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Joe Biden Told BP: You Have No Choice

From the New York Daily News:

BP boss Svanberg says ‘we care about the small people’ after oil spill faceoff with President Obama

BY Kenneth R. Bazinet   

Thursday, June 17th 2010

WASHINGTON – After four grueling hours, BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg came out of a White House faceoff with President Obama on Wednesday as the sorriest oil baron Washington has ever seen.

"We care about the small people," the Swedish-born Svanberg said awkwardly – twice – of the millions of Gulf Coast residents suffering because of the oil spill catastrophe. He apologized to "the American people."

How’s the old show business adage go? “There are no small parts, just small actors”? We certainly have some small actors on display here. (See below, and Joe Biden.)

Svanberg also apologized to Obama during a businesslike meeting in the Roosevelt Room with company execs, but at that point still hadn’t committed to financing a $20 billion fund to make victims whole.

Enter Vice President Biden, the designated Bad Cop.

Sources told the Daily News that Biden leaned forward and bluntly informed the Blight Brigade they had no choice: If they didn’t do the right thing and put the cash in escrow, it would be done to them.

Er, how would it be "done to them," Mr. Biden? By seizing and nationalizing their assets in the tradition of Messrs Castro and Chavez? We thought we were a nation of laws?

What legal grounds would Mr. Biden have to make such a threat? (Hint: none.)

A sorrier-still performance may come Thursday, when BP’s better-known oil-stained wretch, CEO Tony Hayward, plans to tell a House committee he has been "personally devastated" by the disaster.

Mind you, this is supposed to be a news article, not a populist polemic.

There will be no gush of sympathy. "I expect him to be sliced and diced," said Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), the panel’s chairman.

And Mr. Stupak should know from ‘sliced and diced.’ He should also know about being run out of down for despicable behavior.

More importantly for BP’s victims, the company at last is putting money where its mea culpas are. Obama announced that BP, with some prodding, had agreed to put up the $20 billion to pay costs resulting from the devastation.

"This $20 billion will provide substantial assurance that the claims people and businesses have will be honored," Obama said. "The people of the gulf have my commitment that BP will meet its obligations to them."


Even for a multinational behemoth like BP, that’s real money.

It’s twice what the company normally shells out in annual dividend payments and tops last year’s whopping $16.8 billion in earnings. Kenneth Feinberg, who ran the Sept. 11 Victim Compensation Fund, will oversee the escrow account.

Funny how the Daily News doesn’t mention Mr. Feinberg’s much more recent job as Wall Street’s ‘Pay Czar.’ Or that this means that the promised "third party" will be under the thumb of Mr. Obama.

BP also agreed to establish a $100 million fund to compensate unemployed oil rig workers affected by Obama’s moratorium on drilling and the closing of oil platforms. "We have always met our responsibilities and our obligations," Svanberg said, adding the action "should assure American people we mean what we say."

Never mind that it is hard to see why BP should be obligated to pay for Mr. Obama’s reckless attack on the rest of the offshore oil workers with his ill considered six month moratorium on any new offshore drilling.

Svanberg also disclosed BP won’t pay quarterly dividends to shareholders for the rest of the year, another Obama demand.

Never mind that shareholders are also the ‘little people’ that the New York Daily News and Mr. Obama pretend to be so concerned about.

Still, if only Mr. Obama would make some demands on the enemies of our country once in a while, rather than just its friends.

And while we are imagining, try to imagine Mr. Obama skipping a dividend payment to his shareholders — the unions and the permanent ‘underclass.’

It is literally unthinkable.

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21 Responses to “Joe Biden Told BP: You Have No Choice”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Call it what you will. Criminals are in charge. They are, for the moment, “untouchable” but time will bear witness to the damage and even the lib-tards cannot change facts. Sure, they can write what they will but the facts will not be buried because the evidence will be all around for everyone to see.

    All we have to do is survive the remaining years and then note the lesson.

    They are every bit as bad as any gangster mob. Problem is, they’re in charge and they know it.

    Come the day when they are voted out, watch them very carefully.

    • JohnMG says:

      ….”And Mr. Stupak should know from ‘sliced and diced.’

      Nice catch, Steve. Sliced and diced is an appropriate description of what takes place during an abortion. You know, the very thing to which Stu(pid)pak claimed to be so adamantly opposed. Once again demonstrating why anything any democrat says should never be taken for the truth.

      High crimes and misdemeanors is another apt descriptive for the activities of this mob in congress. That, and treason. In true Obama fashion, just like Obama’s proclamation, every one of them should be put on trial where they will be found guilty and then summarily executed.


    • proreason says:

      “They are every bit as bad as any gangster mob.”

      Worse. Many thousand times worse.

      No gangster mob wields the power of the United States.

      As I’ve been saying, the Moron is the most dangerous person to appear on earth in the last 80 years. Not because he is incinerating millions in ovens.but because he is methodically breaking down the rule of law in this country, and destroying the alliances with other countries that have been built up over hundreds of years. Without the Unitied States, the world will quickly descend into a new Dark Age. And that’s the best case. The worst cas will be out-of-control nuclear war.

      If he is allowed to get his way, the ultimate toll in lives won’t be the 80 million killed by Mao, or the 50-60 million killed by Stalin, or the 50+ million killed by Hitler…..the numbers will be in the billions of people. Either because of another world war, or because of surrender to Islam without a war, or because the lunatic policies of “green energy” actually get implemented and quickly begin weeding out anybody over 50 years of age or who, because of handicaps, cannot endure direct exposure to the elements.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      New species discovered in the oval office: Patheticus Immaculatus (untouchable loser)

  2. canary says:

    It’s Obama’s continued point the finger & blame others, when Gibbs said BP should have to pay for those ‘not working on “other rigs” do to Obama’s moratorium’, because it was BP’s fault, Obama had to make the moratorium.

    This is double irrational to punish two groups of people, for something Obama is Obama soley responsible. Obama should have to pay all of us from his own pocket for free tanks of gas.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    It just goes to show you, you can’t fix stupid.

    Actually I am OK with the escrow account being set up, however, I am not OK with circumventing the process of asserting claims away from a judicial forum & into a bureaucratic machine.

    Pro’s right. They are inferring a strong arm take over.

  4. oki2 says:

    Can’t BP come back and claim that the damage was far greater than it would have been had the federal government taken advantage of foreign aid, followed their own containment/cleanup procedures and given permission to local states to protect their own shorelines?

    edit: Uhh and therefore claim they owe less than the demanded amount?

    • proreason says:

      That can claim it……

      Provided they don’t enjoy their kneecaps.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      oki2, you sad, weary misguided human being.

      Let me ‘splain.

      The rule of law would work, if..and only IF the regime was adhering to it. In other words, after due process and hearings of a legitimate nature (unlike the “sit-down” The Oddfather [obama] had with BP), it would be decided how liable BP was and how much they should have to pay and how to disperse the funds. But that would be long after and with individual cases being heard from fishermen, home owners, resort owners, etc.

      This boy who sits in the president’s chair has usurped the law with his current actions. Another, in fact of a long list of ignoring constitutional law and contract law. What has America completely angered is this very thing. Yesterday and today, what he and his capos did was “put the squeeze” on BP and “made them an offer they can’t refuse” which is called, for you and me, extortion and is punishable in various states by various lengths of TIME IN PRISON. Hard time.

      As I, and many more, predicted, he gets bolder and more obnoxious and more petulant at every tick of the clock.

      The other thing that has Americans furious is that NO ONE is holding any of these mobsters accountable. They truly are operating as if they are “untouchable”. For myself, it’s gone beyond the pale and I keep wondering when they will overstep their bounds to the point where they ARE reigned back so hard they wish they never got out of bed.

      All of this activity is unprecedented. I’m CERTAIN there are people who are in positions of authority who KNOW what’s going on and yet they do nothing. Of course, when you own the businesses, the banks(AIG, etc) and the cops (AG Holder)…there’s little you can’t get away with.

      And to quote Sean Connery, “That’s the Chicago way!”

      Put thugs in charge of any entity that can enforce the law….same with whoever handles the money…and you’re in the clear. No accountability=no laws broken. Or so it would seem.

      But America is watching…and over 10 percent of those Americans are unemployed. And the longer they stay unemployed, the more their anger festers.

      One, the boy may want that very thing. He’s a community agitator. He excels at pissing people off. He’s the guy who puts a hole in your straw, or slashes your tires just to get a cheap thrill out of your reaction. Yes, he’s that petty. But now he’s on to bigger crimes and really ratcheting up the anger.

      He hopes for civil unrest. He wants an excuse to become “supreme leader of all the world” by forcing the military to keep the peace. However, it’s been my contention that such a tactic will backfire because the people will know that the military isn’t the enemy and they will simply circumvent them. Plus, many people IN the military will not completely embrace the idea that they need to be firing on fellow citizens or otherwise keeping them at bay.

      Indeed, if I were some GI and was told to “control the crowd”, I’m afraid I’d have to put my rifle down and actually join in the unrest. And when it came to light as to why I did it, I’d make sure the conservatives got the news first. Then I would say it as often and as loudly as I could, blaming it all on the boy.

      But that’s just me.

      However, I am learning that there are millions of “me’s” out there. Yeah, it would take some stones to act like that…but….I believe the unrest he’s hoping for, just like everything else he expects, will not happen the way he expects, or for the reasons he’s trying to create.

      Ask yourself, “How would I get a nation to rise up to overt civil unrest?”

      Take away their jobs
      Take away their healthcare
      Take away their right to speak out
      Take away the process of law
      Selectively and prejudicially enforce existing law
      Tell businesses what they can and cannot do with strongarm tactics.
      Be a little shit dictator…..

      Etc, etc, etc. You see where that leads.

      He is working to that end.

      I submit though that it will backfire. As everything else has.

    • oki2 says:

      So, uh, I erred in the fact that I tried to apply logic to the situation.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Please don’t be offended. I’m on your side.

      The logic you espoused is faultless. The fault lay in the way our “regime” utilizes its power to illegally manipulate and control.

      You are absolutely, 100% correct. But it just won’t work. Remember, this regime is a dictatorship in the making. The information is all there. It’s obvious.

      The worst part? It apparently cannot be stopped. But your argument is absolutely sound, in a sane, functioning presidency.

    • proreason says:

      “I erred in the fact that I tried to apply logic to the situation”

      logic is a good thing. You just have to know when to use it.

      When a marxist is involved, it NEVER applies.

      To understand a marxist, think about what makes sense.

      The opposite will happen.

      PS: “I’m CERTAIN there are people who are in positions of authority who KNOW what’s going on and yet they do nothing”

      That is why all of the RINOS are going to be removed, with prejudice. Rusty is exactly right. Criminals are in charge, and the career fat-cat Republan capos smile and look away. It’s the crips and the bloods. When the Democrats are purged, the Republicans will be next.

      “He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored”

  5. GetBackJack says:

    You know … I’m really beginning to wonder about all this.

    This is stinking more and more like a set up of some kind to push America into irrevocably disastrous legislation, you know … the Alinsky method – create a crisis, use the crisis, manage the crisis and then get what you were after. From the BP guy overriding Halliburton’s on-scene supervisors and Trans-Ocean’s rig specialists causing the accident to begin with, to the federal government refusing the Dutch offer of four ships that can suck up 4x as much oil every day as is being released. To every other twist and turn to this story … including and most amazingly that BP’s lobbyists authored 7/10s of the hideous cap-and-trade Bill that Obama spent most of his Oval Office address pushing instead of what we’re going to do to plug the damn hole.

    And what finally rolled over my reluctance to consider this idea was Obama demanding and getting exclusive control over a $20 billion slush …. “in escrow”, of course, but what the F does that mean to a Democrat? Escrow means looting.

    Something’s really really wrong with this whole story

    Look at Friday’s American Thinker for a great write up about “Where’s The Navy?”

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Something’s really really wrong with this whole story”

      It’s just simply all lies.
      But oi, where do we start, right?

      Well regarding the intentional “short-cut” conspiracy (or inversely the illuminati-via-obama-via-environmental-kooks blew the rig theory):

      The reality is MMS was disastrously corrupt.

      – Notice the media hasn’t substantively pushed the “it’s Bush’s fault” narrative. That’s because even a superficial look at history reveals that Obama and Ken Salazar sure as hell knew it.

      – At the press conference, when asked about the MMS chief’s resignation only hours earlier Barry pulled one worse than simply refusing to comment: he claimed to not even know about it.

      – Ironically, while being grilled yesterday by Bart “Pro-life Democrat” Stupid and the inquistioner Nostrils Waxman, Tony Hayward was probably under gag order by the White House since conclusive culpability also implicates corrupt regulators that the regime had publicly targeted days after the immaculation.

      Others have said it, I have too, but we can’t really have these discussions publicly though, because the left is besides themselves trying to retard the current public scrutiny of Obama with their traditional phony narratives.

      There are indefensible moves being made right now:

      – The illegal shakedown (I don’t know how it was anything other)
      – The illegal moratorium with falsified support documents
      – The retarding of the Southern states’ clean-up efforts for political reasons:

      1. They want the maximum disaster (a hurricane soaking the South with oil) so that they can seize and redistribute as much of BP as possible.
      2. If we ever do drill again, the new down-payment for permitting is going to start at 20 bil. Only big companies in bed with (controlled by) the regime will yield a profit.
      3. Anything to flip off Conservatives; leaders and “small people” alike.

      I know I’m up there as one of S&L’s leading loon conspiracy theorists, but I think the twice-over “small people” gaffe was also a setup. Obama is making these men trash their company to keep it (and their investors) afloat.

    • proreason says:

      “Something’s really really wrong with this whole story”

      The key is the explanation of why they didn’t start containing the spill on the second day.

      Idiots like O’Reilly focus on plugging the leak (what a crushing moron he is!). That is exactly what the criminals want, because it focuses the entire attention on BP. But everybody knew from the first minute that capping the well was virtually impossible. It has never been done at that depth, ever. Every prior similar circumstance was only relieved by drilling a second relief well. Once the relief well is sucking the oil up, the pressure is relieved from the first one, and it can be capped.

      Containing the spill was always the fed’s responsibility, yet every offer of help was blocked by the bureaucracy. Here it is 60+ days later and still little or nothing has been done.

      Given the significant number of countries, businesses and individuals who have offered help, from the 3rd day forward, it is impossible to conclude anything other than that the Obamy Cabal wanted the spill to continue.

      And now we know why:
      1. Who is talking about Health Care today?
      2. Who is talking about Joe Sestek today?
      3. Who is talking about the KSM fiasco today?
      4. What massive legislation is the topic of conversation today?
      5. Who is being demonized today around the clock?
      6. What party is positioned as the protector of the “small people”?
      7. Who has a new $20 billion slush fund, for starters, today?
      8. What are the odds of the oil industry surviving this assault?

      It’s as obvious as the nose on your face.

      This is the only economic crime in history that rivals the deliberate destruction of the economy in September/October of 2008, which was enacted to get Bozo elected. The crime is the DELIBERATE AND EVIL REFUSAL BY THE OBAMY CABAL TO ALLOW THE LEAK TO BE CONTAINED.

      It’s right in front of you.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Amen. Somebody get production started on The Proreason Factor ’cause he’s lookin’ out for the folks.

      Or at least the folks who find it ridiculous to pair looney radical leftist ideas against stereotypical talking points about conservative ideas that are put out by the left.. and then come up with some phony center that makes no sense whatsoever and solves nothing.

      (It worries me that he’s still Fox’s #1 but that may just be primetime among other things)

    • proreason says:

      tn: when you hear O’Reilly go on and on about plugging the leak and absolutely ignoring anything that is said about capturing the oil, no matter how many times his guests bring it up……you have to wonder what HIS agenda is.

      He has been in love with Obamy from the moment the great man granted him that “hard-hitting” interview where the Moron revealed nothing and had another 1/2 hour to lie shamelessly in prime-time without being called on it. Since that moment, O’Reilly has religiously stated over and over that the Moron “means well”. He says that at least once every single show.

      I think they struck a back-scratching deal.

      I watch the show because of Dick Morris, Rove, Dennis Miller, Laura, Newt, the lady who always makes Colmes look like a fool, and the smart and hot blonde lawyer who just had a baby….but I wish they did the show without O’Reilly. I rarely watch the second half hour because the people with brains are always on in the first half hour. The second half is where he brings on the ding-bats who he harangues until they agree with him and brags about how great he is. That’s when I catch up on the scores and sample the military and history channels.

  6. BigOil says:

    Why would BP enter a ‘negotiation’ and immediately take the worst possible deal? Any outcome via due process would have produced a better result – just look at the example of the Exxon Valdez. BP execs laid their company bare to a Marxist criminal cabal that will bleed them dry like a bunch of leeches. BP is a dead company.

    BP executives are the 100 pound weakling that just got oily sand kicked in their face by Barry. It has been my belief since Barry’s crusade against the private sector began that the first CEO to openly stand up to the man-child would be a hero. Corporate leaders are deathly afraid – but at some point you have nothing left to lose and should instinctively fight back – for both your company and the survival of the free market system.

    Millions of us are waiting for someone willing to pop this bully in the nose.

  7. FCAFlyer says:

    I’m with you GBJ, and when you add the outrageousness of the Coast Guard STOPPING barges from cleaning up the mess, INTENTIONALLY delaying the clean-up, the stench is overpowering.

  8. canary says:

    I noticed Oprah saying she was going to do something to help.

    I think there is some scratching backs, Obama hoping to make an impression, when he’s dealing with BP not to tell Mr. Perfect Obama’s administration did not do govt inspections they were required. To say they need new regulations is b.s. as there were those in place, which have done fine for years now. The Obamas skipped the inspections so that BP could make money asap for the upcoming elections to include 2012.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I noticed Oprah saying she was going to do something to help.

      *whew* That’s a relief. I can go back to bed now.


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