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John ‘Jenjis Khan’ Kerry Tapped For Sec Of State

From ABC News:

John Kerry to Be Nominated to Be Secretary of State, Sources Say

By Jake Tapper | December 15, 2012

Sources tell ABC News that President Obama has decided that he will nominate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to be secretary of state.

For a variety of reasons including the finalization of the process, other pending Cabinet decisions, and — more immediately — the national reaction to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the news will not be announced in the next few days

Where is the outrage? Susan Rice merely lied on five weekend talk shows. John Kerry’s entire political career (and some say his military career) has been nothing but a tissue of lies. Starting with the lies he told the Senate about our soldiers in Vietnam, whom he unfavorably compared to ‘Jenjis Khan.’

What’s worse, there is probably no one who has been more thoroughly and more consistently wrong on US foreign policy, apart from Joe Biden, of course. But wait, there’s more.

From The Hill:

Dukakis seen as possible Senate replacement if Kerry tapped for State

By Alexander Bolton | December 17, 2012

Former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, may be headed back to the political spotlight as he’s considered a likely interim replacement for Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.)…

This means Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) needs to find someone to fill Kerry’s seat until a special election can be held in the late spring or early summer.

As late as possible.

Dukakis, who is 79, has remained politically active. He campaigned for Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) this fall…

How perfect.

The Democratic primary for Kerry’s seat will be intense and Patrick is expected to tap someone as an interim replacement who would promise not to run in the special election…

Rats. Even Scott Brown could be Dukakis.

David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, said he has heard Dukakis floated as an interim successor along with Vicki Kennedy, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-Mass.) widow…

What a deep bench the Democrats have in Massachusetts.

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4 Responses to “John ‘Jenjis Khan’ Kerry Tapped For Sec Of State”

  1. mr_bill says:

    Rice, Kerry, Dukakis?!? What, was Sean Penn busy?

  2. Astravogel says:

    Better SecState than SecNavy!

  3. captstubby says:

    in tune with the season,
    Dukakis ghost of christmas past,
    Kerry,christmas present,
    and Kennedy, christmas to come.

    have a merry Massachusetts Christmas.

    bah humbug!

  4. canary says:

    John Kerry’s dishonorable discharge



    FoxNews: ‘Swift Boat’ Veteran Who Defended Kerry Stripped of Silver Star

    By Judson Berger – Jully 27, 2011

    A Vietnam veteran who defended Sen. John Kerry against “Swift Boat” attacks in the 2004 presidential race has been stripped of his Silver Star by the Navy — more than a year after he was sentenced to prison on a child pornography charge.

    But the Silver Star wasn’t stripped from Wade Sanders because of the child porn conviction, per se.

    Military officials told Fox News the medal was revoked in 2010 after Navy investigators looked into his record and found administrative errors surrounding how the award was created.

    He pleaded guilty and was sentenced in 2009 to more than three years in prison.

    At the time,

    Kerry and others officials presented letters to the court testifying on behalf of his character and service.

    It’s unclear exactly what the justification was for the Silver Star in 1992, though a 2009 court document said it was awarded for “gallantry in action.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/07/27/swift-boat-veteran-who-defended-kerry-stripped-silver-star/#ixzz2FLwT6K3f
    Kerry’s silver star injury required cleaning and a band-aid.


    What kind of military discharge did Kerry get?

    It’s a lost cause, but surely there is someone with a more exemplary record ?

    Someone that did not testify they helped carry out deadly war crimes against women and children. Look at what is expected from U.S. soldiers today as far as manners during combat.

    Looks like a stepping stone for Kerry to run in 2016. Obama idolized him and still does.

    Can’t we learn from that little kindergarten student that told his teacher don’t worry he knew karate and would protect them from the shooter.

    that told his teacher not to worry as he knew karate
    should set an example for these politicians.

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