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Jim Crow Museum’s Traveling Exhibition

We must be living in a golden age if this is what now passes for racism.

From Ferris State University’s Jim Crow Museum:

Traveling Exhibition – THEM: Images of Separation

THEM: Images of Separation,” is a traveling exhibition that showcases items from popular culture used to stereotype different groups. The negative imagery — found on postcards, license plates, games, souvenirs and costumes — promoted stereotyping against such groups as Asian-Americans, Hispanics, Jews and poor whites, as well as those who are “other” in terms of body type or sexual orientation.

The exhibition follows up the success of the “Hateful Things” exhibition, comprised of artifacts from Ferris’ Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia. Ferris professor of Social Sciences David Pilgrim said “THEM” responds to questions he received from people who saw the previous exhibition, which focused specifically on imagery demeaning to African-Americans.

“In the past we had people ask why did we not have objects that dealt with groups other than African-Americans,” Pilgrim said. “For this show, we took our direction from Martin Luther King’s famous quote, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ This is the next logical step for the Jim Crow Museum.”

Through 35 separate framed pieces (some with multiple items, such as postcards), “THEM” tackles some of the most contentious, cultural hot-button issues: anti-Arab sentiment, Holocaust denial, “don’t ask, don’t tell” and immigration.

The exhibition also includes items demeaning to African-Americans, but that is only a part of the exhibition’s larger picture. “I’m hoping ‘THEM’ shows discrimination and stereotyping is not just a black/white issue — it’s more pervasive than that,” said Pilgrim.

Exhibition includes:

    * 35 pieces
    * Didactic Panels

And here are some of these 35 “pieces” representing the “hateful things”:








(Click images to enlarge)

Note especially the inclusion of the “God Hates Fags” poster from the very cynical Westboro Baptist Church operation, as well as the obviously satirical (and anti-Bush) poster.

This is what passes for evidence of Jim Crow-like racial prejudice in this day and age?

Then we have nothing to really worry about, apparently.

Meanwhile, we strongly suspect that the Jim Crow Museum neglects to mention that the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist branch of the Democrat party, which targeted Republicans as much as blacks.

Similarly, we doubt that they bother to mention that the so-called Jim Crow laws were largely instituted to keep blacks from voting for Republicans.

Now of course they employ other, more subtle, means.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, December 5th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

15 Responses to “Jim Crow Museum’s Traveling Exhibition”

  1. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    And here I thought that the only positive thing that came from Obama’s win in November was that we could finally put an end to white guilt. And that the black community could no longer say that the evil white man and his system was keeping them down. I guess the disciples of victimhood had to find another means of keeping the animosity alive and well, otherwise they would feel that their lives no longer had any purpose.

  2. Helena says:

    Ferris State University is too hip for the room. This is a course in surrealism. I particularly like the “separate things” that push the existential envelope:
    The plug-in pencil in the Polish frame
    The “virgin on the verge” about to step onto a mouse trap

    The travelling exhibition is pure DaDa.

  3. Steve says:

    “The “virgin on the verge” about to step onto a mouse trap”

    I think she’s about to step into a bathtub.

    Though a mouse trap would have made more sense.

  4. cjokry says:

    Considering how many of these clever liberals make their living being professional smart-asses on tv, you wouldn’t think they’d want to tread any further down the “let’s-never-pick-on-anyone-again” path. This is one of the many ways their movement finds itself often at odds with itself.

    Their whole ideology is all about their superiority complex. Sure, after a few dozen decades they finally stopped oppressing colored people, (now they just keep them down by fostering their ruinous sense of entitlement), but what are they gonna do for fun if they have to start showing respect for fat people and virgins, too? This really is a talk no liberal could walk.

  5. AmericanIPA says:

    I like the pessimist/optimist card. That’s funny stuff. I don’t get what’s happening in the “Chinese honeymoon” picture though. Anyone want to explain that one.

    I think most of that stuff is either fringe, outdated, or very thin on “hate”. If this stuff is hateful, why not include something from 9/11 that shows how much all Americans really are hated by some Islamic zealots? Or how about the way Sarah Palin was lampooned as the typical republican boob in every phase of the media?

    If just pointing out differences between races, religions, etc. is “hate” and “hate” is unacceptable, how can there be any working stand-up comics (especially black ones) remaining?

    Some people have way too much free time on their hands to dream up injustices.

  6. SJames says:

    AmericanIPA, Near as I can figure out, and at the risk of being indiscrete, the position of the man
    in the picture might indicate that Asian womens genitals are “slanted” in a different direction. I remember racist jokes to that effect from my youth. (never quite understood it or found it funny)
    I might be wrong.

  7. brad says:

    I wonder if they included these racist stereotypes as well:
    REDNECK RAMPAGE VIDEO GAME: http://www.arinndembo.com/Assets/picture%20resources/redneck-rampage.jpg
    REDNECK RAMPAGE RIDES AGAIN: http://www.arinndembo.com/Assets/picture%20resources/redneck-rampage.jpg
    REDNECK RAMPAGE SUCKIN’ GRITS ON ROUTE 66: http://www.coverbrowser.com/image/misc-games/6009-1.jpg

    That dumbass Jeff Foxworthy should serve prison time for his stereotype (not non-funny) redneck routines.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    SJ….you are not wrong. When I was a young jarhead in Southeast Asia (Vietnam) we told FNGs’ (new guys) that Asian womens genitals went side to side, not up and down. It was the running joke of the time. My grandparents pick-up license plate had a old Confederate guy holding the Stars and Bars. The caption read, “Hell no, I ain’t forgettin’ “. Let us not forget the past hate but lets not waller in it either. There is a whole new group to hate today and they have their sights set on every man, woman and child: no matter what your skin color or religion. All though I really don’t understand the hate of virgins. We are all born virgins, through no fault of our own. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves and others. Laughter keeps us from becoming Harry, Barry, Nancy, Frank, Hillary, Plugs Biden………

  9. The Redneck says:

    He might, Brad, but that game rocks.

    And note that “Kiss me I’m a rebel” is placed among “hateful things.”

    Liberals hate all heritage, but they never let up on Southern heritage, because like England, they find that’s where most of their opposition comes from.

  10. wardmama4 says:

    WTF?!? I now know that this idiot (Pilgrim) is a Liberal –

    “Our mission is to promote racial tolerance by helping people
    understand the historical and contemporary expressions of intolerance.”

    So we teach abstinance by a display of porn?
    So we teach peace by a display of war?
    So we teach work ethic by showing scamming?

    And someone should teach this college professor the definition of contemporary.

    And most of the crap portrayed is historical – and one sided – so hateful/separation is only one sided?!? And if these things were in the past – does that not indicate that hate/separation is past – and if it is past, exactly what is the problem that he needs to address now? I noticed none of the hateful things of, oh say the Jeremiah Wright is ‘represented’. And as mentioned a real dearth of silence on the islamic radical ‘hateful’ things.

    And oh btw, what is hateful about an ad for hair products? Or a sign that says ‘We have the right to refuse service’? I love Liberals – anything, any depth of depravity and distortion to keep hate and racial intolerance alive and well.


    I guess hateful is in the eye of the beholder – then doesn’t that mean that justice is also in the eye of the beholder?

  11. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    This is just like something out of George Orwell’s novel 1984, where the masses had to gather during a certain period each day to view images of enemies of the state. To keep the hatred alive. I think it was actually called the minute of hate.

  12. DEZ says:

    ” Some people are alive, simply because its illegal to kill them.”

    Who ever wrote the message for that T-shirt must have met Al Franken.

  13. The Redneck says:

    I guess cartoons of cops as pigs drawn in the 60’s aren’t quite historical enough, either…..

    And Ted Rall isn’t contemporary enough.

  14. BigOil says:

    I had a good laugh when I saw the Polish calculator. Being of Polish heritage, I’ve heard tons of Polish jokes, and they never had any effect on me other than eliciting a laugh.

    Such “negative imagery” that expresses “intolerance” can only impact someones attitude and outlook if they allow it. We’d all be better off if more people would develope a thicker skin and lighten up.

  15. Anonymoose says:

    I know a few people who could use the “Mouth Stopper.” But now I guess it’s hateful to be annoyed by someone who talks too much. Maybe it’s because they’re a minority afflicted with talkalotosis.

    Just wait, much like the Obama/Clinton primary fracas made a tear in the rainbow flag that still hasn’t healed, Secretary of State or not, we’ll see more. The liberals never thought what to do when their own kind start running into conflict, and it’ll keep happening more.

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