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Student Questioner Tasered At Kerry Q & A

From YouTube:

University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry forum

And the on the scene report from a clearly amused Washington Post:

Florida Student Is Shocked at Kerry Forum

Police Taser Andrew Meyer, But He Keeps Talking

In the latest sign of the risks of asking questions of politicians, police tasered a University of Florida student yesterday in Gainesville at a town hall meeting run amok.

Andrew Meyer, a senior in journalism and communications, was questioning Sen. John Kerry about why he didn’t contest the results of the 2004 election. When his diatribe on secret societies, Iran and a mysterious “yellow book” ran over the one-minute mark, his microphone was cut off. Unconcerned with this violation of civilized Q&A decorum, the 21-year-old Meyer continued to speak, sarcastically thanking the organizers for cutting of [sic] his microphone.

Officers approached him several times to wrap it up, but he declined. University Police then proceeded to remove him from the auditorium.

Before his Miranda rights had even been read, the outspoken student asked loudly, “What are you doing? I want to stand and listen to him answer my question. Why are you arresting me for asking a question? I didn’t do anything.” The six officers then grabbed ahold of his shirt, pulled him to the ground and cuffed him.

Throughout this disturbing display, Kerry remained stoically focused on answering the young man’s questions (the ones to him, not the ones he asked the police). Even as Meyer’s shrieks grew in urgency, the Massachusetts senator reflected calmly on the importance of not contesting the results of the 2004 election.

Kerry’s voice, however, was no match for Meyer’s, who despite not having a mic continued to hog the audience’s attention with such glib catch phrases as: “Help me! Help!” and “What are you doing! Get off of me! Don’t Taser me, bro! Oh my God! OH MY GOD!”

Rather than cheer the police officer’s successful apprehension however, a number of students appeared displeased by the efficiency. One even went so far as to say he was “appalled.” Shouts of “police brutality” could be heard from the crowd while Kerry urged the audience to “cool down” and acknowledged that Meyer had raised a genuinely important question, (referring to the 2004 election query). Last evening Meyer was charged with a third-degree felony for resisting arrest with violence, according to reports.

And to think it all started because his question ran over the one-minute time limit. Journalists beware: The next time you find yourself on the University of Florida campus with some questions, be concise.

And check out the caption the Washington Post ran with this photo:

Free speech gone wild.

Also note that the former professional protester, Mr. Kerry, did nothing.

He just continued his blathering — as usual.

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