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Kerry Stooge Brinkley Calls Ray Nagin A Coward

I’m torn about this. Needless to say Ray Nagin is an incompetent buffoon and a liar. But this clearly is a hit piece written by the notorious "historian"-for-hire hack, Douglas Brinkley.

Brinkley, you will recall, whored himself shamelessly to promote John Kerry during his Presidential bid.

From the New York Daily News:

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Douglas Brinkley and another hireling infamous for his hagiographies and propaganda.

When Nagin lost it

New book calls him a coward


A new book about the Katrina catastrophe paints a portrait of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as a clueless, collapsing coward who hid out after the hurricane in a high-rise hotel – and had to be rousted out of Air Force One’s bathroom.

While Tulane University historian Douglas Brinkley is generous with his entertainingly unflattering descriptions, he reserves his greatest disdain for Nagin and largely praises Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, who cooperated with the author.

Nagin brushed off the book, but told The Times-Picayune of New Orleans that no "credible" historian would publish such "a political hit" just days before the Big Easy’s May 20 mayoral runoff election. Several of the most damning anecdotes are sourced to an aide who is now running against Nagin.

In excerpts published yesterday in Vanity Fair, Brinkley describes Nagin as spending most of the week after the storm holed up on the 27th floor of the Hyatt Hotel, looking down on the misery of the Superdome.

With all power out, visitors had to climb the stairs if they wanted to talk with him. Brinkley also describes the mayor scurrying to the roof when a cop warned that rabble-rousers were leading a mob to the hotel from the Superdome.

The book contains at least two scenes in which Nagin is described as hiding in bathrooms. One came after his famously emotional call to a local radio station, when he gave voice to the city’s rage by demanding federal officials "get off your asses."

Nagin broke down crying after the call and spent 20 minutes in the bathroom "rearranging knickknacks and toiletries," Brinkley recounts.

In another, Nagin boards Air Force One for a meeting with President Bush and Blanco and is offered a shower while waiting for Bush.

"Like a teenager, Nagin just wouldn’t get out of the bathroom," Brinkley writes, saying the mayor wanted to shave his head for a photo op. Aides tried to hurry him, and finally a Secret Service agent kicked the door and ordered him out, Brinkley says.

Nagin also is attacked for leaving New Orleans for Dallas a week after the storm. New Orleans police even put up mocking signs at the department’s makeshift headquarters.

Of course all or none of these anecdotes might be true. I wouldn’t put any of them past Nagin. But it is just as likely they are made up, like so many of Brinkley’s anecdotes about Kerry. For Brinkley is not an historian, he is a propagandist.

Remember that the last we heard from Mr. Brinkley, he was promising to publish definitive proof that Kerry had been in Cambodia after all.

Indeed, Brinkley was to going to show how Kerry was ferrying CIA agents behind the lines in January 1969. A date conveniently after Nixon’s inaugural but still close enough to Christmas.

Of course Brinkley never produced any such thing. Which is too bad, because it would have been hilarious.

So take this latest work with a levee of salt. The author is a liar for hire.

The only real question is which candidate paid him?

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