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Jordan King Fires Cabinet After Protests

From a gleeful Associated Press:

Jordan’s king fires Cabinet amid protests

February 1, 2011

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Jordan’s King Abdullah II fired his government Tuesday in the wake of street protests and asked an ex-prime minister to form a new Cabinet, ordering him to launch immediate political reforms.

The dismissal follows several large protests across Jordan— inspired by similar demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt — calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Samir Rifai, who is blamed for a rise in fuel and food prices and slowed political reforms.

If you add high unemployment it would sound just like our country.

A Royal Palace statement said Abdullah accepted Rifai’s resignation tendered earlier Tuesday.

The king named Marouf al-Bakhit as his prime minister-designate, instructing him to "undertake quick and tangible steps for real political reforms, which reflect our vision for comprehensive modernization and development in Jordan," the palace statement said

We are confused. We thought "modernization and development" was the last thing most Islamists want. Maybe this is a sign that the Arab Street isn’t in the thrall of the Muslim Brotherhood or any other Muslim clerics.

The king also stressed that economic reform was a "necessity to provide a better life for our people, but we won’t be able to attain that without real political reforms, which must increase popular participation in the decision-making."

He asked al-Bakhit for a "comprehensive assessment … to correct the mistakes of the past." He did not elaborate. The statement said Abdullah also demanded an "immediate revision" of laws governing politics and public freedoms

This supports the hope that these uprisings across the Middle East are about more than just getting a little more bread.

The young people in Egypt and Lebanon and Tunisia are not starving from any lack of food. They are hungry for freedom. They are the most liberal, most advanced of the Middle Eastern countries. They have the most Western tourism. They have the most access to foreign TV shows. They have — or had – the most internet access.

These young people there have gotten a taste of social freedom and they want more. That’s what they are starving for. Of course, whether their aspirations gets hijacked and abused, like they were in Iran, is another story.

But this is about a lot more than just food.

Jordan’s human rights record is generally considered a notch above that of Tunisia and Egypt. Although some critics of the king are prosecuted, they frequently are pardoned and some are even rewarded with government posts

Just like in Afghanistan and Iraq. And our country.

Still, if any of those youths on the Arab Street touch one hair on heads of the lovely Queen Rania or the Queen Dowager Noor, they are going to have to answer to us.

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7 Responses to “Jordan King Fires Cabinet After Protests”

  1. proreason says:

    Jordan is the shining star of the region.

    There isn’t any solution.

    A clash of civilizations is inevitable, and unless the west decides to commit cultural suicide (as the marxists have brain-washed many to believe), the outcome of that clash is also inevitable.

  2. Mae says:

    Notice that all countries who are friendly to the West, and the United States in particular, are in the crosshairs. Whether these countries have dictators or not, whether they are benign or not, the replacement rulers will be neither friendly nor benign. Democracy may be the desire of some of the people of Jordan and Egypt, but democracy is not what they will get. History shows that whenever Islamists take over, disaster follows. The Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist entities are well organized and ready to step in, proclaim sharia law, kill infidels, bring destruction to the people. Some in the West are claiming these terrorist groups have fallen on hard times and cannot take over anything. Don’t believe it. If not the MB, then something similar will rise up. Nothing good will come of any of this. Pray for the people.

  3. canary says:

    The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Action Front protests and terrorizing have been growing, and now they
    they are taking advantage of the spreading protests.

    They already have Sharia law in Jordan, but Abullah has been cracking down on honor killings and that has really ticked off the radical muslims.

    The release of government wiki-leaks showing U.S. and Jordon’s relations as strong has further angered the muslims.

    Just a spark from one fire will start another.
    It began when 1 man set himself on fire & burned.

    1 out of 20 muslims are extremists. Then we have Iran’s Ahmadman who is a “2012 ender believer” that looks forward to reuniting with the Mohammadmen in 2012.

    Yes, this has nothing to do with “lack of”. The uranium in Jordon will give the muslims all the fire & burning their religion orders in the tense of “we will….”

  4. beefeater says:

    Even if i was only half mooslimb and a ruler of a country with those kind of problems I’d be nervous too.

  5. Freedom615 says:

    Has anyone been listening to and/or watching Glenn Beck this week as he discusses the Middle East and his theory on the possible Caliphate coming our way? I’d be real interested and grateful for anyone’s feedback.

    • proreason says:

      People are far too concerned about the Caliphate.

      The internal subversives are many times more dangerous.

      The only reason terrorism is a problem at all is because marxists / progressives have somehow convinced so many fools that terrrorism is the west’s fault and it’s more humane to let Muslims kill thousands of us than it is for us to stop it in its tracks by killing them instead.

      It’s going to come to that anyway. Sadly, many hundreds of thousands will die before that time, and then when the proper action is taken, potentially millions or hundreds of millions may die.

      However, if the marxists prevail, they will immediately do what we should be doing now…i.e., turn on the Muslims and solve the problem quickly and ruthlessly. The only problem with that is that we will all be slaves anyway.

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