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Judge Uses ‘N-Word’ As She Is Charged

From a bemused Hartford Courant:

Judge Uses Vulgar Language As She Is Charged

Repeatedly using vulgar and racial insults, Superior Court Judge E. Curtissa Cofield argued with a police officer — addressing him as "Negro trooper" at one point — who was trying to process her on a charge of drunken driving in Glastonbury last October, a police video released Monday shows.

Cofield also is heard twice on the video using the racial term "n—–."

The state’s Judicial Review Council released the video Monday after it found cause to pursue five judicial misconduct charges against her, several of them based on what was termed disparaging, demeaning or "racially inappropriate" language.

The council has scheduled a hearing Feb. 9 to determine whether Cofield violated the judicial code of conduct and, if so, what action to take against her.

The video shows an uncooperative Cofield continually interrupting state police Sgt. Dwight Washington, who was asking a series of questions while processing her on the DUI charge at the Glastonbury police headquarters.

At 2:17 a.m. on Oct. 10, nearly two hours into the booking at headquarters, Cofield is seated at a desk and calls her husband on her cellphone. Washington, who like Cofield is black, is standing about 3 feet away.

Her end of the conversation, in part, is: "I don’t need a ride home. … I’m a criminal. … What? What? … Well, they got the head n—– in charge and he … Which one, the head n—– in charge? … Washington. OK. That’s H-N-I-G…."

Then she hands the phone to Washington, who talks to her husband about getting the car off the highway. Washington asks, "Do you guys have Triple-A?"

Hearing that, Cofield interjects: "Oh, no. We don’t. We’re ghetto Negroes. We don’t have Triple-A."

Earlier, when asked if she was injured, Cofield replied: "Yeah, I am. I’m humiliated by your f—–g attitude."

Asked if she was ill, Cofield replied, "I’m sick of being treated like a freaking Negro from the ‘hood," and added: "Write it down, write it. Did you hear what I just said?"

Asked what her illness was, Cofield said: "Negro-itis."

"Do you need to take any medication now?" Washington asked.

"Yeah, I need to take anti-Negro, ummm …"

When he asked what she weighed, Cofield replied: "Why don’t you look at me, tell what you think?"

Asked how much alcohol she had had that day, Cofield replied: "I had no alcohol to drink, Mr. Washington."

Cofield often talked over Washington as he tried to question her, saying again and again that she needed to go to the bathroom. Washington politely insisted that she answer the questions first, and said that she could get to the bathroom sooner if she did so.

"That’s your interpretation, but we’ll see what they say in court, won’t we, Mr. Washington?" she said.

Washington asked if she was willing to take an intoxication test. She replied: "Mr. Negro Washington. I need to go to the bathroom, and then I will take the test."

"It’s Sgt. Washington," he replied, adding, "Don’t disrespect me, and I won’t disrespect you."

At another moment, after she had given a urine sample, Cofield asked Washington: "Do you have a reading on my urine test, Negro trooper?"

When asked to sign a form that she understood her rights, Cofield said, "I’m not signing anything, because when it comes down to the bottom line, who’s smarter — me or you? We’ll figure it out, won’t we?"

Asked if she took any drugs, Cofield responded: "Oh, yeah, I’m a crack addict. Do I look like that to you?"

Then she directed her attention to the first state trooper on the scene of her accident and asked him, "Can you tell me why you came first, and then you had to bring him [Washington]? Is it because you had to make this valid by bringing a Negro?"

Cofield was originally appointed in 1991 as the state’s first black female judge after Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. nominated her and legislators confirmed her. She was last renominated by Gov. M. Jodi Rell and approved by lawmakers in 2007. Her current term expires on June 6, 2015.

Cofield apologized Dec. 8 at Superior Court in Manchester for sideswiping a state police car with her BMW, and was accepted into an alcohol education program. If she successfully completes the program, the charges — driving under the influence and failure to drive in the proper lane — will be dismissed.

About 10:45 p.m. on Oct. 9, Cofield, 60, was driving through a highway construction zone on Route 2 in Glastonbury when her car sideswiped a parked state police cruiser occupied by Trooper Michael Kowal. Prosecutor John Whalen said that the judge’s eyes were bloodshot and that she smelled of alcohol. Urine samples showed her blood alcohol content was 0.16 percent at 1 a.m. on Oct. 10 and 0.17 percent at 2:04 a.m., he said — twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent

We were tempted to let this slide. But since so many have sent it in and even Matt Drudge has now picked it up, we had to put it up.

If only for its entertainment value.


From the University Of Hartford’s UNotes:

Sigma Alpha Pi Honors Blumenthal, Jones, Cofield

Posted: May 8, 2008

The University of Hartford chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success – Sigma Alpha Pi (SAP) welcomed 205 new student members during its second annual induction ceremony on May 2. Sigma Alpha Pi honors students with a minimum GPA of 3.3 who have met a series of leadership development requirements.

The chapter also awarded honorary memberships to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal; former Boston Celtics player and coach K.C. Jones, who currently serves as special assistant to the University of Hartford athletics director; and Hartford Community Court Judge E. Curtissa R. Cofield…

Judge Cofield presides over the Community Court in Hartford. She is known for promoting responsibility among defendants while helping to address the social issues that may contribute to their behavior, particularly with respect to under-age drinking. Sigma Alpha Pi honored Cofield because her work is respected by students at the University

Isn’t irony ironic?

(Thanks to WTerrier for the heads up.)

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12 Responses to “Judge Uses ‘N-Word’ As She Is Charged”

  1. JohnMG says:

    …..”If she successfully completes the program, the charges — driving under the influence and failure to drive in the proper lane — will be dismissed……”

    WTF? She took the pi$$ test and scored a 0.16, twice the legally intoxicated mark. She was involved in an accident (in a construction zone, no less) while under the influence, and was uncooperative during her booking, and they’re going to make it all go away??!!
    Who picks up the repair bill for the Patrol car? The taxpayer?

    Aren’t we taking “affirmative action” to the extremes with this? Talk about an entitlement mentality.

    We sure post-racial now, aren’t we?

    • Mactastic says:

      Aren’t we taking “affirmative action” to the extremes with this?

      I don’t think so. This is small time stuff that happens every day. If you want an example of “affirmitave action to the extreme” look who’s sitting in the Oval Office.

    • David says:

      Gets me curious, as a judge did she ever rule on a DUI hearing? If so did that person get away with “I’m sorry”, drivers ed and a clean record?

  2. proreason says:

    Where is the love?

    Maybe reparations will help.

  3. Colonel1961 says:

    ‘If the n-word fits, you must aquits!’

  4. caligirl9 says:

    But I thought it was okay for them to use racial epithets against each other… it works in da ‘hood.

    Had this been white male judge versus black cop, this would have been all over the news and that judge would be in nowhere land by now. No dismissal of charges, no alcohol “education” program. Gone.

    Nice double-standard at work here. David brings up an interesting point though—what kind of judge is this woman when a DUI pops up in her courtroom?

  5. SircleMemphis says:

    My friend in the area just tipped me to this. Judging by the lack of political affiliation in the headline and the majority of the article (just skimmed it) he’s a Dem. Nice little city they’re running up there. Coming soon to a city near you, Hope N Change! Readily found in the Third World! Accept no substitutions!


    • proreason says:

      As you guessed, he’s a Democrat.

      When will this country wake up to the fact that our scumbag politicians are stealing the treasure that our ancestors labored centuries to create for us…………while they brazenly destroy the very processes that made the creation of the treasure possible while telling us that they are protecting us from everything but slimeball politicians themselves.

      We truly live in a bizarro time.

    • caligirl9 says:

      A quote from the article in SircleMemphis’ post:

      “At the end of the day, a lapse in judgment is not a crime.”

      Again, no personal responsibility. How about a lapse in judgment usually results in a crime?

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Prepare to see more of this, America. At the risk of sounding “like” a racist, I have noticed for years that blacks are angry. The mechanisms for this may be many, but psychologically, it is the easiest thing to be angry, before one tries other approaches, before one sees that they have nothing to be angry about and certainly before they see that they, themselves might just be what they SHOULD be angry about.

    I still use Dr William Cosby as the sterling example of how to succeed in America. He is the perfect example of hard work, brains, good decision-making and self-esteem that fosters how to become a success. He makes no excuses. He doesn’t have to. Nobody that I’m aware of, either in Hollyweird or otherwise, tried to hurt his career. Everyone I know personally, universally thinks his persona is that of class and that his talent is unquestionable. Yet blacks have denounced him because he doesn’t fit their self-hatred, hatred of others and basically….just angry hatred.

    To me, and unfortunately, I have to view much of black society as behaving the way adolescents do. They want respect and thus, think that getting a bling-bling set of wheels will do it, or having more stuff, or acting tough. It would seem that most people cannot see through that smoke screen that only hides their insecurity. This judge is obviously grasping at straws, essentially condemning a professional black man for being ….a professional black man.

    Or, maybe her drunken state has made her revert to her ghetto roots that makes her hate herself when in fact the opposite should apply.

    In light of the United States’ recent mental disease in the election, and demonstrating that our dementia is deep, I believe that it goes much deeper in black America.

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