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Kids Arrested For Anti-Muslim Hate Crime

From an outraged Associated Press:

Osman Daramy, 12,  is led out of Family Court on Thursday, where he was arraigned.

2nd child accused in NYC attack on Muslim girl

Tue Apr 5, 2011

NEW YORK – A 13-year-old girl has been arrested on hate crime charges and is accused of helping bully and attack a Muslim girl at their New York City middle school.

The girl and a 12-year-old boy who was arrested last week were arraigned in family court Tuesday on charges of attempted robbery and third-degree assault as a hate crime. Both were charged as juveniles and were in the custody of the Administration for Children’s Services.

Authorities say the two bullied and tormented a 13-year-old Muslim girl at the Staten Island school, calling her a terrorist and trying to steal from her. They say the abuse culminated with the two trying to rip off her head scarf.

If convicted, they face 18 months in juvenile detention. School officials say disciplinary action is pending.


Oh, by the way, the 12 year old boy is a Muslim, according to his father.

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12 Responses to “Kids Arrested For Anti-Muslim Hate Crime”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    A very curious story from the New York Post.

    12-year-old Staten Island boy charged with hate crime in Muslim attack


    Last Updated: 10:09 AM, March 31, 2011

    Posted: 2:21 AM, March 31, 2011


    He’s a holy terror.

    Nothing like starting a news article with a judgment.

    A 12-year-old Staten Island schoolboy viciously attacked a young Muslim classmate and tried to tear off her religious headscarf in an unprovoked rage that ended with him being busted on hate-crimes charges, authorities said yesterday.

    “Are you a Muslim?” young Osman Daramy allegedly barked at the 13-year-old girl during the assault at Dreyfus Intermediate School in Stapleton, police said.

    Osman and an unidentified 13-year-old girl allegedly beat the terrified eighth-grader at around 1 p.m. Tuesday behind the building but still on school property. They allegedly punched and kicked her until she collapsed to the ground.


    Osman was arrested yesterday and charged with felony assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime.

    Remember….he’s 12 years old.

    Osman was taken to the Spofford Juvenile Center in The Bronx, and the case will be handled in Family Court because of his age.

    A woman who identified herself to The Post as Osman’s mother, but didn’t want to be quoted by name, said, “I know my son is a good boy. He’s a kid, he made a mistake.”

    Any guesses as to the race of the child in question?

    The boy, who also faces school disciplinary action, has been tormenting the victim for the last two months, sources said, allegedly shoving, hitting or threatening her on four occasions.

    “This child is a terror. He goes around terrorizing staff and students,” said a teacher at Dreyfus.

    On Monday, Osman raised hell in one class when he ran amok wielding scissors after using them to cruelly lop off a girl’s hair, sources said. But instead of being booted from school or arrested, Osman was merely “suspended in-house,” a teacher said.

    Osman’s behavior is so problematic that officials at one point posted a school safety agent in front of that class just “so the teacher could teach,” a staffer said.

    Two weeks ago, Osman was present when five other young punks at the school robbed a deliveryman who was dropping off pizza and soda at an after-school study program, insiders said.

    The crooks demanded food and cash from the deliveryman before fleeing with just the food, authorities said. They were busted the next day.

    Maybe I’m imagining things, but I’m seeing a trend here. What’s really discussion worthy is:

    1) Where was the NY Post when muslims were cutting off the heads of hostages?
    2)If this kid has such a discipline problem, and it’s widely known, why is he allowed to remain in school?
    3)He’s black and yet appears to be picking on a muslim so the idea that it’s only white, gun-totin’ bible bangers are the racists is questionable at best and…finally….
    4) Where did he learn this behavior?

    • Mithrandir says:

      2)If this kid has such a discipline problem, and it’s widely known, why is he allowed to remain in school?
      SEE QUOTE: Osman’s behavior is so problematic that officials at one point posted a school safety agent in front of that class just “so the teacher could teach,” a staffer said.

      Ordinarily students would be institutionalized as criminally insane, mentally crazy etc, BUT, guess how many inner-city kids would qualify? (seriously) SOOO, an extra teacher is hired @ $30K/year, to monitor crazy kids because institutionalization is expensive, and possibly “racist”, and you know what activists would be storming the gates after looking at the racial make-up in the nuthouse.

      Now you know why parents give up, and move away from certain school districts that don’t have the guts or political will to get rid of crazy 12 year old tyrants.

      *Also, some schools have built-in–soundproof– RUBBER ROOM in their schools, in which the door only opens from the outside, just like the ones in the movie Terminator 2. That is where the school safety agent throws kids, when they lose their minds. (didn’t know schools had that did you?)

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Mith, I get the how he’s allowed to stay in school but not the why

      Indeed, he should’ve been institutionalized long before this. Plus, he was a known threat to other students and teachers and other staff alike. This cannot be tolerated. However, in my own experience, schools have become so laden with bureaucratization (government employees, need I say more?) that the “experts” want to treat the problem like it has a clear and direct solution, or, more accurately, as you put it, they didn’t want to “stigmatize” the child. Or, perhaps even in more basic terms, the interests of the child were ignored because, if a school has a record of disciplinary problems, and they become known to the proletariat, the proletariat then pays a visit to the administrators and they get a black eye and could effect funding.

      The latter is probably the most likely scenario as to why but I had already suspected as much and was just being rhetorical when I posited my four inquiries. The school he was going to endeavored to bottle up the behavioral problem until it naturally reached a crescendo and is now nationally visible.

      Time for a “back when I was that age” story….but:

      Back when I that age, if I behaved badly, I caught hell from the teacher. If that was unsuccessful in modifying my behavior, I got sent to the principal’s office. He would sit me down and lecture me or, in the case of some students, get physical. The student would then face it again when they got home, as did I on occasion. If the behavior continued, the student was suspended from school…and in extreme cases, expelled, leaving the parents having to find an alternate means to educate their child.

      There is no value that can be put on that methodology. The child learns that consequences come of actions. They are then held responsible for those actions, as are the parents. By making it all so channeled and compartmentalized, the child is the one factor that’s not accounted for. They are dealt with in a manner that doesn’t expect anything from the child, there is no humiliation or embarrassment (two of the most effective teaching tools in certain cases) and the child persists in bad behavior. They then grow up as ‘victims’ of society and, never having gotten the help they needed as a child, grow up and become president of the United States.

  2. Right of the People says:

    Face it, under the loving guidance of Barry the Impotent and his goons anything opposing mooselimbs for any reason at all will be considered a “hate crime”. To me the whole concept of “hate crimes” is a farce but then I’m a sane, rational individual (relatively) unlike the bozos running the publik skools.

    At worst these kids should be suspended from school for a couple of weeks. Back in the day they would have been sent home to have their parents deal with it and most kids would have been terrified of what their mom or dad was going to do. I guess now the solution is sent them to the slam so they can be desensitized and brainwashed and taught to be good little socialists. I’m so glad I don’t have anymore kids in school.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      When I was substituting in the Phoenix school system, I noted immediately how the administrators had convoluted the word “discipline” to mean “cruelty”. In fact…teachers were NOT to discipline any student in any way, instead relegating them to an in-house administration facility. Thus, there was no immediate correction to any problem; Just the sterility and clinical “handling” of any discipline problems. Of course, the parents were never involved unless it became a glaring problem, whereby the parents were blindsided by something that they had no knowledge of. The kid, who at this point had remained silent, was now in survival-mode and (naturally) would start screaming how it was all so unfair. But the problem began with something small months ago and the school system, through its sterile and bureaucratic handling of it all, made it ten times worse than it needed to be. Yay—socialism—such a great way to deal with ….well…..everything.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    deleted by original poster—redundancy

  4. GetBackJack says:

    If the parents are found to be Republicans or Christians we will clearly have to pack them off to reeducation camps and then put them in an open trench with a bullet to the head. We can’t have Senators like Lindsey “I Have No Spine” Graham going crackers over such matters.

    • merkelerk says:

      GetBackJack, I assume you typed that comment from your fainting couch.

      Methinks a fainting couch would make a welcome addition to my home, what with all of the shocking turns taking place.

  5. canary says:

    om! I missed this at the end

    ” Oh, by the way, the 12 year old boy is a Muslim, according to his father.”


    “How could a Muslim have a hate crime against another Muslim?” Frank Davies, the 12-year-old suspect’s father, asked the Daily News.

    Gosh, that age is such an ugly age kids go through. No excuse for such behavior, and the father’s excuse is another reason to ban Sharia law.

    But, by gosh, I sue as heck wish they had hate crimes when muslim Obama shoved the only little African-American girl at his school. Oh and there was his “white” girlfriend he dated that he pushed away after she told him he was too angry against white people. Poor girl balled her eyes out crying out she wish she could be black for him, but she couldn’t change the color of her skin. Obama must have loved mistreating that white beech.

    But, since this is a “muslim issue”, perhaps the little girl batted her eyes, and this enraged the muslim boy, to question her religion. I’ve seen these younger muslim teen girls, and they glob on the make-up and their wear pencil thin cut skirts.

    So, maybe the muslim boy was practicing his religion to punish the girl so she would repent to allah.

    Bottom line. Violence is wrong.
    But, this goes on in schools every day in the nation.
    It only made coverage because a “muslim” was involved.
    How extremely rare to give the minor’s name out. Is he being charged as an adult for pulling a scarf off. Maybe they though she was a he, and wanted to see. Because Islam would surely make it right to beat the girl/boy if this was the case. No telling. Can’t trust the teachers, police, or media.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    Well, now black people know what it’s like to be white! ~Laws aren’t enforced equally against us either.

    Lady Justice CLEARLY is peeking out from under the blindfold to see the race/gender/sexual orientation of the people involved.

    This time, the heavy hand of government came down on blacks, but don’t worry, the justice department will help to drop all the charges, and that will be reported on page 12E of your newspaper.

    • canary says:

      Mithrandir, the teachers will have to show records of the discipline problems. Spur of the moment teacher reports trying to say he was bad, will put the school in a liable situation.

      The police officers quoting hearsay can’t be trusted.

      We recently had a much worse incident by an adult black student. It’s like the media, police, teachers are trying to appease the son. He’s a record of school suspensions and having to take anger classes, but it’s all been kept hush. They are smearing an innocent youth, who was caught of guard and nearly killed, left to die in the school. Students heard principals even telling teachers witness to the event to keep their mouths shut. The police only give the thug who immediately was baled out by his gangsta mama, and continue when the sob even keeps changing his story. The mom then shot her mouth of in the media and it was so bad, they are finally charging the attempted murderer. The youth was American
      Mexican yet no hate crime when a Black adult student nearly killed him.
      Also, they’ll let these kids come back and put them all in a room thats not supervised where they play around, and they can beat people during lunch, in the hall, or after school.

      Kids that complain about violence just get harrassed by teachers. They brag it’s safe school, and ignore the videos the youth post on the internet. The education they are giving sucks. The entire thing is following Obama’s new reward system that brings them stimulus money. I’ve given up om the violence. The media won’t address it, and it’s the only thing that makes a change. The media wants people to come, so they sell more papers and make money. Everything is just great.

  7. Liberals Demise says:

    Another case AG Holder will toss out due to color of skin and religion.
    Don’t be lookin’ for this yut to make it out of the ‘hood alive.
    Robbing the pizza dude in school? Pizza dude is a wussy!!
    I’d have taught the yuts a lesson the skool never did!!

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