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Joe Biden: Illegal Alien Children At Border ‘Are Our Kids’

From an unquestioning Associated Press:

Biden on Minors at Border: ‘These Are Our Kids’

By JOSH LEDERMAN | August 6, 2014

WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the United States will be judged by how it treats the thousands of young immigrants showing up on its border, but warned that the U.S. will be forced to send some minors back to dangerous, unfortunate environments nonetheless.

"These are not somebody else’s kids. These are our kids," Biden said.

Not only is this an insanely stupid thing to say, even for Joe Biden, but it is clearly not even remotely true. If these were Joe’s kids, they would all have highly lucrative jobs on K Street.

But while we all get a good laugh at the idiocy that comes out of Biden’s mouth, it is easy to forget that his insane comments can have serious repercussions. For instance, in this case Obama is at least trying to pretend to be discouraging illegal aliens from coming to our country.

But Biden’s comments will have the exact opposite effect. And the sad thing is, it’s probably not an gaffe. Biden wants to encourage more illegals aliens to come here.

Appealing to lawyers to help represent unaccompanied minors, Biden said it would be a difficult task for an overburdened legal system to assess whether children apprehended on the border meet the criteria for refugee status and whether returning them would risk their physical demise…

Once again, Mr. Biden betrays his invincible ignorance. Once these ‘children’ enter the US they can no longer apply for refugee status. They can only apply for asylum. (Hence the plan to set up US refugee centers in Honduras and eventually the rest of Central America.)

But detaining these illegal aliens and giving them lawyers, as Joe wants to do, would rule out their ability to apply for refugee status.

"Judges are going to be sending some kids back to environments that aren’t’ as good even as the facilities they’re living in," Biden said, referring to detention facilities the U.S. has hastily set up to house the influx of immigrants. But their circumstances "will not meet the standards of asylum." …

Again, ‘Bite Me’ doesn’t even seem to realize that asylum is different from refugee status. And the only way these minors can apply for asylum is under the 2008 Wilberforce Act which pertains to sex trafficking.

But why should immigration be any different from any of the other subjects about which he knows nothing?

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One Response to “Joe Biden: Illegal Alien Children At Border ‘Are Our Kids’”

  1. mr_bill says:

    If these are “our kids,” wouldn’t that make their parents “our taxpayers?” Somebody owes a lot of back taxes. I know the IRS has a lot of resources, we’ve seen how they harass citizens who exercise their Constitutionally-protected right to participate in the political process or exercise free speech. And we’ve heard endless speeches from nerobama regarding how much he hates tax dodging (unless it’s his friends and donors). It seems that there’s only one thing to do: hunt down all these tax evaders and force them to pay up or go to prison.

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