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Jeff Sessions Calls On US To Stop Obama’s Lawlessness

From Breitbart:

Jeff Sessions on Obama’s Executive Amnesty: Congress Faces ‘Time of Choosing’ at ‘Perilous Hour’

By Tony Lee | July 28, 2014

It’s now or never for opponents of President Barack Obama’s lawlessness on illegal immigration. Saying America faces a "perilous hour," and members of Congress are entering a "momentous week" when it comes to the future of the separation of powers, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) urged his colleagues on Monday to "be counted" and "stand up" to Obama’s "lawless actions, and sponsor legislation that will block him" from granting amnesty to millions more illegal immigrants.

It’s astonishing and appalling that it has come to this. A Senator has to beg his fellow Congressmen and countrymen to do something to stop Obama’s upcoming executive orders, which will overturn what’s left of our immigration laws.

He also urged colleagues to "oppose any border supplemental that does" not prevent Obama from using federal money to implement more executive actions on immigration. Simply put, Sessions said, there is "no middle ground" when it comes to Obama’s potential nullification of federal immigration laws…

In fact, why give Obama another dime until he begins enforcing our laws?

"Our response now is of great import," Sessions said on the Senate floor. "It will define the scope of executive and congressional powers for years to come. If President Obama is not stopped in this action, and he exceeds his powers by attempting to execute such a massive amnesty contrary to law, the moral authority for any immigration henceforth will be eviscerated."

Stopping Obama here and now is far more important than any future Congressional lawsuit that will be end up being thrown out of court by some liberal judge.

Saying every member of Congress will face "a time of choosing" this week in which they will be asked to support or oppose legislation that would block Obama’s executive amnesty, Sessions asked, "Will we answer that call? Where will history record each of us stood at this important time?"

(‘A Time for Choosing’ was also the name of the speech given by Ronald Reagan on behalf of Barry Goldwater in during the 1964 campaign. And it turned out to be amazingly prescient.)

"No lawmaker should support any border bill that does not expressly prohibit these planned executive actions by the president and that prohibits any expenditure of funds to implement them," Sessions said.

He reminded lawmakers in Congress that, "all of us were elected by Americans to serve them and to serve and honor their Constitution," and Congress’s message to the American people should be clear: "We stand for law, we stand for Constitution, we stand for an honorable, lawful immigration system that treats everyone fairly and serves the national interest of the people of the United States."

How quaint. But the Democrats need a permanent underclass in order to survive as a socialist party. So to hell with all that.

To Sessions, that means marking an end to "this Congress’s acquiescence to executive overreach." He emphasized that those who refuse to take simple action to stop Obama’s executive amnesty will have voted to enable Obama’s lawlessness.

Sessions said it is a "stark" and "perilous" hour and emphasized that he has never seen "a situation in which a president–weeks in advance–has announced that he’s going to take action that clearly violates law." Sessions said Obama is taking America into "exceedingly dangerous waters" and a constitutional crisis by "preparing to assume for himself the absolute power to set immigration law in America" with the mentality of, "I’ll just enforce what I wish to enforce" and "determine who may enter and who may work, no matter what the law says, by the millions."

Sessions said Obama’s actions "would undermine the very sovereignty of the nation" and amount to an "open borders" policy that even the National Journal said would be "explosive." "Anyone the world over will get the message: get into America by any method you can, and you will never have to leave," Sessions said.

He also said Americans "will not accept nullification of their laws passed by their elected representatives," and that is why "it’s not too late" to stop Obama’s lawlessness. "It is absolutely not too late for us to restore a lawful system that treats applicants who come to America fairly and serves the national interest," Sessions said. "This can be done." …

And this has to be done, if we are going to preserve what is left of the concept of the rule of law and what is left of what we think of as America. And the American public has stopped amnesty before, and we can do it again.

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