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Judge Sides With DNC Against FL Delegates

From ABC’s Tampa, FL affiliate WFTS-TV:

Federal judge sides with DNC in Florida delegate lawsuit

Reported by: Chad Cookler

TAMPA, FL — For the 2nd time this year, a federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by a Florida democrat delegate angry over party rules that have threatened to keep Florida Delegates from being seated at the upcoming Democratic Convention.

Once again US District Judge Richard A. Lazzara ruled Wednesday the DNC did not violate any laws in stripping Florida’s delegates of their voting powers.

DiMaio argued in his lawsuit that the DNC had discriminated against Florida’s voters by stripping the state of its delegates after both states moved their primaries earlier than they were allowed to by the national party.

Lazzara rejected DiMaio’s arguments once, but an appeals court in Atlanta sent the case back to him because suit was filed before the primary actually occurred

DiMaio’s suit claimed the party is discriminating against Florida voters because party leaders selected other early primary states for their racial makeup and geographic location.

Well, it looks like rioting in the streets is now Hillary’s only chance.

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