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Jesse Jackson Fasted 10 Days In Desert

Here is a hilarious tidbit buried in an otherwise laughably fulsome paean to the shakedown artist, from Chicago Tribune:

Jackson eclipsed in the age of Obama

Long the leading black figure on national stage, he now faces transition that may define legacy

By David Greising | Chicago Tribune correspondent
August 22, 2008

… A humiliating public stumble jolted Jackson into this delicate adjustment period. When a Fox News microphone in early July picked up Jackson’s use of a vulgar expression to criticize Obama, the episode seemed to symbolize Jackson’s frustration at feeling left on the sidelines by Obama’s historic ascendancy.

The “open mic” episode, Jackson said, was the most humiliating public moment of his career, worse even than when he briefly withdrew from public life after news surfaced in 2001 that he had fathered a daughter out of wedlock.

To help himself recover from the Obama gaffe, Jackson spent 10 days fasting and meditating in the Arizona desert, he said, “talking with Dr. King, reading the Bible and talking with myself” in an effort to sort out what had prompted his ill-chosen remarks.

“I wanted to see if there was a gap between my heart and my lip,” he said.

Jackson’s verdict: He felt his heart was true, squarely behind Obama. And even if his lips had run amok—expressing a desire to emasculate the African-American candidate for “talking down to black people”—he stood behind the message…

Is Jesse Jackson trying to one-up Mr. Obama in the Messiah complex department?

Why didn’t he do his reflecting in “hymietown”?

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