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Karzai Releases 65 More Terrorists From Prison

From the Associated Press:

Afghanistan frees detainees US calls ‘dangerous’

By AMIR SHAH | February 13, 2014

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan released 65 accused militants from a former U.S. prison on Thursday despite protests from the American military, which says the men are Taliban fighters who will likely return to the battlefield to kill coalition and Afghan forces… Karzai ordered the detainees released several weeks ago, less than a year after his government took over the prison from U.S. troops.

Which is sort of the pattern every time Afghan troops take over a prison. Either they release terrorists, or they just let them escape.

The decision prompted angry denunciations from Washington. U.S. forces in Afghanistan say some of the men are responsible for killing or wounding dozens of international and Afghan soldiers, as well making bombs that have killed civilians.

The Afghans only care when the US kill civilians.

The prisoners were freed just after 9 a.m. from the Parwan Detention Facility near the U.S. Bagram Air Field, about 45 kilometers (28 miles) north of Kabul, according to prison spokesman Maj. Nimatullah Khaki.

This is the main prison in Afghanistan. And, lest we forget, it’s the prison where the US caught so much hell for burning Korans, because prisoners had defaced them. Those were the days.

They were laughing and smiling as they boarded a bus to leave the facility, he said.

The U.S. had argued for the detainees to face trial in Afghan courts, citing strong evidence against them — from DNA linking them to roadside bombs to explosive residue on their clothing. However, Kabul cited insufficient proof to hold them.

Karzai has referred to the Parwan prison as a "Taliban-producing factory" where innocent Afghans have been tortured into hating their country.

So Karzai is just doing his own version of ‘closing down Gitmo.’ He is claiming that this prison, the Parwan Detention Facility, is a recruiting tool for the Taliban. Meanwhile, Obama is doing the same thing, and quietly releasing terrorists from Gitmo.

The president had long demanded that the U.S. turn over the prison to Afghan authorities, a process completed last March after lengthy negotiations — largely over American concerns that some of the most dangerous detainees would go free.

The U.S. military strongly condemned Thursday’s release, saying some of those set free were directly linked to attacks that have killed or wounded 32 U.S. or coalition personnel and 23 Afghan security personnel or civilians…

Among those believed to have walked free Thursday morning was Mohammad Wali, who the U.S. military says is a suspected Taliban explosives expert who allegedly placed roadside bombs targeting Afghan and international forces. The military said Wali had been biometrically linked to two roadside explosions and had a latent fingerprint match on another improvised explosive device. He had also tested positive for explosives residue.

Others in the group include Nek Mohammad — who the U.S. says was captured with extensive weapons — and a man identified as Ehsanullah, who is claimed to have been biometrically matched to a roadside bomb and who tested positive for explosives residue…

All of this is just further proof that Mr. Karzai is intending to switch sides as soon as we leave. If he was ever on our side.

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No Responses to “Karzai Releases 65 More Terrorists From Prison”

  1. canary says:

    Karzai went into living in the Parwan Prison when it became inevitable he would be assassinated.

    Prior, he spent his time safely traveling to countries around the world to sell that gigantic jackpot of
    precious stones and metals to countries like China and India. Let’s hope they didn’t give a down payment because the Taliban and Islamic extremists will tear their heads off and live in poverty rather than deal with unbelievers.

    With Egypt’s second revolution and the trials starting on Morsi and his administration, many more names than just the US will be dropped that abetted al-Qaeda.

    Wish we could lay bet’s but I’ll bet Kazai put on a big show in the prison that he and he alone
    was taking credit for releasing them.

    Surely, it was not the USA going back on a promise to offer Karzai refugee status in the US., but the way our own US leadership behaved liked traitors and allowed the sob to visit the war torn US Soldiers at Ft. Campbell and rebuke the U.S. Troops and then visit their sacred Military Cemetery it would not surprise me if he was made the offer at some point.

    Karzai is just having more difficulty in getting around and making a fortune of money off the war.
    Come a day the world will see the greedy bastard beheaded along with women and children in a crowded arena so Afghanistan can once again attended their most joyous religious ritual.

    We are not out of the woods yet, as far as Karzai not being allowed refugee status in the US.

    Who knows. The release of the most murderous Afghans may have been on Obama’s orders so he can follow them and drop some drones. Except if they go to Libya. He only dropped drones in Libya without Congressional approval on his allahfather Gaddafi who pleaded and pleaded to Obama to save him, as he thought their bond was as father and son. Gaddafi underestimated his allahson had to die a Martyr so that Libya could allow the spreading of al-Qaeda.

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