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‘Journalist’: IDF Raised Holocaust, 9/11

From Iran’s Press TV:

Israel, 9/11 and the Holocaust

Tehran: 2010/06/06

By Yvonne Ridley

The full extent of the atrocities committed by Israel on board the Gaza Freedom Flotilla are beginning to emerge as the survivors return home with their powerful eyewitness accounts.

Now would be the time, you might think, for some humility or even an apology from the Zionist regime, but not content with the hole it is already in, Israel keeps on digging.

And the latest piece of propaganda coming out of Tel Aviv is probably more revealing than anything else that has happened in the last week.

I am talking about an audio tape which purports to relay a conversation between the Israeli naval vessels and the Turkish-owned ship Mavi Marmara.

It allegedly occurred prior to the brutal Israeli assault in which nine people were martyred and scores more injured during the early hours of May 31 in international waters in the eastern Mediterranean.

Here is the audio clip, which the Israelis titled “Radio Transmission from Mavi Marmara to Israeli Navy”.

Never mind that the IDF posted a clarification yesterday, in which they acknowledged that the transmission may have been from any of the boats in the ‘flotilla’ since they were on an open channel.

ISRAELI SHIP: “This is the Israeli Navy, you are approaching an area which is under a naval blockade.”

MAN’S VOICE 1: “Shut up, go back to Auschwitz.”

WOMAN’S VOICE: “We have permission from the Gaza Port Authority to enter.”

MAN’S VOICE 2: “We’re helping Arabs go against the U.S., don’t forget 9/11 guy.”

If you want to listen for yourself, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxY7Q7CvQPQ.

I immediately recognized the voice of the woman, it is that of Huwaida Arraf, a heroic Palestinian who co-founded the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and is chair of the Free Gaza Movement.

We sailed together on the first Free Gaza Movement boat into Gaza in 2008 and her voice is very distinctive.

So yes, I can confirm that is Huwaida’s voice, but I can also confirm that Huwaida was on board Challenger 1, a much smaller passenger ship in the six-boat flotilla. She was NOT on board the Mavi Marmara.

Is this not hilarious? What difference in hell does it make which boat anyone was on. It came from the members of the flotilla.

And not only that, but thanks to this reporter, we now have confirmation that it was heard by the co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement and the chairman of the Free Gaza Movement. Who, apparently did not object to the comments.

How deranged do you have to be to think that this is a propaganda point for your side?

And so, there you have it — a botched tape on a bungled operation which reveals Israel’s desperation to try to redeem itself by any means possible.

But let’s examine the transcript more closely.

What it also exposes is just how far Israel is prepared to go in its bid to deceive the world and justify its actions… even if it is at the cost of the memory of those blameless Jewish souls who perished in the Holocaust.

By invoking the Holocaust — a favorite trick of the Zionist regime — we were all expected to recoil in horror and disgust and accept blindly the evidence put before us by these masters of mass deception. To even question would have exposed us to accusations of being anti-Semitic.

Er, who invoked the Holocaust here? Wasn’t it a member of the flotilla who said “go back to Auschwitz”?

It is a trump card often played by Israel as it conveniently flips from tyrant to victim in the blink of an eye.

Who played this trump card here?

The fact that they have been exposed, hoisted by their own stinking petard, also reveals the extent to which Israel is losing its reputation as a leader in the field of intelligence.

This careless slip up is one in a long line of blunders committed by Israeli intelligence over the past year.

Again, this is the ravings of a lunatic. Where is the slip up? The truth has turned out to be more damning than the IDF’s original allegation. (Which, as anyone in their right mind would realize, did not depend upon what boat this came from.)

The Zionist regime used to be a world leader in the black art of propaganda, psychological warfare, and political deception, but now it has all the panache of a one-legged man in an ass-kicking competition.

This is written by a supposed journalist, mind you.

I notice that they also attempted to invoke the memories of 9/11 — a trick employed so ruthlessly by former U.S. president George W. Bush whenever he needed to get the support of the American people.

Not content with insulting the memory of the Holocaust victims, Tel Aviv has shown it is prepared to exploit the deaths of those who perished in 9/11. Clearly nothing or no one is sacred.

Er, who invoked the memories of 9/11? Again, what kind of mental derangement turns things around like this?

Today Israel stands exposed for what it is — a failed Zionist project, a rogue state which sets itself above the law, and one which is now living on borrowed time.

It is headed on a course of self-destruction — at this rate it will wipe itself out.

There is nothing to compare with the frothing hatred that the pro-Palestinians and the rest of the radical left reveal in their hatred of the Israelis.

They could give Hitler ant-Semitism lessons.

Journalist Yvonne Ridley is also the European president of the International Muslim Women’s Union and a committed peace activist who was on board the first boat to successfully break the siege of Gaza in 2008. She is also a member of the Free Gaza Movement, Viva Palestina, and the Respect Party.

That’s right. This was written by a British “journalist.” A “committed peace activist.”

Indeed, Ms. Ridley is quite the character. She ‘converted’ to Islam after being captured by the Taliban. She has run several times unsuccessfully for a seat in Parliament on the lunatic ‘Respect Party’ ticket. Ms. Ridley currently works for Iran’s Press TV as a ‘reporter’ and presenter.

In other words, she is just another unbiased journalist, plying her trade.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, June 6th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “‘Journalist’: IDF Raised Holocaust, 9/11”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    It seems that our President and his close terrorist friends of the so-called “past” are behind this flotilla thing near Gaza. Please Lord, help us! Obama and his minions are draging us into this.


    • Steve says:

      TS, I have repeatedly asked you to refrain from posting a single line and a link to another site. It is rude to the extreme.

      Moreover, this article is from Aaron Klein of the World Net Daily, and as usual, it is mostly hype. There is nothing in the article to substantiate its claims.

      The actual facts are quite bad enough.

  2. jobeth says:

    “MAN’S VOICE 2: “We’re helping Arabs go against the U.S., don’t forget 9/11 guy.” ”

    No problem! I can guaran-damn-tee WE won’t forget 9/11!!!

    Keep it up and you won’t have the ability to remember!

    God Bless and keep Israel strong!

    • Mithrandir says:

      I wonder if Helen Thomas wrote the script for these guys?

      I am surprised that Americans, with these types of continual threats and insults, don’t just drive Muslims into the sea. . .

  3. jobeth says:

    “Indeed, Ms. Ridley is quite the character. She ‘converted’ to Islam after being captured by the Taliban.”

    That’s being kind to her Steve! I did a little poking into her life and found this article on her taking her daughter back into harms way after her release from the Taliban. It’s interesting and goes to show what kind of mindset these idiots have.

    I feel for this little girl.

    “Daisy (and Yvonne)’s big adventure After her kidnap ordeal at the hands of the Taliban last autumn, journalist Yvonne Ridley decided to take her nine-year-old daughter on a month’s tour around the world – via Afghanistan”

    Real Nice. Great mother!


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