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Stevens Verdict Tossed, Prosecutors Blasted

From a dejected ABC News:

Judge Tosses Stevens Verdict, Blasts Prosecutors


April 7, 2009—In a fatal blow to the corruption case against former Alaskan Sen. Ted Stevens, a federal judge granted a Justice Department request to throw out the guilty verdict against Stevens and ordered a criminal investigation into alleged misconduct by the prosecutors tasked with trying the case.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, who rebuked the prosecutors repeatedly during the trial last fall, said today that in his nearly 25 years on the bench, "I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case."

Last week, the Justice Department took the extremely rare action to issue a mea culpa and announce its intention to drop the matter after prosecutors had already won a conviction in the high-profile case.

A federal jury in Washington convicted the Alaska Republican, 85, on corruption charges last October, just days before Stevens lost a re-election bid. The prosecution charged that Stevens lied on his Senate financial disclosure forms, in effect concealing $250,000 worth of gifts and home renovations from a wealthy oilman, Bill Allen, and his oil services company, Veco…

Sullivan tapped Washington attorney Henry Schuelke to investigate the prosecutors that handled the case against Stevens. That inquiry comes in addition to an internal Justice Department review that Holder announced last week.

Stevens said in court today that he had begun to question his faith in the judicial system, but that the most recent actions taken by Holder and Sullivan restored that confidence. He did not make a formal statement to reporters as he departed the courthouse, but asked how he felt, Stevens said, "If I was Sen. Byrd, I’d say Hallelujah" as he entered a waiting SUV

But to borrow from President Reagan’s Labor Secretary Ray Donovan, where does Mr. Stevens go to get his reputation back?

And his Senate seat?

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13 Responses to “Stevens Verdict Tossed, Prosecutors Blasted”

  1. Colonel1961 says:

    The Senate seat, indeed. And the balance of power…

  2. Consilience says:

    This whole ordeal smells bad—it is instructive to remember it was the Justice department of the Bush II admin who administered this crime against a sitting senator…

    • catie says:

      Yes, and they sat by and let Scooter Libby be thrown under the proverbial bus as well. I have very mixed feelings about President Bush. We all know that if this was a dim senator the dim president would have found a way to either stop or delay the trial until after election time.
      It is unfortunate that Senator Stevens has to “suck it up” and let the dim remain in office. I don’t think there is anything in the constitution regarding a situation such as this but there darn well should be. He was elected under a cloud but we also know that the dims are doing everything they can to get frankenfruiter in Norm Coleman’s seat regardless if it’s legal or not.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    “”Which office do I go to get my reputation back??” – Ray Donovan, Reagan Secretary of Labor after his acquittal brought by NY Prosecutors.

  4. proreason says:

    It’s ok.

    The Justice Department meant well.

    Mistakes happen.

    A life here, a fortune there. Good work and problem solving can’t happen without a stubbed toe or two.

    And the government always does a forward recovery….because it cares so much about the citizens.

    And luckily for us, our government betters remain on the job after learning from these little boo-boos.

  5. canary says:

    It only barely mentioned Holder did investigaton on prosecution’s handling of the case.

  6. wardmama4 says:

    The Dems hold a majority in the House and barely (wonder if this kerfluffle had never materialized, if that would such the case?!?) in the Senate (and attempting as we speak to install a real Klown to join the Klownposse) and possibly another one (depends on if NY wants to go down in history with MN for screwing up elections so bad that they elect a joke).

    Delay has never even had a real day in court because that prosecutor (after sitting 6 Grand juries) is out of office and yet he is no longer head of the ethics committee (too bad I can’t remember exactly who Delay was turning his attention on to – might just be important, now) don’t you think?!? –

    And of course no charges were filed against Foley – who is also out of office as well the dunce Craig – whose first mistake was to think that a no-contest plea would ever, ever let the Dems ignore the mistake of wide stancing in a john.

    Meanwhile a negligent killer is toasted as the Liberal Lion and of course the Senior wonderkind of DC. A serial sex offender is toasted as the bestest President ever (until The One ™ came along). And a drooling moroon who covers all sorts of criminal activities for all sorts of boy toys is running the show trials in DC. And of course during the horror of Katrina it was evil bushitlerburtonco who was vilified while Rep ‘FrozenAssets’ Jefferson was toasted for being so damn concerned that he commendeered National Guard trucks to drive him ‘around’.

    As a Christian, I know that these losers will be judged for their deeds – as a human I’d love to be the judge and as an American citizen, I’d want to be the jury foreman!

  7. BillK says:

    The left is already taking great joy in pointing out that it was Bush’s Justice Department and thus Republican prosecutors who were at fault here.

  8. VMAN says:

    Imagine a world in which the Democrats don’t lie cheat or steal to win an election and you will be imagining a world with a conservative super majority in the both houses and the Presidency and a conservative federal court system and on down to the local level. But alas it is not so. Oh and I almost forgot gerrymandering!

  9. proreason says:

    I have a dream…..that this judge gets assigned to the Blagojevich prosecution

  10. artboyusa says:

    No, it wasn’t fair and yes, it was political but I’m having a hard time finding any sympathy for Senator Stevens. What reputation did he have to start with? That of a log rolling, pork barrelling, fat cat and semi-crook is what.

    Isn’t this guy the personification of so much that’s wrong with our politics in general and with the Republican Party in particular? Look at him: in office since time began, with connections everywhere and fingers in everything, getting rich and then richer, shifting his positions whenever it suits him (on climate change, for example), getting an airport named after himself (Ted Stevens International in Anchorage) and on and on.

    Our politics are overflowing with people like this puffed up, slick little piece of crap, in both parties, and until we start to clear them out, along with the systems that enable them to carry on misgoverning us, our country can never really be healthy. For them, a good start would be term limits and for us, we should have zero tolerance for anyone, and I mean anyone, who falls short of his/her oath of office. If we demand the best, we might get it. If we don’t, we’ll get the likes of this guy (and Pelosi and Reid and Boehner and Barney Frank and…)

    • proreason says:

      Exactly right, artboy.

      Stevens being a repub doesn’t make him any less a crook that all the others.

      But it is satisfying to see the gubamint prosecutors called out for being crooks themselves.

      To complete the circle, we will probably later discover that the judge is a crook as well.

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