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Kerry: Accept Deal Or Dollar Won’t Be Reserve Currency

They are really pulling out all the stops. We have to allow Iran to get the bomb or the US dollar won’t be the reserve currency for the world any longer.

From an unquestioning Associated Press:

Kerry, top Democratic senator spar on Iran deal, sanctions


WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry sparred Tuesday with the lone Democratic senator to publicly oppose last month’s historic Iran nuclear deal, saying there was no way the U.S. could prevent American allies from doing business with Tehran if Congress were to reject the agreement.

In other words, Obama’s Iran deal was intended to be presented to Congress as a fait accompli all along. And the promise of Congressional input and the ‘Corker’ compromise back in April were just window dressing for the rubes.

Speaking across town in New York, Sen. Chuck Schumer disagreed and suggested Washington still could force the world into isolating the Iranians until they make deeper nuclear concessions. The dispute goes to the heart of the questions that American lawmakers are considering as they prepare to vote on the nuclear accord.

Oddly enough, we never hear one more thing from Sen. Schumer in the rest of this article. Why is that?

If they were to shelve the deal — and override an expected presidential veto — they could severely complicate the Obama administration’s ability to honor its commitments to roll back economic sanctions on Iran

Tough luck. That’s what Obama gets for making such commitments without any consensus from Congress.

Now that the pact has been finalized, Kerry said such a heavy-handed approach was an option no longer. "Are you kidding me?" he asked the crowd. "The United States is going to start sanctioning our allies and their banks and their businesses because we walked away from a deal?" …

Our ‘allies’ like Russia and China.

He said that European governments could walk away from the U.S.-led sanctions strategy against Russia, that the United States and Israel would have no support for military action against Iran, if such action were necessary, and that the U.S. dollar would lose its status as the reserve currency of the world…

Sheesh, they are really pulling out all the stops, aren’t they? We have to allow Iran to get the bomb or the US dollar won’t be the reserve currency for the world any longer.

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