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VFP – $100K A Day From “Katrina Relief”

According to reports purportedly from Cindy Sheehan’s attorney, Buddy Spell, the Veterans For Peace collected $120,000 in just one day last week.

This information was posted just after Michael Moore personally vouched for the VFP’s fundraising push, but before Moore began to hype their efforts so vigorously on his website. (After he decided to make a movie about Katrina.)

So the current amounts being collected by Cindy’s sponsors, the VFP, are very likely even higher.

Spell’s report was posted on the message board, Political Switchboard which seems to share very close ties with Cindy and the VFP. It is mentioned after a serious of outrageous reports from Spell, which appear to have been invented to fuel the VFP’s fundraising efforts:

I finally got through 09-07-05 10:11pm, just got off the phone with Buddy!

[Buddy Spell] was updating me on conditions in and around Covington and believe me it doesn’t sound like we’re getting the whole story from the press…

It’s really incredible to imagine but it seems that the Covington National Guard [ sic ] wasforced to barricade themselves in their headquarters to guard against an angry mob of approximately 30 citizens.

According to Buddy the citizens were armed with handguns and were going after the guns in the armory. Buddy said that they would have pictures available in a few days of the National Guardsmen pointing guns out of the building at the civilians.

I have since spoken to the chief of police in Covington, Jerome DiFranco. He states that this story is categorically untrue. He says that nothing like this happened.

The saga continues:

Michael Moore may have mentioned this on his web page but it seems that when the "Veterans for Peace" came into town they started to set up Camp Casey on a vacant lot. The local police came to them and asked them if they could help out with an emergency.

They pulled up camp and went to another site where they have established a shelter for unwanted babies. They started with 2 but now have approx 12-14 babies, that where turned away from other shelters because they couldn’t accommodate them.

These men are saving lives. Folks there are so many questions to ask, I hope we have the courage to ask them, and the strenghth to act on the answers. This is a sad addition to our American Heritage.

I asked Chief DiFranco about this claim as well. He said it also never happened. That it is preposterous. And, of course it is. But still, some people will believe anything. Or at least pretend to.

Here is a follow-up remark from another member of that bulletin board:

This is SO touching, I hope they have some photos or videos of these Vets and the babies. You folks are HEROES, again!

To which came this reply:

Buddy said he hoped to be on line within 24 hrs, and they had lots of pictures to share.

It is now more than a week later, and we still have no pictures of the vets saving 14 unwanted babies. Probably because it never happened.

This technique has been the VFP’s modus operandi throughout. Make over-the-top claims about their heroic works, promise photographs to prove it, then never post the photos.

They have claimed to have fed thousands of people with their Camp Casey kitchens, and have yet to show a single photograph of this. Michael Moore even touts Camp Casey’s kitchens on the front page of his website. In fact, the VFP do not have a single kitchen down in Covington. They don’t even have a storage space.

They have their bus and their pup tents at the public campground.

We pick up the thread again:

[Buddy Spell] also want to let everyone know that whatever it is we’re doing it’s working because today the Vets for Peace web site collected $120,000..

btw they’ve renamed their home in Covington the "Peace House"

I can’t say that I blame them for renaming their house, with that kind of money rolling in every day.

Another poster chimes in:

Earlier today I talked with Mike, the guy working for the VfP bus website back in CA. He’s minding the PayPal account, too. The gigantic promotion by Michael Moore’s website and e-mail message made the donations to the VfP Bus site jump from around $15K to over $100K *overnight.*

With unintentional but exquisite irony, another poster there adds this:

It’s always cool to get real inside info from those on the site.

As far as your question about why does disasters bring out the evil in men, well I’d say for the most part bro…. those group of evil guys were already there and have banded together to take advantage of this situation…. empty homes and businesses, and vulnerable ppl to hurt and abuse. It’s the gang mentality.

This sort of a disaster was just what they have always dreamed of as to take over secyions of a city to rape and pillage just as they try to do at night when a city has it’s law dogs around. Katrina simply provided for them their biggest opportunities ever before in these gangs lives to pillage the entire city and take control of it where they can with the least resistance.

I can only hope that somehow most of them who has done harm can be caught and severely punished…. and if I were on foot patrol in the city, many of those gang members would not be of a tax burden on the ppl of this country for keeping them incarcerated. They are the true scum of this planet. Same same mentality as the BushCons, they just wear different hats.

Thanks for the report bro.

Of course in reality it is the Cindy and the VFP who have banded together to take advantage of this situation. It is the disaster they have always dreamed of. Katrina has simply provided them their biggest opportunity ever. These gangs live to pillage.

I, too, can only hope that somehow most of them who have done harm can be caught and severely punished. They are the true scum of this planet.

Cindy Sheehan and friend pose in front of the VFP’s Impeachment Tour bus

As noted elsewhere, the local authorities, the Louisiana Attorney General’s office, the Red Cross and probably others are investigating the VFP’s Katrina relief activities.

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