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Jobless Rate Hurts/Helps Obama In Swing States

From the Wall Street Journal:

Unemployment Rises in Six of 10 Battleground States

BY JOSH MITCHELL | Friday, July 20, 2012

Unemployment rose in June in six of 10 battleground states that could play a pivotal role in the presidential election, reflecting job cuts in some cases and weak payroll growth in others.

The jobless rate climbed a 10th of a percentage point last month in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia, the Labor Department said in a report released Friday.

The rate held steady in three other battleground states—Nevada, Florida, and North Carolina. Ohio was the only battleground state where unemployment fell last month…

From Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post:

In swing states, economic picture a little brighter for Obama

By Chris Cillizza | Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nationally, the economic picture is decidedly dismal — a sullen state of affairs that has led many political observers to conclude that President Obama is an underdog in his bid for a second term.

But in the 12 (or so) swing states — where Democrats and Republicans will spend the lion’s share of their time and money in the 100 or so days between now and Nov. 6 — the economic picture is considerably sunnier.

In seven of those 12 states — Iowa, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin — the unemployment rate is below the June national average of 8.2 percent. In some, it is considerably less than the national average; the June rates in New Hampshire, Iowa and Virginia were below 6 percent. Even in Ohio, a state hit hard by the collapse of the manufacturing sector, the unemployment rate is a full percentage point below the U.S. average. Republicans note that the unemployment rate rose between May and June in Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia, among other swing states.

In the four swing states where the rate is above the national average — Florida, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina — the trend line is headed downward. Nevada’s June unemployment rate was an eye-popping 11.6 percent, but that was down from 13.8 percent in June 2011. Ditto Florida (10.7 percent in June 2011, 8.6 percent now), Michigan (10.6 percent in 2011, 8.6 percent now) and North Carolina (10.6 percent in 2011, 9.4 percent now)…

In fact, the two articles are using different criteria. The WSJ talks about 10 states, and whether joblessness is up or down. Cillizza at the WP talks about 12 states and how their jobless rates compares to the national average.

Which all just shows how much the news media can spin things for their team.

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4 Responses to “Jobless Rate Hurts/Helps Obama In Swing States”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The money must flow
    If you want your spin to grow

    Payoff the right MSM and you can make any kind of stat you want.

  2. untrainable says:

    Nevada’s June unemployment rate was an eye-popping 11.6 percent…
    Interesting that we never hear about these numbers. Here’s a more interesting number. The U6 number (The unemployment number that actually counts all the people that are unemployed to calculate the unemployment rate) for June of this year is officially 14.6%. If 11.6% is eye popping, what do you call 14.6% as a national average?

  3. canary says:

    Obama is calling his gas hog campaign bus tour business. 2 gas hogs (not including the other buses and “the beasts” that follow with his entourage of limos)

    Then there’s the 2 AF1 planes and presidential 2 helicopters that take him to and from the bus. The bus goes to greasy spoons for Obama’s tator tots and cole slaw in small towns.

    Obama and Michelle have been fitting in Essesnce and other popular magazine’s front cover page with articles I noticed.

    The buses are full of TV’s like a television station so he can watch every channel at the same time.

    The best part are the bus gas hogs are so noisy he can’t speak around them.

    (older video after video between commercials to show what a small audience Obama get’s)

    I just want to know the price tag for all this business of going to barns and greasy spoons businesses.

  4. P. Aaron says:

    How many of those ‘swing states’ swung to republican governors in 2010?

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