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Ellison (D-AQ) Wants To Ban Voter Photo ID

From those champions of voter fraud at the Associated Press:

Keith Ellison (right) poses with the group “Impeach For Peace” prior to a May Day parade.

Ellison wants to ban photo ID as requirement for voting


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Requiring photo IDs to vote in federal elections would be banned under legislation introduced Wednesday by Rep. Keith Ellison, who said such requirements disenfranchise minorities, the poor, women, elderly and young people.

“While photo IDs seem harmless, they are in fact the modern day poll tax,” Ellison, D-Minn., said in a statement.

Ellison, who serves on the Judiciary Committee, got an important backer for the bill, as the panel’s chairman, Michigan Democrat John Conyers, signed on a co-sponsor

Ellison noted that people do not need a photo ID to vote in Minnesota…

Yes, it was a brilliant idea to send a Louis Farrakhan Nation Of Islam acolyte to the US Congress.

Thanks again, Minnesota.

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