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Murtha Would Welcome Gitmo Terrorists

From Fox News:

Murtha Says He’d Take Guantanamo Prisoners in His District

Rep. Jack Murtha volunteers to house prisoners from Guantanamo Bay in his Pennsylvania district, as President Obama prepares to order the shut-down of the facility.

By Chad Pergram

Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pa., says he’d be willing to house prisoners from Guantanamo Bay in his congressional district if President Obama makes good on a plan to close the U.S. prison there…

Murtha only has a minimum security prison in his district. But he says he’d have no reservations about holding detainees there in a maximum security prison.

"Sure, I’d take ’em," said Murtha, an outspoken critic of the Iraq war. "They’re no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo."

Murtha added that there was "no reason not to put ’em in prisons in the United States and handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners." …

"I have said for two years that we should close down Guantanamo. Close it down. It’s a sore in the United States’ moral standards. What they have done there has hurt us," he said.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Murtha represented Shanksville, Pa., where one of the four hijacked planes crashed.

Why wouldn’t Mr. Murtha welcome them?

They are birds of a feather.

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24 Responses to “Murtha Would Welcome Gitmo Terrorists”

  1. sheehanjihad says:

    Here is something that should give everyone pause, and a wonderful example of “you get what you voted for”. This idiot yet again opens his cavernous mouth and proves to everyone that even a certifiable moron can act in the “best interests of his voter base”. I sincerely hope that Gitmo “detainees” enjoy the hospitality of one of the worst men to ever disgrace the offices of Congress.

    Murtha: OK to send Gitmo prisoners to Pennsylvania

    WASHINGTON — A top House Democrat who is a leading critic of the Iraq war says he would have no qualms about transferring Guantanamo detainees to a prison in his Pennsylvania district.

    Suspected terrorists at the military’s detention center in Cuba are “no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo,” Rep. John Murtha told Fox News on Wednesday.

    President Barack Obama planned to sign an executive order Thursday to close the prison within a year and halt military trials of those held there, The Associated Press has learned.

    Murtha, who heads the powerful House subcommittee that funds the military, said he was encouraged by the president’s proposal. He said there was “no reason not to put ’em in prisons in the United States and handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners.”

    At least three military prisons — in Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Camp Pendleton, Calif., and Charleston, S.C. — could house some of the Guantanamo detainees, an administration official said. Also under consideration, the official said, is the Supermax prison Florence, Colo., which houses convicted Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui and Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph.

    An estimated 245 men are held at the U.S. naval base in Cuba. They are believed to be al-Qaida, Taliban or other foreign fighters who pose a threat to the United States.


    The appalling ignorance of this fat bastard is the harbinger of things to come from a democrat controlled government. Terrorists world wide are emboldened by our overt message of extreme weakness, and they will exploit it to it’s fullest. Now it’s no longer a matter of “if”…it’s a matter of “when”.

    • JohnMG says:

      One can only hope that his (Murtha’s) constituents forcefully ask the question why no other country was willing to house these vermin.

      Only one thing would satisfy me, and that would be to tattoo a large target on each of these “model citizen’s” foreheads and then turn them loose altogether into the general population. I’d take them in my town then.

  2. annabetsy says:

    Oh dear God , please let this happen so that the people who voted Murtha back into office can enjoy the full benefit of their decision. Maybe he can get them all jobs as playground monitors.

  3. Media_man says:

    Ann Coulter had it right when (in response to Murtha’s statement that Western PA voters are racist and wouldn’t vote for Obama), after they re-elected Murtha, that they aren’t racist, they are retarded. This only highlights how right she was.

  4. jobeth says:

    “What they have done there has hurt us,” he said.


    And they said Caroline wasn’t qualified!

    Does this man suffer from stupidity!….Wait…What am I saying…Of course he does…Silly me.

    • dulcimergrl says:

      He doesn’t suffer from stupidity…all the rest of us suffer from his stupidity. I think he enjoys it.

  5. proreason says:

    FINALLY, Murtha has a good idea.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I’ll second that Pro!! The bastards at Gitmo are 14 times more likely to meet the Grim Reaper in his “REDNECK” AO (area of operation) than at the recluse island that cuddled them. The coward and traitor Murtha has finally done some good and can now retire with a “Swan Song” that alllllllll of America can sing a psalm in his name after he is earthworm food!!
      simpr fo, johnny! (you rat F#@!)

    • sheehanjihad says:

      All anyone has to do is to put the word out to “no possible parole” lifer inmates in the prisons that the terrorists end up at:

      that their families will get 10 grand in cash for every Gitmo transferree that cant bear the strain of an infidel’s shank in his guts.

  6. Flession says:

    And thus began the last term of office for John Murtha.

  7. Odie44 says:

    I beleive Murtha is looking for a big federal payout to upgrade the minimum security prison(s) in his district to house the GB animals.

    He will claim it is a “responsible solution that also creates jobs for his area” while waiting for a Nobel Peace Prize due to his “humanity”

    This guy is the biggest porky pig of politics.

    The irony of it all – American prisons are 10 times as brutal as GB. I suggest a compassionate conservative point this out through Shamnesty International.

    Maybe Geldof, Penn and Murtha can cut the ribbon together.

    • jobeth says:

      “American prisons are 10 times as brutal as GB”

      You know the same thought crossed my mind. Wonder what would happen to our delicate “guests” if we would turn them lose in the main stream of American prisons…?

      Hey this may be the answer to our problems!

      (Just kidding…there are too may muslims in our prisons already…they would just induce more “suicide bombers” from within those prison walls?

  8. WhySoSerious says:

    Wacky Jack should put them up at his house. They could spend nights singing ‘We Hate the USA’ together in front of the fireplace.

    • Dangerous says:

      I admit that this idea has a certain appeal.

      If he’s so convinced that they’re just your average class of criminal, put them on house arrest in his neighbourhood.

  9. beautyofreason says:

    Please – ugh – no ! My graduate school is near Philly. Don’t send Islamic loons to my area.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Has anyone stopped to think what some of those inmates are going to do every time one of the Gitmo guys has to go buns up kneeling five times a day? Can anyone say, 235 “non virgins” for allah?

    • Dangerous says:

      I forgot that I was putting my monitor and keyboard at risk by eating while I read S&L. Thanks SJ.

  10. GuppyNblue says:

    I can’t think of words ugly enough to describe Murtha. He’s a shady politician that will call our troops murderers and then volunteer to care for terrorist. May the next briefcase he takes be loaded with explosives and a thank you note.

  11. wardmama4 says:

    I would love to read his districts local paper – to see exactly what the people he ‘represents’ think about this. But one investigative reporter went there – and found out that the people don’t even have a clue about what Murtha says – so I would have to guess that the local paper protects Murtha from his own stupid mouth – which is why he keeps getting re-elected.

    Yes, let’s just transfer terrorists to PA – let Murtha really see how dangerous these people are. Then send in the Marines (payback is a b*****) to clean up the mess – after someone calls Murtha home for an important ‘meeting’ – and send them all to God to sort out!

  12. Phil Byler says:

    If some of the terrorists are held in Murtha’s home district, then just maybe it will wake up the voters there that they keep sending a dangerous embarrassment to Congress.

  13. chestnutt says:

    Oh Dear God! Let us hear NIMBYS from on high!!!!

    I can’t wait!

    Nancy Pelosi was none too struck with the Alcatraz idea….

  14. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    I’ve got a better idea. Let’s just palletize these thugs and load em’ up on a C-130 and then parachute them over whichever crapistan country they came from. I’m sure that after years of being detained and getting three hots and a cot, they’ll be too soft to live amongst their own kind or be regarded with suspicion after so much contact with the west.

  15. Reality Bytes says:

    Dementia is a terrible disease. You can only hope the meds are properly balanced.

  16. imnewatthis says:

    Why anyone would want to bring suspected anti-American terrorists onto our soil when we can keep them OFF our soil is beyond me.

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