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Keystone Pipeline Threatens The Pallid Sturgeon!

From the Politico:

Pipeline threatens vulnerable species, report says

By TALIA BUFORD | September 26, 2013

The Keystone XL pipeline could have devastating effects on at least a dozen threatened and endangered species and the habitats that lie in the project’s path, according to a new analysis from the Center for Biological Diversity.

Trans-Canada applied for a permit for the Keystone Pipeline extension exactly five years (and a week) ago. And it took the environmentalists five years to find some species the pipeline will endanger?

The report, released Wednesday by the environmental advocacy group, found that power lines used to operate the pipeline pose collision threats for birds and bats;

Unlike wind turbines.

[C]onstruction would disturb 15,500 acres, potentially crushing endangered foxes with young in their dens;

They are just going to throw the pipeline down on these fox dens.

and the project itself would exacerbate climate change by increasing production of the oil sands.

Everything causes climate change. (But who says the foxes wouldn’t like things warmer?)

“Keystone XL will really be a disaster for the nation and for iconic species like the whooping crane or the burying beetle and species that are part of the Great Plains and the American landscape for tens of thousands of years,” said Noah Greenwald, director of the Endangered Species Program at the Center for Biological Diversity [sic]. “For a pipeline that will hold very little benefit for the American public and allow for the export of tar sands onto the world market, it’s not worth it.”

It will provide thousands of jobs and lower the price of energy and lessen on dependence on foreign oil. But besides that, no it won’t benefit the American public.

Besides, this oil is going to be exported to the world one way or the other, no matter what we do. And pipelines are far safer than oil tankers for the environment

The center’s analysis highlights dangers that it says a previous State Department analysis on the project severely underestimated, and it mirrors some concerns that the Interior Department raised in its comments on the pipeline in August, Greenwald said, including the potential impact to migratory birds.

What is Mr. Greenwald’s position on wind turbines?

In March, the State Department released a draft environmental impact statement that found the pipeline would cause “no significant impacts to most resources along the proposed project route,” assuming certain safeguards are followed.

The problem with that analysis, Greenwald said, is that State didn’t analyze the potential impacts of a spill — even as it acknowledged that spills are likely up to twice annually — and it focused only on the impacts within the direct path of the pipeline, rather than considering the hazards presented by related power lines, roads and construction activities.

There are untold millions of miles of oil pipelines crisscrossing the US. There are seldom any ‘spills.’

“We think it’s ludicrous and irresponsible,” Greenwald said of State’s analysis. “There are endangered species in the path where they write off the impacts of a potential spill.”

Mr. Greenwald is "ludicrous and irresponsible."

In all, the center identifies several species that could be severely affected by the pipeline: the American burying beetle, greater sage grouse, black-footed ferret, piping plover, interior least tern, Western prairie fringed orchid, Sprague’s pipit, northern swift fox, pallid sturgeon and the whooping crane.

Again, there are already many miles of pipelines in these areas.

Especially imperiled, Greenwald said, would be the pallid sturgeon, a prehistoric fish that makes its prime habitat in the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers along Keystone XL’s path, and the whooping crane, whose migratory corridor crosses the pipeline’s path.

“This could be the nail in the coffin for the pallid sturgeon,” Greenwald said. “It could put it on the path toward extinction.”

Sturgeons come in coffins? We always see them in little jars.

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15 Responses to “Keystone Pipeline Threatens The Pallid Sturgeon!”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    What an idiot this Greenwald guy is.

    First: About the only time their are ‘spills’ on any pipeline route is because some of his enviromental buddies take sledge hammers to the above ground valves, or some jackass on a back-hoe or other eartrh moving equipment starts digging before calling the utilitiy company caring for the right-of-way/pipeline.

    Second: River crossings are 8′ to 30′ feet beneath the lowest part of the bed of any river, stream or any other body of water. Even ditches, considered ‘navigable waters’ because they fill with water when it rains, are treated in this manner of construction.

    Third: Wildlife are moved by enviromental whackos on the payroll of pipeline construction companies, or the pipeline route is moved to accommodate wildlife, such as wetlands and parks, costing millions of dollars that you pay for in the end.

    I say let’s make this guy and endangered species.

  2. Petronius says:

    Steve: “Sturgeons come in coffins? We always see them in little jars.”

    Now that’s funny! Oh, my sides!

    And please pass the Gray Caviar!

    • captstubby says:

      you-a craze. A “sturgeon”, he’s a doctor cuts you open when-a you sick.


      1932 Marx Brothers movie Horse Feathers

  3. mr_bill says:

    The EPA already studied and approved the Keystone Pipeline. The only federal agency that did not approve it was the State Department and they were only responsible for evaluating the pipeline insofar as it pertained to security of the State and international relations. The fact that the State Dept. chose to use a rationale outside the scope of its authority is the real travesty here. Of course, we can’t have a supply of hydrocarbon fuel that threatens the wallets of the middle-eastern sheiks, can we?

  4. Right of the People says:

    If only we could make enviro-liberals an endangered species. That’s the real dreams of my father.

  5. canary says:

    Great posts you all.

    Thank goodness dinosaurs are dead.

    Bats: Spread fungus

    A fungus is causing US Troops serving in Afghanistan to die, especially those who suffer burns from IEDs making it burn wounds difficult to heal leading to amputation after amputation. The fungus is said to come from sand bugs (or mites).

    HOWEVER, the Afghanistan Poppy growing farmers are saying the US is intentionally spreading a fungus on their crops instead of doing it former George Bushes way of burning the crop. Instead of recognizing the white spots on their poppy crops as fungus, they believe it’s residue from the spray though they haven’t seen any spraying. They are not intelligent enough to consider the sand bugs may have mutated from all their chemicals used to blow up people, mosques, and schools.

    However, both are overlooking the bat problem in the caves of Afghanistan that are overpopulated by the fungus breeding bats

    And lest we forget the closing off of Federal Nature Parks because of Bat fungus. Imagine your not being able to enter your neighborhood and home

    Foxes: Better to kill our chickens and humans starve than the clever fox.

    Migratory birds: Adapt and have no problem migrating elsewhere

    The American burying beetle is extinct? The heck it is. They are migrating into neighborhoods and are officially pests.

    Those pesky bugs out of control from eating compost who like to live in grass clipping composts too. This most likely is from the kind of dog food dog’s are eating, and idiots who do not not know how to recycle grass clippings into spreading the grass clippings and drying them out.
    idiot homeowners are also building composts by taking all their twigs and sticks in a pile, and walking out after meals and dumping pots and pains of cooking oil which the dead meat lures the pesky bugs.

    The American Burying Beetle also has evolved into vegetarians and enjoying grass, but their favorite dish is ivy.

    (I will be looking for a tax deduction on my property. Glad I never got around to a honey bee hive)

    Greater Sage Grouse: Living namely in the West Coast, and on their way to the migrate more heavily to enjoy the cooling of the earth in the US.

    The Whooping Crane: Already enjoying their move to the East Coast, especially Florida.

    Palid Sturgeon: If the EPA interfered with fish evolution, none of us would be here as they are teaching our children that water was created first, and we evolved from fish, not monkeys.

    Grouse: Clog irrigation that could lead to poor drainage and the Mississippi River flooding people’s homes.

  6. bousquem25 says:

    The only major spills are when the enviro-terrorists decide that they need to bomb a pipeline to “make a statement” and then proceed to whine if a cup of oil leaks out over 6 months from the damage their bomb did regardless of the fact that if they did rupture the pipeline the oil spill would be much larger. Of course they would turn around and blame the owners of the pipeline instead of their own stupid actions.

  7. Noyzmakr says:

    I’ve had enviro-whackos chain themselves to trees, valves, cars parked in the right of way, construction equipment. They’ve pulled guns on me, sic dogs on me, scream in my face and threaten to run me down with their car. All of these ended the same way, with me smiling and waving goodbye to them as they rode away handcuffed in the back seat of a law enforcment officers car…..and the pipeline kept on going.

    I don’t have much patience for these idiots, even the ones that are on the company payroll. They’re ALL scammers out for a big pay day. All they want is money to shut up….and I don’t pay. I call the law.

    • Astravogel says:

      I recall that wacko church that bused a load of their
      adherants to a soldier’s funeral in Oklahoma to disrupt
      it. Somehow all the tires on their van went flat, and all
      the tire repair shops in town were closed. They’ve not
      been back there again.

  8. BillK says:

    Note EVERYTHING is a “potential.”

    An asteroid could potentially hit us tomorrow, rendering life on Earth over.

    President Obama COULD become a Tea Party conservative tomorrow.

    These things are just as likely to happen as anything the enviro-whiners are proposing.

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