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Karzai To Name Panel To Deal With Taliban

From a joyous Associated Press:

Karzai to name panel for talks with insurgents

By Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press Writer
September 4, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan – In a further step toward reconciling with insurgents, President Hamid Karzai said Saturday he will soon name the members of a council tasked with pursuing peace talks with rebels willing to break with al-Qaida and recognize the government in Kabul…

The formation of the High Peace Council was approved in June at a national peace conference in Kabul and Karzai’s statement that its membership would be announced next week marks a "significant step toward peace talks," according to a statement issued by Karzai’s office.

It said members will include former Taliban, jihadi leaders, leading figures in Afghan society and women, but gave no other details. They will be prepared to negotiate with insurgents who renounce violence, honor the Afghan constitution, and sever ties with terrorist networks.

Let’s hope they make them cross their hearts and spit, when they promise.

The Taliban have so far rejected peace talks while foreign troops remain in the country. Talks held in Kabul and the Maldives with an insurgent group led by ex-Prime Minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar produced no breakthrough.

Still, Karzai hopes the reconciliation process will help render a split in the Taliban between its hardcore members — who have shown no appetite for compromise — and those willing to consider abandoning the insurgency…

Both Messrs Karzai and Obama are trying to give Afghanistan back to the terrorists as quickly as they can.

And it’s only the Taliban’s mindless truculence that is stopping them.

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5 Responses to “Karzai To Name Panel To Deal With Taliban”

  1. Mithrandir says:


    Let’s see if I understand history well enough……

    1. People have no faith in corrupt gov’ts. ✓

    2. People HATE centralized gov’t. ✓

    3. People desire to be self-ruled. ✓

    4. The U.S. glorified gambling financial system has shown to be a failure. ✓

    5. U.S. “justice” systems have proven to be a complete failure. ✓

    ~Yet, somehow we expect Karzai and our gov’t to coax gun-totting, self-ruled, decentralized tribes, into compliance?

    Check back in 10 years, NO, 3 ~ 5 years and see if Afghanistan is any different as it is now.

  2. JohnnyT says:

    When a President can’t or won’t lead he forms a council, leaves the heavy lifting and appeasement to others.
    I agree Afghanistan is a waste of American Time, Money, and our Soldiers lives. We should leave or set up a base where when the Taliban and Islamic radicals reconvene we can eliminate that threat or those terrorist training camps. Nothing will ever change in that God Forsaken hell hole.

  3. proreason says:

    Some things are easy to predict.

    1. Karzai will abdicate of be killed soon
    2. Afganistan will revert to its medieval culture soon
    3. The Taliban will run wild

    God bless Petraeus, but he can’t overule even a criminal President.

    The only hope for Afghanistan and Karzai is that they can someohow hang on until Jan 21, 2012.

    I’m afraid they won’t be able to, and I’m grieving in advance for the 1,000+ american heroes who will die in vain between now and then.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Mith, excellent.

    Now, let’s get down to the bare bedrock of Truth.

    Afghanistan is not about al-Queda, the Taliban or client states, or even an axis of evil that supports Islamic/Communist terror although it is all of those, too. That’s like labeling an apple the whole plant. The whole plant is the limbs, bark, tree and it’s roots and the earth it grows in. The apple is just the result of all that.

    Which in Afghanistan is …. opium.

    Everything going on there is about the war between factions among our Northeastern scion ‘families’ for control of Opium and its mind boggling profits.

    Nothing more. Nothing less. Because … taking off from Mithrandir’s excellent and spot on observations …. ‘governments’ (arguably the most cancerous and lethal of all Man’s inventions) DO NOT CARE ONE WHIT ABOUT YOU, ME OR ANYONE BUT ITSELF. GOVERNMENT DOES … NOT …. CARE.

    To imagine we’re over there for ‘humanitarian’ reasons or to spread the good cause of AMERICANISM is to buy into the Cover Stories. Yes, yes, yes …. the men and women of our fantastic military are doing God’s Work to help people there caught up in this titanic struggle (which was the poison pill that eventually killed the Soviet Empire). God, yes I truly enjoy the body count of our enemies. Yes yes yes …. no one denies our military is out to eradicate as many bad guys as we can and stabilize this place.

    BUT … it’s still about the one crop in the world with profits exceeding even Goldman Sachs.

    Do you really imagine the biggest political players AREN’T going to fight over spoils like that? Opium every year produces sales equalling the Pentagon’s budget for crying out loud. THAT … WILL … NEVER … BE … IGNORED. SOMEONE … WILL … GO … AFTER …IT.

    So …. political doublespeak being what it is (and Mith, you really should add ‘double-tongued’ to your list) Karzai’s trouble with corruption is cast in terms and language palatable to the masses while telegraphing the facts to those who can hear what he’s saying. His brother, after all, is a tribal drug warlord whose import facilitators are known to be in New Jersey right down to their street address.

  5. Right of the People says:

    Why don’t we just destroy all of their 21st century infrastructure (or even 19th or 20th century for that matter) and send them back to the stone age where they’ll be more comfortable then just leave? If these savages want to live in the 7th century then let’s accommodate them. All we are accomplishing is getting good men and women dead or wounded to no good effect.

    I’m tired of Afghanistan and all the crap that goes along with it. These people don’t want democratic self rule, they don’t want to control their own destiny, they’re happy living their miserable lives, being controlled by the Taliban or anyone else who comes along. There is no yearning for a better life like there was in Iraq, they are one step above cavemen. Bomb the poppy fields and take away their biggest cash crop and the Taliban and Al Qaeda’s funding.

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