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Katrina Relief $$ Spent On Buses For VFP

Some more on the Veterans For Peaceand their Katrina relief grift. Here they spell out how money donated to help hurricane victims has been spent on buses for their campaign to overthrow our elected government.

These are emails collected by one of our indefatigable researchers:

Cindy Sheehan and friend pose in front of the VFP’s Impeachment Tour bus

 From: "Margaret E. Hayes" <mehayestranslations@...
Date: Mon Oct 3, 2005 3:54 pm
Subject: Re: [campcaseyalumni] Re: Donations for hurricane victims-BUS
IDEA alegria78704
 Send Email 

Dear Gordon, If we find the right bus, and it meets these criteria,
what is the best next step? Do we call or email you or someone else? We
are already looking. Thanks SO MUCH for the information; it is very very
very helpful. I miss you and hope to see you soon and also haop you
come through Austin soon.

In solidarity,

Margaret Hayes

Margaret Hayes
PO Box 33063
Austin TX 78764

Bring the troops home!

From: Gordon Soderberg <  gordonsoderberg@mac.com 
To: "Margaret E. Hayes" <  mehayestranslations@hotmail.com 
CC:  beasaldivar@sbcglobal.net,  underhill@att.net,
 joker4penquin@charter.net,  twavatar@yahoo.com,
 campcaseyalumni@yahoogroups.com,  wolfishq@att.net,  signwares@yahoo.com 
Subject: Re: [campcaseyalumni] Re: Donations for hurricane victims-BUS
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 11:07:32 -0700
We are looking at a short bus with wheel chair ramp $5,000 great shape
VFP Katrina Fundhas approved paying for it. We are also looking for a
motor coach ( bus, motor home for the Impeachment tour. Pat Tate will be
returning to California with the oringinal bus. Dennis Kyne, Fred
Danforth, and Myself will be starting the impeachment tour again in October
from The Farm in Tennessee.

On Saturday, October 01, 2005, at 12:02PM, Margaret E. Hayes
<  mehayestranslations@hotmail.com   wrote:

<<Original Attached

Gordon Soderberg
Veterans For Peace
Chapter 22 and 56

Dear Beatriz,

I think you have a great point and there are lots of other offers for
buses coming in. Peace and keep up the good work. Beatriz, I never met
you personally at camp casey but I admire you a lot and am so sorry for
your loss.

In Peace,



From: Beatriz Saldivar <  beasaldivar@sbcglobal.net 
To:  underhill@att.net, Bill Mitchell <  joker4penquin@charter.net  , Owen
<  twavatar@yahoo.com  , Margaret <  mehayestranslations@hotmail.com  , Camp
Casey <  campcaseyalumni@yahoogroups.com 
CC: John Wolf <  wolfishq@att.net  , SignWares Company
<  signwares@yahoo.com 
Subject: Re: [campcaseyalumni] Re: Donations for hurricane victims-BUS
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 09:19:03 -0700 (PDT)


Jim is still at Washington D.C., 703-237-4296 (at his friends place).
He will be there probably until this weekend. I’m still trying to see
what we can do with the bus. We need the bus to stop this war, but we
also need to work together with other people. That is where I’m at
right now. We must re-group as we can’t afford to lose the momentum to
STOP this WAR.


Bea Saldivar 817-891-9011

 underhill@att.net  wrote:
Margaret and Owen and…

I have lost contact with Jim and the bus. I’m not sure what he is doing
now that the rally is over. Perhaps Beatriz Saldivar or Bill Mitchell
know Jim’s plans for the bus. DUnderhill 512-799-9379
————– Original message ———————-
From: Owen

 There’s one Greyhound-quality bus possibly
 available now, possibly more if needed. Dick
 Underhill has details.

 We (Owen & Carol Ware), thru our sign company,
 put the lettering & graphics onto an unofficial
 VfP bus at John Wolf’s company shop, then it went
 onward to Wash DC for the Sept 24th events. They
 also added some fairly comfortable bunks. I
 don’t know where it is now, but maybe Dick does.
 The graphics can be easily removed and changed.
 We have all the dimensions and could send
 replacements to wherever the bus is now.

 I also suggested the veggie-oil conversion to
 them, but of course there wasn’t time before the

 More buses are available.

 We also made the magnetic signs being used by the
 VfP in the current Louisiana/Mississippi relief
 efforts, and the 18′ and 5′ banners for the 3 RVs
 on Cindy’s ‘Bring Them Home Now’ Tour.

 Please keep us informed if you decide to pursue

 Best regards,

 Owen Ware

 P.S.: Dick — Carol & Heather went to Louisiana
 to do animal rescues!

 — Margaret

  There has been talk of buying a schoolbus and
  builidng 4 bunks on and
  donating it to Algiers. It could serve as
  housing for at least 8
  volunteers as well as a mobile clinic, kitchen
  or Wi-fi spot. Does
  anyone want to donate a diesel school bus?
  Also, wouldn’t it be great
  to convert it to run on vegetable oil as gas
  for generators/diesel for
  vehicles is very very hard to come by. How
  about a whole fleet? We can
  send a hurrican relief bus to every area on the
  gulf coast that needs
  it. Email me if you are as thrilled about this
  idea as I am. I am
  actually for once regretting not having a
  driver’s license! 

It’s a good idea for the VFP to use "magnetic signs" so they won’t have to cover up their paint jobs in the future. Like they are doing here when they were trying to convince people in Covington that they were with the Red Cross.

So was the bus Mother Sheehan and her entourage took to Washington paid for by Katrina relief donations? It sure sounds like it.

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