercials constantly. Heck, Speed Racer, which started out as a Japanese cartoon in the 1960s, even has a monkey character. It’s a Japanese thing we Americans just don’t understand.

All that to say that it seems somewhat over-the-top that some African-Americans living in Japan would’ve gotten so dyspeptic that a Japanese telecommunications company used a monkey in an TV commercial that was a parody of the U.S. presidential race, with the simian wearing a suit and standing behind a podium with a sign reading “Change.”

The African Americans felt the monkey was a visual racial slur directed at Obama and all blacks. One can understand why. During the long, sorry history of white supremacy in the world, blacks have often been compared to monkeys and called monkeys. So this is obviously a sensitive subject.

But since the Japanese have this thing for monkeys and the Japanese makers of the commercial and its viewers were totally clueless about the whole monkey-black tie according to the above video news report, it seems like an overreaction on the part of the African Americans in Japan who went ballistic over the ad.

That’s not to say that the Japanese are any less racist than any other group of people. Japanese history proves they’re as racist as anyone else, more or less.

But to quote Sigmund Freud, sometimes a monkey is just a monkey.

Of course, sometimes it’s not. Take the infamous monkey shirts being sold by a Georgia bar which say “Obama ’08” and show a picture of Curious George of childrens book fame. That seems like a pretty clear cut case of racist monkey business.

As we have previously noted, the very Caucasian Mr.Bush has been and is still regularly compared to monkeys and even Curious George.

Indeed, a whole parody Curious George book has been done about him:

When were these sites or books ever called “racist” or “infamous”?

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