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Judge Denies Extension Of WI Recall Check

From those champions of ‘governmental accountability’ at Reuters:

Judge denies Wisconsin governor’s bid to delay recall

By Brendan O’Brien
February 17, 2012

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) – A Wisconsin judge Friday denied Governor Scott Walker extra time to review the estimated one million signatures submitted last month to the state in an effort to recall him.

Dane County Judge Richard Niess refused to give Walker’s campaign the two extra weeks it requested to examine the signatures on the estimated 152,000 pages of petitions recall organizers turned into the Government Accountability Board

According to other reports, Judge Niess is a Democrat appointed judge who has been supported by AFL-CIO South Federation of Labor and the Madison Teachers Union.

The deadline remains February 27 for Walker’s campaign to review signatures and file challenges with the GAB. Recall organizers needed to collect 540,208 valid signatures to force a recall of the governor.

According to the motion Walker’s lawyers filed with the court, the campaign has examined about 25 percent of the petition pages and have found problems with up to 20 percent of them.

Only 20 percent of the signatures are faked? ACORN and the unions must be slacking off.

At that rate, given the estimated one million signatures, Walker’s campaign would not have enough challenges to thwart a recall election

Of course, this is flawed reasoning, since there is no reason to believe that the faked signatures have been uniformly distributed over the petitions. For instance, the other three quarters of the petitions could have a rate of 50% fake signatures or worse.

There is no way of knowing without checking them.

As we noted back in the middle of December, these recall petitions included the names of Adolf Hitler and Mickey Mouse. A detail this Reuters article does not even bother to mention. But which triggered the follow-up story below.

At the time we were told by the the so-called Government Accountability Board that as long as the signatures had the right date and a Wisconsin address, they would not be struck down.

In fact, according to the head of the GAP, it is “the governor and the lieutenant governor – [who] are ultimately responsible for challenging any questionable signatures.”

From the Wisconsin ABC affiliate, WISN:

GAB Explains ‘Mickey Mouse’ Signature Comment

Director Does Not Expect To Find False Names On Recall Petitions

Kent Wainscott, WISN 12 News Reporter
December 14, 2011

While the Governmental Accountability Board said Tuesday it is not their job to strike obviously fictitious signatures like Mickey’s, the director of the GAB said Wednesday that he does nto [sic] expect his staff to see named like that on petitions.

“We’re not going to see thousands of fictitious names,” GAB director Kevin Kennedy told 12 News. “There are reasons — the way the process is designed — from them ever getting to us.”

Meanwhile, the Walker people say that up to 20% of the signatures they have checked so far are bogus.

Kennedy said his staff is required to check petitions for problems, but will not necessarily question a name.

“Now I’m going to look at line one. Does it have the right fields,” Kennedy said as he explained the process of the petition reviewers. “You know when you’ve done this all day, Mickey Mouse gets by. That’s why our staff said we’re not necessarily going to catch that.”

After all, you can’t expect the Governmental Accountability Board to be accountable for Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler getting past them.

Kennedy said the target of the recall — in this case the governor and the lieutenant governor — are ultimately responsible for challenging any questionable signatures

In other words, the Governmental Accountability Board is just there to rubberstamp the petition. It’s up to the Walker campaign to challenge the signatures.

And yet this county judge is refusing to give the Walker people any additional time to go through the rest of the signatures on the recall petitions.

This is not justice. This is not accountability. This is Democrat Machine and union thug politics at their worst.

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2 Responses to “Judge Denies Extension Of WI Recall Check”

  1. untrainable says:

    “We’re not going to see thousands of fictitious names,” GAB director Kevin Kennedy
    That is a liberal guarantee. No matter how many thousands of fake signatures are actually on the petition, we’re not going to see them. Just like Obama never heard anything in Rev Wright’s church, and how Eric Holder never speaks the truth at a congressional hearing.See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Our government is blind, deaf, AND dumb.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    The fraudulent chicanery continues.

    Listen, how many times have Republicans had the opportunity to tighten up driver’s license requirements, immigration policies, voter rolls, social security numbers and E-Verify everything?

    Didn’t Republicans have control of Congress in the 90s? Didn’t George Bush have the White House and control of Congress during most of his tenure? Didn’t Republicans at the state level have ample opportunity to force a Constitutional Convention to change things?

    I am beginning to think this is just a distracting dog and pony show. The two parties seem to enjoy torturing each other and not get anything done……or is that the intention? As decade after decade passes in your life, you realize their is a aircraft carrier of promises every election cycle and a canoe of actual positive change. —and if you balance that with the rights that are eroded every year, there isn’t any positive change at all.

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