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Kanye West: Celebrities Treated Like Blacks In 1960s

From Breitbart:

Kanye West: Celebrities Treated Like Blacks in 1960s

By Christian Toto | July 21, 2014

The most jaw-dropping comments from Kanye West’s just-released interview with GQ Magazine wasn’t that he confirmed giving a 45-minute toast to himself on his wedding day.

West, who lives to poke and provoke pop culture, compared being a celebrity in 2014 to what it felt like for black Americans during the 1960s. The rapper repeated the charge during the magazine Q&A.

And what I talked about in it was the idea of celebrity, and celebrities being treated like blacks were in the Sixties, having no rights, and the fact that people can slander your name,” he said.

Something tells us Mr. West is confused about how blacks were treated in the 1960s. Or maybe he is confused about how celebrities are treated now.

“I said that in the toast. And I had to say this in a position where I, from the art world, am marrying Kim. And how we’re going to fight to raise the respect level for celebrities so that my daughter can live a more normal life. She didn’t choose to be a celebrity. But she is. So I’m going to fight to make sure she has a better life.

If Kanye and Kim are fighting to raise the respect level for celebrities, they seem to be going about it all wrong.

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5 Responses to “Kanye West: Celebrities Treated Like Blacks In 1960s”

  1. mr_bill says:

    Only a liberal who acquired his wealth without any discernible talent or ability could claim to be a “victim” because of it. Dear Kanye, if you hate being a “celebrity” so much, then shut up and go away.

  2. untrainable says:

    I think there s a difference between being famous, and being a celebrity.
    I think he’s talking about being famous (or infamous). Being a celebrity IMHO requires a certain amount of class, and Kanye (WTF kind of name is that anyway? His mom couldn’t spell Kenny?) exhibits a distinct lack of class, or poise, or even common freakin’ decency.

    Talk all you want Kanye, being a famous punk is one thing, but celebrity? You’re not even close.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    .. with a bazillion dollars in the bank and carte blanche to publicly ‘diss a sweet white girl at her moment of triumph and vindication.

    Attention Whore

  4. Noyzmakr says:

    This is a moment that i thought would never come. I totally agree with our Kenyan president when he said; “He’s a Jack-ass.”

  5. canary says:

    Spot on everyone. I don’t think Blacks in the 60’s were “n” word using, crotch grabbing, with a wife addicted to selfie sex on tapes and twitter.

    Baby North is covered unless $ big bucks are paid to Kanye. For the record her mother shaved her unibrow, not waxed it off.

    The Kardashian (sp?) family is polluting our youth.

    Hat’s off to the former Olympic swimmer for leaving his sex crazed bossy wife, who kept so silent during the OJ Simpson trial when he slaughtered her best friend and her late husband hid evidence.

    After our Kenyan president’s term is up, for enough money, I’m sure he’ll go on the reality show and grab his crotch with Kanye, say the “n” word and bump butts with all the females.

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