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Kerry Ops Drop Lawsuits Against Documentary

From the deeply disappointed reporters at the DNC’s Associated Press:

Vets drop suit over anti-Kerry film

By MARYCLAIRE DALE, Associated Press Writer

Three Vietnam War veterans who sued over a documentary about Sen. John Kerry’s anti-war activities have dropped their lawsuits, leaving just one court fight pending over the 2004 film.

Filmmaker Carlton Sherwood says the withdrawal of the lawsuits shows they were frivolous complaints filed by Kerry operatives to try to block the film’s release in the final weeks of the presidential race.

"We’ve always believed that Kerry controlled these lawsuits," Sherwood said Monday.

The 42-minute film, "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal," charges that Kerry’s actions as an anti-war activist after his tour in Vietnam harmed American POWs. It also questions the veracity of reports by some veterans about U.S. atrocities.

Sherwood continues to press his defamation suit against Kerry and campaign aide John Podesta, which charges they conspired to block the film’s release by labeling him a "disgraced journalist" and "Bush hack." The Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. canceled plans to air the full documentary on its stations before the November 2004 election.

Lawyers for Kerry and Podesta have asked a judge to toss Sherwood’s suit, arguing their actions were protected political speech.

One of the veterans who dropped his suit against Sherwood said depositions in the case threatened to take an unfair toll on family and friends. Kenneth Campbell, a University of Delaware professor who has taught a course on the Vietnam War, said he still believes the film maligns him.

"They used my image and voice from an old film to go after Kerry. I thought they painted me as a fraud," Campbell said.

Two other veterans also dropped their lawsuits, according to Sherwood’s lawyer, Robert C. Clothier. The Legal Intelligencer of Philadelphia first reported that the suits had been withdrawn.

Notice how they waited until the nation was focused on other news to do this, too.

John Kerry is a fraud at every level. And so are most of his "friends."

The AP’s article fails to note that one of the complainant, Kenneth Campbell, who claimed that the film “made him look like a liar, a fraud and a fabricator” isn’t even mentioned in the piece. (His image is shown in passing, but without any mention of his name or anything else about him.)

Here is a brief excerpt of Professor Campbell’s testimony before the Winter Soldier Investigation:

CAMPBELL. A particular way that the people I was with got rid of bodies was on Operation Meade River in November ’68. There were some mutilated bodies. The Engineers blew them with C-4. They put 40 pounds of C-4 underneath the bodies and blew them. This was done for kicks; not just to dispose of them, but for kicks, to watch them go up…

How could anyone make Campbell "look like a liar, a fraud, and a fabricator" with testimony like that?

Of course the real reason for this spurious lawsuit was to prevent the documentary from being broadcast on television before the elections. It succeeded in that. And now the lawsuit can be quietly dropped.

Clips from Stolen Honor can be viewed here.

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