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John Murtha – From Abscam To Amscray

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Abscam Scandal


Name Occupation Birth Death Known for
John W. Jenrette, Jr.
9-May-1936   Congressman snagged in ABSCAM
Richard Kelly
31-Jul-1924 22-Aug-2005 Congressman snagged in ABSCAM sting
Robert Luskin
21-Jan-1950   Karl Rove ‘s lawyer
John M. Murphy
3-Aug-1926   Congressman snagged in ABSCAM
Jack Murtha
17-Jun-1932   Congressman, Pennsylvania 12th 1974-
Pete Williams
10-Dec-1919 17-Nov-2001 US Senator snagged in ABSCAM


Serving in the military, even being wounded in combat, doesn’t afford you a lifetime pass. (Cf. John Kerry.)

I thank and honor Mr. Murtha for his past military service. Just as he should thank and honor our current troops, rather than stab them in the back by giving our enemy the hope we will surrender even after we have won.

By the way, ABSCAM is a scandal you hardly ever see trotted out nowadays. If you do see some remembrance of it, it is very rare to see any description of the party affiliation of those involved.

Of course we know why. The perps (one Senator, six Representatives.) were all but oneDemocrats. Oddly enough, the lone Republican, Richard Kelly, is the one we alwayshear about — as sticking $25,000 down his pants.

Some sites, like the laughable History Channel (owned by Disney) even go so far as to claim that Senator Williams was a Republican. That is a lie. He was a Democrat. In fact, he was the first Democrat from New Jersey to be re-elected for four terms.

Indeed, note how how the chart makes it look like one of the culprits is now Rove’s attorney. In actuality, Luskin was in charge of the Department Of Justice’s sting.

Meanwhile they left offFrank Thompson (D), who actually served jail time.

And lest we forget, it was our one party MEDIA that ended the ABSCAM operation. The FBI was using a townhouse rented from a Washington Post reporter.

The reporter feeling a kinship with the Dem criminals, and spilled the beans, putting an end to the sting before anymore of his DNC pals were snagged.

You have to wonder which Arab Sheik crossed Murtha’s palm with silver this time?

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