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Key Witness In Brown Shooting Has Warrant For Arrest

From Fox News:

Key eyewitness in Michael Brown shooting reportedly has warrant out for arrest

August 21, 2014

A key eyewitness in the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, whose death set off violent protests in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, reportedly has a warrant out for his arrest.

ABC17.com reported Wednesday that 22-year-old Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown when he was shot, has a warrant out for his arrest for stealing in Jefferson County, Missouri from 2011.

Johnson also was charged that same year with lying to police, the station reported.

This news surfaced in the local media on Wednesday. So why did it get so little coverage from the MSM? (That is a rhetorical question, of course. Once again, any news that might undercut the ‘gentle giant’ myth has been ignored.)

But this is pretty egregious journalistic malpractice, even by current standards. Since it would appear that Dorian Johnson has a record of lying to the police. And his testimony is the basis for all of the outrage.

WND.com reported that the court clerk for the Municipal Court of Jefferson City confirmed that Johnson had been arrested June 24, 2011 for allegedly stealing a parcel.

Johnson was also accused of lying about his identity and age. He was charged with larceny with an added count of false identification.

So Mr. Johnson might not be the most reliable of witnesses. But why report any of this information? It would only dampen the outrage.

Johnson was scheduled for trial on July 31, 2013 but did not show, according to the clerk…

Are we sure he isn’t an illegal alien?

Johnson’s attorney Freeman Bosley Jr. told WND.com that the situation regarding Johnson’s legal troubles has been taken care of, and has no impact on Johnson’s credibility in the Brown case…

Of course not. Why would it?

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3 Responses to “Key Witness In Brown Shooting Has Warrant For Arrest”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I’ve forgotten what Trumps is ..

  2. bousquem25 says:

    Lets see, the thug “eye witness” that claims the cop shot Michael Brown in the back while he was running away and trying to surrender. Now we find out that the guy has active arrest warrants and past charges for lying to the cops. I’d say his credibility as a witness just few out the window faster than superman.

    The lawyer for this upstanding citizen was on one of the evening talking head shows tonight and was getting huffy when the host kept correcting him. There is a big difference between getting shot in the back versus the back of the arm (allegedly, after a lot of wishful thinking of the autopsy report) but the lawyer was saying that there was no difference and his client couldn’t tell the difference. If the whole crap line of hands in the air and surrendering, how do you mistake getting hit in the triceps vs getting hit in the back. My neighbors 1st grader could tell you the difference. Me thinks that the witness is another thug trying to cover for his thug friend and is making the whole story up.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      The thug’s lawyer no doubt is also a thug. By that I mean, he hangs out in thug bars, has thug “friends” and gets paid with thug money.

      His lifestyle is borderline legal/illegal.

      Assumptions, I admit. But if you’ve ever met criminal defense attorneys, they are the shadiest of the shady.

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