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Kevin McCarthy Now Lone Contender To Replace Cantor

From Reuters:

Kevin McCarthy lone contender for U.S. House No. 2 job after rivals quit race

By Susan Cornwell and David Lawder | June 12, 2014

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – California lawmaker Kevin McCarthy emerged as the sole contender in the Republican contest to fill one of the top positions in the U.S. Congress after two candidates dropped out on Thursday, but some lawmakers said McCarthy was not conservative enough and hoped others would jump in the race…

Representative Pete Sessions of Texas, who chairs the House Rules Committee, dropped out of the race to replace Cantor on Thursday evening, saying that to continue running "would have created unnecessary and painful division within our party." …

Both McCarthy and Sessions are seen as mainstream conservatives and allies of House Speaker John Boehner, leading to some grumbling from the party’s right flank that leaders were moving too quickly to keep one of their candidates from running an effective campaign.

Yes, what exactly is the rush? Is there going to be a leadership vacuum?

"We don’t have the lineup of conservative, rule-of-law candidates in place. So we’re asking for a delay in this vote, so that there’s time for the conference to come to its senses and evaluate all the opportunities we have going forward,” said Representative Steve King of Iowa, a conservative Tea Party favorite…

King and Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, another Tea Party favorite, both said they would not back any candidate who favored a path to citizenship – which they term "amnesty" – for immigrants who entered the United States illegally…

Brit Hume says that isn’t amnesty. That amnesty means pardon. And these illegals might have to pay a fine of up to $300 before they are given their citizenship. That is, unless they say they can’t afford that. But, anyway, it sure looks like the GOP leadership didn’t get the message from Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. (Just as we said they didn’t.)

And just because Kevin McCarthy is regularly attacked by amnesty supporters, don’t be fooled into thinking he is against amnesty. Amnesty supporters also attacked Cantor, even at his HQ on the night he lost the election. For the record, Mr. McCarthy represents a district that is 35% Hispanic. And it also is an area that relies on immigrants for picking crops. 

To his credit McCarthy joined the majority of his GOP colleagues last year to vote to cut off funding for an Obama administration program that halted deportation of young immigrants who are in high school or college or have served in the military. His three Central Valley GOP colleagues, Reps. Jeff Denham, David Valadao and Devin Nunes, all voted against the cutoff. -But, on the other hand, Kevin McCarthy is a cosponsor of a bill to provide legal status and a path to citizenship for immigrants who serve in the military. So, if McCarthy is a change from Cantor on immigration, it might even be for the worse.

But, in reality, probably the most important factor influencing McCarthy’s chances is that fact that he is sitting on one of the largest campaign-fund war chests of any House member. Reportedly it is around $3 million. And he could send some of that surplus to help out other Republican candidates in tough elections.]

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2 Responses to “Kevin McCarthy Now Lone Contender To Replace Cantor”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, that’s out of the frying pan and the fire straight into Spanish Flu territory

  2. canary says:

    I think all these raging fires are being started by illegals trumping through wood. They need to put their joints out better.

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