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JFK Plotter Arrested While On His Way To Iran

From the New York Sun:

Trinidadian Kareem Ibrahim (aka “Mohammed”), 56, left, and Guyanan Abdul Kadir arrive to the Magistrate Court for an extradition hearing in downtown Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Monday, June 4, 2007.

Police, FBI Plan To Examine Iran Links in JFK Plot

June 5, 2007

WASHINGTON — As New York police and the FBI interview suspects in an alleged plot to attack John F. Kennedy International Airport, one thread the ongoing investigation will explore is why one of the suspects was planning to go to Iran.

A former Guyanese legislator, Abdul Kadir, was arrested in Trinidad on Friday on a plane bound for Caracas, Venezuela. According to Mr. Kadir’s wife, Isha Kadir, he was in the island nation to pick up an Iranian visa so he could attend an Islamic conference in Tehran. Two of Mr. Kadir’s children are studying in Iran, according to Mrs. Kadir.

Trinidad’s counterterrorism police are also investigating whether one of Mr. Kadir’s alleged co-conspirators, a 56-year old Shiite imam in Trinidad named Kareem Ibrahim, had ties to Shiite organizations in southern Iraq and Iran through an Islamic discussion group he hosted, according to the Trinidad Express.

In interviews in the Guyanese press, Mrs. Kadir said her husband’s Iran connection was likely the reason the FBI was requesting his extradition.

“We are shocked, we are not part of these things,” she was quoted by Kaieteur News in Guyana. “To begin with, we are not Al Qaeda … we are Shia. My husband is a decent, devoted, intelligent Muslim. Both of us have relatives in the United States. It would be nonsensical for him to plot something like this.”

An FBI spokesman in New York would not comment on the fact that Mr. Kadir was on his way to Iran when he was arrested, noting only that the investigation into the plot against New York’s largest airport was ongoing.

However, a law enforcement official who requested anonymity said the Iran connection was a lead the investigators would be following…

Gee, Venezuela and Iran… What could these two countries have in common?

You really have to wonder why this plot is getting so little play from our watchdog media.

(I’m kidding, of course.)

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