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Katrina Trailer Residents Face Eviction!

From a tear-stained Los Angeles Times:

Post-Katrina trailer residents fearful as eviction day looms

By Richard Fausset

May 6, 2009

Reporting from New Orleans — Belinda Jenkins was picking up her diabetes medication Tuesday afternoon, and worrying about being away from the trailer she has lived in since Hurricane Katrina trashed her house.

Jenkins, a disabled 53-year-old, is afraid the Federal Emergency Management Agency is scheming to take the flimsy box away. So she keeps a handwritten note taped to the door, asking officials to at least call her cellphone so she can come back and get her stuff.

"Thank you," the note reads. "Have a bless day."

FEMA may not be so sneaky about it, but it definitely has designs on the trailer. About 44 months after the storm, the agency is now ready to shut down the most expensive — and flawed — emergency housing program in its history.

Federal officials, who have postponed the trailer deadline numerous times, say they have finally arrived at May 30 as the firm date for emptying the 4,600 remaining FEMA trailers in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Jenkins and others recently received a letter from the agency stating that the trailer program technically ended May 1. The letter threatened legal action against residents if they are not out by the end of the month.

Even now, however, the program is proving difficult to end. Housing advocates say that many of those who remain in the trailers are among the Gulf Coast’s most vulnerable residents — the poor, the ill and the elderly. And they are worried the residents have few other options on a crippled post-storm landscape.

Last week, the co-chairs of the Louisiana Advocacy Coalition for the Homeless wrote to acting FEMA Administrator Nancy Ward, imploring her to extend the deadline to keep the residents from being thrown out on the streets.

Jenkins said she and her longtime boyfriend, a construction worker, can’t afford the rents that have soared in New Orleans since the storm. Inside the stripped and gutted house behind her FEMA trailer, she pointed out a bed frame that her boyfriend recently brought in. She said he’s been talking about sleeping there.

"I don’t have no plan right now," she said, sobbing. "I don’t know where I’m going to go." …

Belinda Jenkins said her household’s application for rebuilding money was held up because it was unclear who held the title to her boyfriend’s house.

A few minutes after returning with her prescription, Jenkins was met by a FEMA subcontractor’s employee, holding a clipboard.

"I’ve just come to check on the trailer — is it already vacant?" asked the worker, Joann Barrett.

"No," Jenkins responded. "And I’m so scared. . . . Please don’t let them take it."

Gosh, what heartbreak.

September 2005 seems like only yesterday, does it not?

Who could be expected to be back on their feet so soon?

About 44 months after the storm, the agency is now ready to shut down the most expensive — and flawed — emergency housing program in its history.

It surely has been the most expensive. But we are sure what we would call its flaws are not what the Los Angeles Times would consider flaws.

Even now, however, the program is proving difficult to end. Housing advocates say that many of those who remain in the trailers are among the Gulf Coast’s most vulnerable residents — the poor, the ill and the elderly.

The sob sister in our parable, Ms. Jenkins is neither elderly nor ill – apart from her diabetes.

She doesn’t seem to have any disability besides being overweight. And what exactly is wrong with her “boyfriend”?

Why should they be given free housing for life?

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, May 6th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

42 Responses to “Katrina Trailer Residents Face Eviction!”

  1. MinnesotaRush says:

    Wasn’t it Reagan who said, “the closest thing to eternity here on Earth is a government program”.

    Goodness .. we shouldn’t hurry these people along now should we???

    And of course, there’s no “milking” of the programs .. is there?!?!

    “Belinda Jenkins said her household’s application for rebuilding money was held up because it was unclear who held the title to her boyfriend’s house.”


    • jrmcdonald says:

      Come on Minnesota! Think of the goodwill all of your charity has bought! I bet if you went into any getto today, people would line up to thank you for your support!

  2. UndercoverInLA says:

    She won’t have to wait for long if John Conyers has his way — he’s introduced a bill asking for $8 million to establish a panel to study Reparations for African Americans. Visit http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h111-40 to read it for yourself…

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      They do that every year. It has a history of being shot down but they never give up and sooner or later, it’s gonna happen. That is the day I wave bye-bye to the shores of the US and go live elsewhere. If I can.

    • Snardius says:

      What…the $billions Obama sent to ACORN aren’t reparations?

    • proreason says:

      The whole loan-to-deadbeats program was reparatations.

      Plus there were some fantastic kickers for the reparations crowd.

      Millions of white Americans had their savings reduced by 50%, and millions of white Americans who foolishly had jobs, lost them.

    • jobeth says:

      Don’t you just love the idea of reparations? Sue those who did nothing to enrich those who suffered nothing.

  3. Let’s do some math.

    Katrina was in September 2005, so allowing 6 months to find a job, living rent-free for three years would mean (for us):

    $670/month in rent x 36 months rent-free = $24,210.00 NOT spent on housing. Seeing as the typical downpayment on a house is anywhere between 3-10% of the purchase price, you could easily get a decent house for $24,210 OR put a deposit and first month’s rent on an apartment, pay for movers/furniture and still have money left to save or pay off a little more debt.

    Just saying. I’ll gladly live on the government’s graces for three years and never ask for another darned thing.

    • jobeth says:

      There you go again EnglishQueen…using logic and common sense! What’s the matter with you?

      What about the “Gulf Coast’s most vulnerable residents — the poor, the ill and the elderly” and too lazy for words people who “feel” oh so lost and betrayed..and haven’t had the “time’ to catch up with the rest of the world. (extreme sarcasm now off)

      Maybe some of these freeloaders should take a look at Greensburg, Kansas. Not to mention the many other disaster sites who get out and actually do something for themselves.

      What a concept! Ummm…do something for themselves. Naw…won’t happen! Lord,this woman can’t even clean up the table in her free housing!

      How much you wanna bet she takes the fridge, stove and anything else she can manage with her when/IF the Feds get her out of there!.

    • Yeah, what’s wrong with me?

  4. retire05 says:

    Perhaps Ms. Jenkins should bid on one of the thousands of FEMA trailers sitting in a field in Purvis, Ms. There are new ones, used ones, and of course, ones that were destroyed by the people we taxpayers allowed to live in some of them. And when I mean destroyed, I mean no toilets left, no sinks, no refrigeratiors, stoves, sofas, bed, etc. The trailers were gutted.

    So almost four years later, this woman, who seemed to have no problem buying the TV sitting on the table, still wants a free ride. Why am I not surprised.

    Meanwhile, those who worked all their lives to put money into an IRA so they would not be a burden on society have been basically wiped out. Who is crying for them? Certainly not the current administration that seems to be the most anti-business president we have had since FDR.

    • caligirl9 says:

      She’s got a better television than I do! Mine’s 20 years old, and I pray it keeps working. For some reason I can’t seem to afford a new one, ’cause I prefer to pay my rent, student loans, utilities and eat.

      Those “victims” are hoping Katrina V2.0 comes through again this hurricane season. Excuses, excuses.

  5. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    This is because FEMA and the Obama adminsitration are just a bunch of racists. I can just here Mr. West now….”Obama doesn’t care about black people…”

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Wait a minute, it was the evil and nasty Bush who wanted to kick everybody out!! Under Oblobbo this can’t possibly be happening!!! Say it ain’t so. Giver her the damned trailer. Actually, in many ways, that would be justice of a sort. Let her live out her days in that POS flimsy thing and when a tornado comes along and returns it to the soil from whence it came, hopefully she can ride along. After all, she’s ridden along every step of the way so far.

    • imnewatthis says:

      “..when a tornado coms along and returns it to the soil from whence it came..”
      Very funny, although it would have to be a strong tornado to lift HER off the ground.
      Boy, the articles I read on this site sure make it hard to feel Christian charity.
      You know, where I work, a lot of us have kids, work double shifts, work crazy hours, drive through snowstorms to get to work, and sometimes get injured at work. And some of my coworkers are overweight and some are diabetic. But they manage to support themselves.

  7. curvyred says:

    Proof positive that the plight of these people had nothing to do with Bush.

    They are raised and subsidized on the government – it will only get worse with the pied piper in chief.

  8. Petronius says:

    Haven’t these heartless bureaucrats at FEMA heard about the new Anti-Greed Act? At a time like ours, with the country falling apart, with the mob driven by hunger and blind desperation to the edge of open riots and violence against AIG executives, Miss California, veterans, bankers, employers, and other enemies of the State, it is vitally important that these trailer programs, cellphone programs, prescription drug programs, and other humanitarian programs be fully funded and that the working poor like Belinda and her boyfriend be given more elbow room at the public trough and that there be no criticism of anything at any time.

    • Snardius says:

      I’m relieved that you have the courage to state the true direction to which our beloved country is being lead by our Supreme Leader Obamesssiah…

    • Petronius says:

      Thanks Snardius, but I can’t take credit. This (or words to the same effect) was first said by Dr. Floyd Ferris in “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.

  9. Paging Henrietta Hughes to the White House courtesy phone. Henrietta Hughes to the White House courtesy phone…

  10. jobeth says:

    “I don’t have no plan right now,” she said, sobbing. “I don’t know where I’m going to go.” …

    And who could have expected her to? Its only been 44 months for Pete’s sake! Grrrrr!

    What I could have done with 44 months of no rent payements…even if they were less than now…Stupid woman!

    “Belinda Jenkins said her household’s application for rebuilding money was held up because it was unclear who held the title to her boyfriend’s house.” Were they not paying the mortgage?…

    Let me get this straight….”her” household’s application for rebuilding a house that was “maybe…maybe not” in her boyfriend’s name.
    Shouldn’t that be HIS application for his “maybe…maybe not” home? What’s he been doing all this time? He’s surely not working.

    • curvyred says:

      She probably has had “no plans” quite often in her life.

      When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      What does she mean she has no plan!?!? Her “plan” is to lie, cheat, steal, and/or manipulate every give away program she can find!

      I think she meant to say .. “The free sh_t ain’t comin’ thru fast enough for all I want!!!”

      Has no plan. Yeah righhhht! Every one of these “handout bloodsuckers” has a plan. To get as much “free cheese” (so to speak) as they can, as often as they can!

      We desperately need to turn the spigot off!

      “Give a man a fish .. he’ll eat today; teach him how to fish ….”

      These gimmee, gimmee babies got plenty of worms .. just sayin’.

  11. BillK says:

    If you follow the left’s logic, it’s because the Corps of Engineers was responsible for the levees, and the floodwaters undermined the levees, so it’s the Government’s fault they lost their old homes, and so the Government must give them new ones.


    • JustinAC says:

      You can’t blame the Corps. For 40 years, they warned Congress that a Katrina sized storm would destroy the levees.

    • Barbie says:

      And did not Congress earmark money for levee improvement/reinforcement? Yet the state/local government took that money and used it for other programs. Perhaps I’m wrong but I don’t think so – That’s how I understand it. Don’t blame the Corps. Blame the locals gov’t who siphoned off the bucks for other things.

  12. beautyofreason says:

    “Jenkins said she and her longtime boyfriend, a construction worker, can’t afford the rents that have soared in New Orleans since the storm.”

    Yeah, because why pay for something when you can mooch off the government for free? It doesn’t get better than free. And we’re buying the lunch. Many lunches, considering the size of her television and derriere.

    Four years. Get off the lazy butt, find a relative or a job or even a roommate to share a space and lower housing costs, if price is such a concern. No other hurricane victims in recent memory have been so eager to leech resources so long.

  13. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Hey Ms. Jenkins, I don’t care what happens to you. You can die tomorrow and I won’t shed a single tear for you or any of the other freeloading New Orleans human trash. Every single one of you are worthless and should have been left to drown when Katrina struck. Sorry if this offends the Christians here, but I’m way past caring or wishing well for these scum***s

  14. heykev says:

    I believe the best thing should have been to give every family whose a “victim” of Katerina $500k.

    Tell them they must use at least 1/2 of that to purchase a home (paid for in full) anywhere in the USA. Would have ultimately have cost us much less than this housing debacle Additionally, it would have provided home ownership for many for the first time.

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      “Additionally, it would have provided home ownership for many for the first time.”

      Yes and an immediate reduction in property values for everyone unfortunate enough to have these scum***s choose their neighborhood.

    • jobeth says:

      Heykev…Sorry I’d have to disagree with you. After they blow through the remaining 250k by smoking it up or shooting it up or whoring it up….they will sell the,by then delapidated house, and continue to live it up with what they get from that.

      Should last about 6mos. My or my how “fine” they will look in their flashy duds and shiny new cars with the shiny hubs…

      Guess what… once it all gone you’ll see them once again complaining they “ain’t got nuthin” and no body will hep’em.

      No…no matter what you give this crowd they will burn through it faster than Obalmy is burning through our taxes now.

    • catie says:

      HeyKev, remember when they gave them a 5K debit card to use? They were out at Louis Vuitton, stripbars and other various places spending that “emergency” money. In theory it sounds like a great idea but do you honestly think these people would keep the house up? In NW Indiana there is a neighborhood called Briar Ridge that my old neighbors moved into when it was first built in the late 80’s-early 90’s. The houses there went for about 1 million and more. Some Bulls player moved in across the way from them and within 2 years that home was a disaster and they and their immediate neighbors lost big time until they finally got this guy out of there (of course he said they were all racist even though there was a black couple in the suit as well) and he was a “professional” athlete.
      Unfortunately these people have been raised on the dole and raise their families on the dole and they expect Uncle Sam to help them out at every turn. I’m sure there is a small percentage that would have worked for but not the majority.

  15. Liberals Demise says:


    Had nothing before…….has nothing now…….will have nothing later……..unless we give it to them!!
    44 months rent free?
    44 months of entitlements?
    I’ll bet the President is a Communist that the boyfriend drives a fancy car w/ $2,000.00 wheels and rims. Probably sells drugs and has another main squeeze somewhere else in Free Trailer Park Heights!!

    As for Reparations to the African hyphenated Americans…….LBJ started this Great Society in ’65 and we’ve been looted ever since.
    Always something for nothing!!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yup, And meanwhile, while the realists balk at this activity, a larger, less-intelligent sector of the public is in touch with their “emotional center” and having a bleeding heart moment. Those of us brought up with examples and lessons of accountability, responsibility, the rule of consequence, etc, cannot, will not Sam-I-Am, even begin to understand.

      Personally, as a diabetic….it’s a pretty lame excuse. Sure, I’ve had my problems with it. Even faced off with a state trooper who was a moron and who wanted to write me for DUI until the doctor got in his face. Even then I felt pretty bad about it.

      But it all comes down to personal responsibility. In my case, I had an undiagnosed complication that caused my blood sugar to plummet…it was sudden and resulted in me passing out. I have taken steps to correct that problem.

      But in the case of Ms Jenkins, I couldn’t care less. Like has been said, I would shed no tears to find that she’s on the street with “no plan” because…she has never contributed to society, save perhaps to spit out at least three or four more burdens on society, if that’s “contributing”.

      I’m afraid my limits of sympathy for her expired a long time ago and probably long before Katrina. Indeed, it is astounding that that particular natural disaster is STILL brought up to this day as if it happened yesterday, if not last night. No amount of snappy catch-phrases, new-speak jingoism or guilt-laden speech will make me care any more than I do right now, which is–not at all.

      I was living in Houston when it happened. They came…and they came and the homicide rate there went up briefly by double. Break-ins, carjackings…etc…all up across the board. There is a certain amount of social darwinism that applies. Handouts only work if they have a definite end period and even then, they are limited in their effectiveness….to the extent that usually less than 1% use them while also trying to help themselves.

      What I would PREFER to read are stories about how a family or individual, affected by Katrina, was able to take advantage of the federal help, then got their ducks in a row and today are doing well, contributing to society and back on track with their career or starting college, or what-have-you.

      But no. You will only see the stories in the news and the paper about how “society unfairly treats the poor”.

      Well, again, as I’ve already said. The logic disconnect is complete and the evaluation as to why people are poor is never examined anymore. Why? Because the answers are startlingly illuminating. Sure, I could be poor too. I wanted something better, so I did something about it.

      Otherwise, I could be living on the people’s dime in a trailer in N’awlins too…wif my TeeBee set and my’s meds paid fo’.

      I just can’t tolerate it though. I could never look at myself in the mirror. N’umsayn?

    • jobeth says:

      Rusty, that was a really good comment.

      People don’t make changes in their life style until they are uncomfortable enough that it forces them to do so.
      That’s across the board, even those of us that try to live a productive life.

      Think about all the positive changes you have made in your life where you first found yourself uncomfortable enough to make the changes needed.

      So if we keep these freeloaders “comfortable”…we’ll never get them off our backs. I say we make them as miserable as possible. It is the only thing they will understand…well maybe…probably not though.

  16. Barbie says:

    Are not the FEMA trailers rife with the ‘toxic chemical’ formaldehyde? It’s suppose to be very unpleasant causing lots of discomfort. So much so that the ambulance chasing lawyers are lining up to sue the government (read – more taxpayers get the shaft) for housing ‘unfortunates’ like Ms. Jenkins in these toxic chemical-infested tin cans (this includes mobile homes). Rest assured it’s legit, the air testing was conducted by the reliable and honest and ‘agenda free’ Sierra Club..

    If you think I’m off base, do a search under Fema, toxic chemicals, lawsuits. Perhaps Ms. Jenkins does not want to leave until she has secured legal representation…

    So not only is the evil George Bush heartless toward Katrina victims, he placed them in temporary (not so temporary, apparently) shelters rife with chemical toxins and the taxpayer gets to pay for the trailers and now gets to pay for the lawsuits that will be forthcoming. When do the taxpayers get to sue to recover their tax money that’s been frivolously given out to (what appears to be) opportunists?

  17. wardmama4 says:

    Perhaps the problem with Mr. Boyfriend’s -‘unclear who held the title to her boyfriend’s house’- is that it is Section 8 housing, meaning that the entity who owns it would rather take the money and run – rather than investing the money to rebuild it – and be forced to take a certain payment to house ungrateful people like these two forever.

    Of course these lifetime entitlement moochers just can’t grasp that the projects won’t be rebuilt as even Uncle Sugar (or his local cousin, Mayor Chocolate City) don’t want to encourage the moochers when they can have a full city of taxpaying citizens to fund their agendas retirements.

    Of course the ‘compassionate’ Liberals who 1) scam off a % of all donations collected when this ‘disaster’ happened, 2) even as they continue to blame the ‘Bush’ government for this situation, got tired of donating, volunteering and assisting these perpetual whiners and 3) feel much better and more righteous when they guilt the rest of America while attempting to make taxpayers give even more to these entitlement junkies. Who cares anymore?

  18. take_no_prisoners says:

    Holy Cow!!
    Forget the T.V. Look at the size of that refrigerator. I would be surprised if that came as standard equipment in a FEMA trailor. It looks to be about the same size as my refrigerator. Who’s paying what to stock this large refrig/freezer combo?

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