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Kenyan Muslims Angry Over Obama Photo

From the inimitable New York Post:


By GEOFF EARLE Post Correspondent

February 29, 2008 — WASHINGTON – Angry tribal elders in Kenya are calling on Hillary Rodham Clinton to “clear her name” over any involvement in publication of photos of Barack Obama wearing a turban and African garb on a trip to his ancestral homeland.

The leaders are planning a protest in their community today, and are turning up the heat on the US government over the incident.

The photos appeared nationwide after they were published earlier this week on the Drudge Report Web site with a report that they had been circulated by Clinton staffers.

Obama aides blasted the Clinton campaign for “shameful, offensive fear-mongering.”

The pictures show Obama wearing traditional Somalian garb on a 2006 visit to the Wajir region of Kenya, where his late father was born.

The US government must apologize to us as a clan and the old man,” Mohamed Ibrahim told Reuters, referring to a highly respected tribal elder who is also shown in the photos.

“We have been offended, and we cannot afford to just watch and stay silent.”

He also said it was essential that Clinton “clear her name.”

The Drudge Report said the photos had been forwarded by a Clinton staffer with an e-mail that said, “Wouldn’t we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton]?” …

The photo showed Obama wearing a turban and being outfitted in other traditional clothing alongside Sheik Mohamed Hassan.

“He [Hassan] was the right person to perform any such activity like dressing a visitor like Obama with traditional Somali clothes,” Mukhtar Sheik Nur, another leader, told Reuters.

The elders said if they did not get an apology, they would demand the expulsion of US troops based near the town of Garissa in their region

This is hilarious, but also sobering.

Anyone who has been following this site knows exactly where Mr. Obama’s ‘Muslim garb’ photo came from and how it came into the public discourse.

And yet we have seen the torrent of misinformation, disinformation and preposterous propagandizing about the photo and why it was posted.

It should be a very troubling lesson for all of us about our watchdog media.

By the way, ask yourself what all of the gentlemen mentioned in the story — Mohamed Ibrahim, Sheik Mohamed Hassan, Mukhtar Sheik Nur — have in common?

Why, yes, they are all Muslims. (Which indeed is also true of the “Somalian garb” of any “Somali elders,” since Somalia is 100% Muslim.)

So why are these Muslim worthies so highly offended at this outfit being (accurately) described as ‘Muslim garb’? Are they Islamophobes?

Also note that the New York Post is using another photo from the historic August 2006 event from another source (EPA) besides the Associated Press.

So it wasn’t just the AP who were covering up for ‘he who cannot be named.’

What else is being hidden from us by our media guardians?

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