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Jindal Wins Louisiana Re-election 66% – 18%

From an appalled Associated Press:

Gov. Jindal wins Louisiana re-election easily

By MELINDA DESLATTE – Associated Press
Sun, Oct 23, 2011

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (AP) — Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday easily coasted to a second term, winning in a landslide election after failing to attract any well-known or deep-pocketed opposition.

You see, Mr. Jindal only won because he had no opposition. He won on a technicality.

The 40-year-old son of immigrants from India overwhelmed nine competitors in the open primary, where a candidate wins the race outright if he or she receives more than 50 percent of the vote. With four-fifths of precincts reporting, Jindal had received about two-thirds of the total vote.

His closest competitor, Tara Hollis, a Democrat from north Louisiana, garnered about one-fifth of the total vote. All of the other candidates were in single digits.

We suppose that actually spelling out the percentages might make it seem like too much of a landslide for the AP. But, in fact, Gov. Jindal received a whopping 66% of the vote. His nearest competitor, Democrat Tara Hollis, got only 18%.

Gosh those Southern Tea Party types are xenophobic racists.

Jindal piled up $15 million in campaign cash from around the nation and attracted no Democratic challengers with statewide name recognition or fundraising heft

Hollis was an outsider to the political establishment and was unable to drum up the cash needed to challenge Jindal or mount a big-ticket advertising competition

You see? ‘The fix was in.’

Lest we forget Louisiana was the epitome of a state run from top to bottom by the Democrat Party machine. And look at how it has been transformed by true conservatives.

Meanwhile, how long will we hear from the news media that this election is a bell weather for 2012? Just kidding, of course. The mainstream media has done their level best to ignore this election completely.

Of course, they don’t want Americans to get the crazy idea that a staunch tax cutting conservative might be able to win elections.

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One Response to “Jindal Wins Louisiana Re-election 66% – 18%”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Another 7th grade school news report by the A.P.

    Golly gee, all that out of state money just can’t compete with good ‘ol honest politicians who just don’t have the means to garner name recognition—which is really what it was all about, and not a win for conservative ideology, or CERTAINLY not another repudiation of King Obama—-who is wearing very fine clothes by the way.
    The regular schmoe just can’t make it in this day and age,–sorry, teardrops getting in my keyboard now– when big rich mean slick-marketing Republicans steam-roll the true will of the people, who…..well shucks, just didn’t realize what they were votin’ for…

    –meanwhile, Obama is busy this very minute raking in big bucks from his not-so-middle class Hollywood buddies, instead of actually governing, like he was elected to do.

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