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Kaiser Notices Surge In Enrollments For Medicaid

From Kaiser Health News:

Early State Enrollment Numbers Show Increased Medicaid Sign-Ups

October 25, 2013

Kentucky and New York release figures showing that a large majority of people signing up for coverage under the health law are qualifying for the federal-state program for low-income residents, often because they don’t have to pay anything to immediately enroll.

Huh? We suspect they are signing up for Medicaid because it is completely free. We also suspect there is this uptick because the income level has been hiked in the name of ‘Medicaid expansion.’ Just as the states who refused to expand their Medicaid systems said it would. And, of course, the lack of income verification might help boost the number of sign-ups.

Meanwhile, Arkansas says more than 62,000 people have been approved for that state’s innovative Medicaid program.

We will see what Kaiser means by "innovative" at the bottom of this piece.

The Associated Press: More Than 26,000 Kentuckians Sign Up For Coverage

Three weeks into the federal health care overhaul, more than 26,000 Kentuckians have signed up for medical coverage, the vast majority of whom will become Medicaid recipients. Gov. Steve Beshear released updated enrollment numbers Thursday, showing that 21,342 people have been enrolled in Medicaid program and another 4,832 in private insurance plans since the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange in just over three weeks… (Alford and Lovan, 10/25).

As we have noted, that amounts to 82% of the Obama-Care enrollees in Kentucky.

The Buffalo News: Many ‘Obamacare’ Enrollees In N.Y. Go To Medicaid

More than 37,000 New Yorkers have signed up for health insurance since enrollment under the Affordable Care Act began Oct. 1, but many of them are going into the state’s Medicaid program rather than one of 16 private insurance carriers participating in the new federally mandated program. … In the first three weeks of the "Obamacare" enrollment, 23,717 New Yorkers who went to a new state website to enroll for insurance ended up being steered to join Medicaid because their incomes were low enough to qualify. In all, 13,313 New Yorkers have enrolled for health coverage with one of the 16 private insurance carriers participating. (Precious [sic], 10/25).

According to CBS News 64% of the New York enrollees in Obama-Care have been for Medicaid.

The Associated Press: Ark. Signs 62K People Through New Medicaid Plan

State health officials said Thursday that more than 66,000 Arkansas residents applied for health insurance under the state’s Medicaid expansion and slightly more than 62,000 of the applications were approved. Arkansas was granted a waiver from part of the federal health care law so that it could use Medicaid funds to subsidize private insurance for low-income residents, instead of expanding the public program. (Bartels, 10/24).

That’s the first we have heard of this ‘waiver.’ And here we thought Obama-Care was the law of the land and could never be changed. But, who cares? 66,000 more people dependent upon the government. Yippee!  After all, that is all part of the plan to redistribute money from Medicare and workers to Medicaid and shirkers.

By the way, Kaiser seems to have missed the news, also according to CBS News, that out of the 35,000 new enrollees in Obama-Care in Washington State, 87% are going into Medicaid.

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2 Responses to “Kaiser Notices Surge In Enrollments For Medicaid”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Wanna know the really scary part to this story? The really scary part is that private sector insurance companies did not see through the Obama/Jarrett ruse to run them out of business. They demonstrably ignorant of Obama/Jarrett stated objective ” .. To crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentations of their children ..”

    They really are this farking stupid. No matter what explanation is given from this day forward you now know the effing cretins who were making a living off denying your claims are this farking stupid. They’ve willingly participated in destroying their own business. I wish them nothing but very very bad things, except it takes us down with them.

    Think on that for a while.

    • captstubby says:

      For no one – no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts. This you can trust.

      [Points to sword]

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