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Jeremy Irons: Could A Father Not Marry His Son?

From the Huffington Post:

Jeremy Irons On Gay Marriage: ‘Could A Father Not Marry His Son?’

By Danny Shea | April 4, 2013

Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons said Wednesday that while he doesn’t have much of a strong opinion either way on same-sex marriage, he believes it poses interesting questions, including whether allowing same-sex marriage would open the door for interfamilial relationships.

"Could a father not marry his son?" Irons asked HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps. Irons argued that "it’s not incest between men" because "incest is there to protect us from inbreeding, but men don’t breed," and wondered whether same-sex marriage might allow fathers to pass on their estates to their sons without being taxed.

Which, by the way, is actually at the core of the DOMA case that the Supreme Court is considering. The plaintiff says she would not have had to pay any death tax if she had been married when her lifelong partner died. But she couldn’t legally marry because of DOMA.

"It seems to me that now they’re fighting for the name," Irons said of advocates for same-sex marriage as opposed to civil unions. "I worry that it means somehow we debase, or we change, what marriage is. I just worry about that."

Yes, the left is trying to redefine marriage. Along with every other traditional concept.

Irons reiterated that he "[doesn’t] have a strong feeling either way" on same-sex marriage, and said that he "[wishes] everybody who’s living with one other person the best of luck in the world, because it’s fantastic."

"Living with another animal, whether it be a husband or a dog, is great," he said.

So Mr. Irons is comparing same sex couples to bestiality!

"It’s lovely to have someone to love. I don’t think sex matters at all. What it’s called doesn’t matter at all."

Certainly sex doesn’t enter into most marriages, with the possible exception of ‘some sex marriages.’

Irons also blasted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg over the proposed restrictions on soda, describing himself as a "complete libertarian" and likening Bloomberg’s policies to a "nanny state."

Apparently, Mr. Irons must believe he has saved enough money that he never needs to work again. Because we are about to see another highly revered cultural icon have his reputation ruined forever for daring to speak truth to power.

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5 Responses to “Jeremy Irons: Could A Father Not Marry His Son?”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    lalalalalalal (hands over ears) lalalalala

    Yet, he is spot on.

    Homosexuality is a cult of death, precisely because they cannot reproduce (and thankfully so)

  2. dasher says:

    Ben Shapiro wrote a great article about this slope in Townhall :



  3. wirenut says:

    Breed, is what we do with livestock. To raise a family, A, man, and A, women, brings the best of two worlds together. Respect and nurturing come to my mind. Stability and structure go hand in hand with common sense and logic. Without goals or boundies, everything is amiss, or anything goes. Not in my world.

  4. canary says:

    USAToday: Oops! Michelle Obama calls herself ‘single mother’

    David Jackson – Apr 5, 2013

    First lady Michelle Obama accidentally described herself as a “busy single mother” during a television interview on Thursday before quickly correcting her mistake and laughing off the gaffe.

    “You know, when you’ve got the husband who’s president, it can feel a little single — but he’s there,” Mrs. Obama told a CBS station based in Vermont.

    She then described herself as a “busy working mom.”

    “Before coming to the White House, I was in that position,” she confessed. “Working, driving kids to practice, not having enough time to shop or cook, not having the energy.”


    We already know she complained about feeling like a single mom before the WH and apparently, that has not changed.

    Michelle Obama’s becoming a regular on Entertainment Tonight must be difficult on the Security who can no longer allow White House Tours.

  5. Professor_Repulso says:

    While highly unsavory, this would seem to have some relevance to the issue. You might remember esteemed Columbia professor David Epstein and his recent problems. The following quotes are from his attorney, Matthew Galluzzo:

    ‘At the same time, there is an argument to be made in the Swiss case to let go what goes on privately in bedrooms.

    ‘It’s ok for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home. How is this so different?

    ‘We have to figure out why some behaviour is tolerated and some is not.’

    In an interview with the Huffington Post, he added: ‘What goes on between consenting adults in private should not be legislated. That is not the proper domain of our law.

    ‘If we assume for a moment that both parties [involved in incest] are consenting, then why are we prosecuting this?’


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