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Jennifer Verner On Hitchens’s Tom Paine Book

Jennifer Verner should be a familiar name to regular readers here.

Ms. Verner is currently addressing John Barrell’s preposterous review of Christopher Hitchens’s new book "Thomas Paine’s ‘Rights of Man’" in the rightly obscure London Review Of Books.

Mr. Barrell, among other charges, claims Hitchens is not even a good plagiarist. (Maybe that is meant to be a backhanded compliment?)

Plagiarism of course is the left’s current charge de guerreemployed to silence those they cannot out-argue. (Cf. Ann Coulter.)

There is even a movement afoot to get Mr. Hitchens fired from Slate based on Mr. Barrell’s slander.

Ms. Verner took Mr. Barrell to task in a blistering letter to the London Review aptly titled "Cow Pie."

Consequently, some Hitchens stalkers have momentarily expanded their field of view enough to put Ms. Verner in their sights.

They even try to mock her revealing flowchart we posted here, which illustrated the Dana Priest and Mary McCarthy connections. Of course they neglect to mention where any of her information is inaccurate.

Ms. Verner has expanded upon her critique of Mr. Barrell’s review in several articles on her excellent new website, which is well worth a visit.

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