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Judge Releases Sears Tower Plotters Video

From CBS2Chicago:

Video Discloses Alleged Plot To Target Sears Tower

Aug 24, 2006

Federal Judge Denies Request To Ban Video

(CBS) MIAMI Undercover video acquired by CBS 2's Miami sister station, WFOR-TV CBS 4, reveals an inside look at a suspected terror group leader accused in a plot to target U.S. landmarks, including the Sears Tower…

The “Liberty City 7”, as they have been dubbed, face terrorism charges after government agents uncovered an alleged plot to blow up buildings, including the Sears Tower, the Miami Federal Courthouse, and the Miami FBI offices, as well as other structures.

The undercover video shows Narseal Batiste, and others taking, what prosecutors claim, is an oath to the al Qaeda terrorist organization, as well as conversations in which Batiste tells and FBI undercover agent his plans for blowing up buildings…

FBI surveillance photos show Batiste, the former Chicago FedEx delivery driver, allegedly checking out Miami’s federal courthouse as a possible target.

The videotape of the front and side doors of that courthouse was to be given to the man they thought represented al Qaeda, a man Batiste first met when he entered a Miami hotel room hoping to make his dream of Islamic jihad a reality.

“My name is Brother Mohammed ali Hussein,” the informant said on tape.

“Ali Hussein,” Batiste asked.

“Yes,” said the informant. “My job is to determine if its worth it or not. My job is to say if these people are serious or not."

Batiste tries to convince him that he and seven other members of his so-called Moorish Science Temple, their mosque housed in a rundown warehouse in Miami, are very serious.

“What's the plan?” asked the informant.

“To build this army,” Batiste replied.

“Army? To build an army?” the informant asked.

“An Islamic army for Islamic jihad,” Batiste said.

“Jihad? To wage jihad?” the informant said.

“Yes,” confirmed Batiste.

Eventually, the others are introduced to the informant. On the tape, one by one, each pledges his allegiance. In another taped meeting, Batiste asks for money for boots and uniforms and more.

“Hand pistol machine guns,” Batiste said.

“Pistols? Machine guns. Pistol or machine guns? Two different,” the informant said.

“They make them in hand pistols. They make pistol machine guns. They're like pistols but they're also machine guns,” Batiste said.

At another meeting, also taped by the government, Batiste got down to specifics.

"We got to make a plan of attack," Batiste said.

They talk about waging war with an army of street gang members and two specific targets.

“I'm gonna tell you there's two major buildings that you gotta blow up. The Empire State Building and … the uh, and the uh, Sears Tower. With those two buildings down, all radio communication is out," Batiste said…

"The bitch set 'em up!'"

See the video here.

(Thanks to Mathews for the heads up.)

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