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Jon Stewart Pushes CNN To Cover Global Warming

From Breitbart TV:

Jon Stewart Lobbies CNN to Repurpose Missing Plane Reportage for Global Warming Coverage

April 25, 2014

On his Thursday Comedy Central “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart cited Media Matters research and lamented its findings, which showed a lack of coverage of a recent United Nations report on climate change.

So he was 0 for 2. (Imagine believing Media Matters or the UN about anything.)

For that, Stewart lobbied CNN to repurpose its news reporting on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and last year’s Boston Marathon bombing for global warming awareness.

“[T]hat sounds like it actually could be something,” Stewart said. “In fact, the day the report dropped, Fox and MSNBC devoted around 22 minutes of coverage to it – Fox mostly to debunk it and MSNBC mostly to see how it affected Hillary’s chance to become president. But CNN clocked in at two minutes – technically two minutes and 10 seconds.

I guess CNN is only interested in the fate of what’s floating in the world’s oceans. CNN, don’t you think this is kind of actual meaningful news and could fit very well into your unnecessary over-dramatic hologram rooms, virtual reality rides and random street yelling? You can’t use your holodeck green-screen rooms to talk about global warming?”

To give Mr. Leibowitz the benefit of the doubt, maybe he just wants CNN to be even more laughable, since he is supposed to be in the comedy business. But, of course, he is being completely serious. And it’s another prime example of liberals being stupid and smug about it. In fact, it’s what you might call ‘invincible ignorance.

We suppose we will have to wait for ‘Between Two Ferns’ to get the real news.

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