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Kim Jong Un Sounds Like Our ‘Dear Leader’

From the New York Post:

Kim’s 007-nut kid in charge

December 20, 2011

The man who will have his pudgy finger on North Korea’s nuclear button is an overweight comic-book freak who is crazy about James Bond, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jackie Chan movies, and who dreamed about following his hero Michael Jordan into the NBA.

Kim Jong Un, the handpicked “Great Successor” to Kim Jong Il, who died Sunday, is an unlikely addition to the ranks of the world’s leaders.

He had no known political, diplomatic or military experience before his father made him a four-star general last year and anointed him as crown prince of the world’s only communist dynasty.

He probably has had more real world experience than our current President and Commander in Chief.

Much about Jong Un remains a state secret, including his age — speculation centers on 27 or 28 — the identity of his mother and his own marital status

We probably won’t hear from any of his childhood pals, or his former girlfriends, or see his college transcripts, either.

Kim Jong Un is the youngest of three sons of a bizarrely dysfunctional family.

Yet another similarity with our own Dear Leader. (Who, lest we forget, is the son of a drunken Communist bigamist. And who has a brother who lives in a hut on a dollar month income.)

His older brother Kim Jong Nam apparently lost his chance to succeed Kim Jong Il after he was caught in 2001 trying to sneak into Japan — using a bogus Dominican Republic passport — to visit the Tokyo version of Disneyland. Another brother, Kim Jong Chol, was said to have been ruled out of the succession race because he is “too effeminate.”

That last sounds like a hate crime against humanity to us.

Kim Jong Un is known to speak English, German and French that he picked up in a Swiss boarding school, which he attended under an alias. Classmates said he was quiet and seemed to be shy or sullen and uncomfortable with women.

They said he is an avid skier, a devoted reader of Japanese manga comics, an avid computer-game player, and fanatical about basketball — particularly the fortunes of the Chicago Bulls.

“He yearned to become a pro basketball player in the United States,” a former schoolmate at the International School of Bern told Japan’s NHK TV network.

This is getting downright creepy. Does he have large ears, too?

But his hoop dreams were doomed by extra pounds, apparently due to lack of exercise and diabetes, as well as high blood pressure and what are believed to be the effects of a car accident.

His name was virtually a national secret until September 2010, when his father named him to several top government posts, including making him a member of the powerful Central Military Commission.

The state propaganda machine called him the “Young General” and the “Brilliant Comrade” and later the “Respected General,” before he was elevated, by his father’s death, to “Great Successor.”

Well, at least they aren’t saying he is a Messiah like our state propaganda machine calls our leader. Heck, they aren’t even saying Kim Jong Un will be a great unifier.

But like his father, a former playboy who remained in obscurity for years as he was groomed for the top spot, much about Jong Un remains a mystery.

“There is a rumor that he is married, but officially we don’t know,” said Yoon Deok-ryong, of the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy in Seoul, South Korea. Jong Un’s mother is believed to have been a Japanese-born dancer who died several years ago. But nobody knows for sure.

Will anyone demand to see his birth certificate?

One of the very few outsiders to get to know the “Great Successor” is Kim Jong Il’s sushi chef, Kenji Fujimoto, who has been in hiding, fearing execution by North Korean assassins since he fled. He described Jong Un as “a chip off the old block, a spitting image of his father in terms of face, body shape and personality.”

Has he written a book about his father’s dreams?

After he gave his good wishes to North Korea’s national soccer team last year — and the team lost all three World Cup matches — the members were forced to stand outside the People’s Palace of Culture in Pyongyang and be denounced by students and fellow athletes because they had betrayed the heir apparent.

You have to admit that the similarities to Obama are uncanny.

Still, it’s a shame we can’t fulfill Kim Jong Un’s fantasies, and give him a real-life James Bond-like adventure.

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15 Responses to “Kim Jong Un Sounds Like Our ‘Dear Leader’”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    At least now we know where all the food in NK went.

  2. canary says:

    Obama just gave North Korea 6 Billion dollars in aid to compensate for our sanctions against them.

    The world now has a Teleprompter leader and and now a Communist Button Pusher addict.

    The difference between the two:
    Obama read and breathed Communist books and material to achieve his dreams.
    Kim Jong Un forced Communism and breathed Japanese “manga” materials & matter.

    “…a devoted reader of Japanese manga comics, an avid computer-game player..”

    The weekly manga comics as thick as a telephone book, computer games, video’s and films shed light on Jong Un real life actions.

    Manga comics get away with child pornography and include violence.

    The manga Comics carry full-collor advertisements for muscle-building and pheromone sprays. They boomed into animated cartoons, TV shows and movies. Manga grows and spreads from muscle man, playboy and the slam dunk NBA craze.

    “After he gave his good wishes to North Korea’s national soccer team last year — and the team lost all three World Cup matches — the members were forced to stand outside the People’s Palace of Culture in Pyongyang and be denounced by students and fellow athletes because they had betrayed the heir apparent.”

    Well at least Kim Jung Il didn’t didn’t go as far in punishment as Iraq’s late Saddam Hussein who forced his players into mummy boxes with cut-out holes for the swords stuck through piercing and stabbing his losing soccer team players.
    With daddy gone this public humiliation tactic may turn brutal with the use of zapping and lightening toys N Korea will no doubt be making for their new leader.

    Dying on some Train ride, Kim Jung Il’s cronies said their leader was in and under a state of stress at the time his heart stopped.

    I am guessing Kim Jung Il shared the consumption and passion with number one Jung Un son of the manga life –

    No doubt the stress do to Kim Jung Il playing with himself or secretly playing with his son Jung Un. hush.

  3. River0 says:

    Another Robot King for the soulless Robot People and their human captives. And to think there are those who doubt the existence of Satan…..

  4. Mithrandir says:

    This is a different regime than the typical STALIN regime or a Hussein regime.

    The military is in charge of this one, and will call all the shots.

    We may have 100 different ways (militarily) to wipe this weak and pathetic regime of the face of the planet, and allow the South to have 2x their land base to further their technological capabilities—winner? an even stronger economic ally to the U.S. and one less nuclear threat selling their wares to our enemies.

    But oh well, why rock the boat and help ourselves? Just leave things the way they have always been, and we will get what we’ve always gotten. –when is the next food shipment scheduled to help N. Korea’s military stay loyal?

  5. canary says:

    wow. If this footage wasn’t from the UK Telegraph I’d guess it was a prank. Surreal.


    wow. His son and new N Korea leader Jong Un allowed excessive filming of his father the dead leader in a glass casket covered in a red blanket. Yes, taking that celebrity path like Obama. Jong Un is easy to finger as he is the most well fed in the footage. You can see the only other well fed
    man start to step up before him, but then stop. Surreal.


    • Anonymoose says:

      That is freaky; especially the people reading in all these beatific things about him from just visiting a store. Then again, they may be feeling that if they don’t grieve loudly and appropriately there’ll be a a midnight knock at the door.

      And yet the liberals wanted to do the same here with Obama. I still remember those school kids singing songs about him; you can bet if a Republican president had done that every Democrat in the country would have burst a few blood vessels from shouting about it. And then there was the Spiderman comic book, the Obama action figure, and so on. All of it I’m *sure* just a coincidence.

      My favorite was the person at the CNN message boards threatening to report everyone who said anything negative about Obama to the Secret Service. Not threats, not even implied threats, just something as simple as they didn’t think Obama had the experience to be president. Once the liberals got close to seeing their utopian goal come true the mask came off, and it was scary.

  6. DW says:

    Is that a DPRK flag pin above his pocket?

    If so, at least we found one difference…

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Other than the fact that another scumbag has risen to power on this planet who must be neutralized, I don’t care.

    The news pukes loves to write about despotic “leaders” yet fail to recognize the affirmative-action product that is in our midst.

  8. canary says:

    uh oh. Kim Jong Il death questioned & Kim Jong Un’s right to the throne as lake made loud crack.

    BBC: Kim Jong-il death: ‘Nature mourns’ N Korea leader

    Dec 22 2011

    Ice cracked on a famous lake “so loud, it seemed to shake the Heavens and the Earth”, and a mysterious glow was seen on a revered mountain top, KCNA said.

    Meanwhile, South Korean intelligence has questioned how Mr Kim died.

    Citing US satellite photos, the country’s national intelligence service director Won Sei-hoon said there was no sign that the special train, on which Mr Kim is reported to have died while on a visit on Saturday, had ever left Pyongyang over the weekend.

    A snowstorm hit as Mr Kim died and ice on the volcanic Chon lake near his reported birthplace at Mount Paektu cracked, it said.

    Observers fear that because the transfer of power from father to son had not been formalised[sic] before Mr Kim’s death, it could trigger instability.

    go to link for entire story

    Did the lake crack as a miracle or did some gadget go off?
    Or did manga game button pusher addict Kim Jong Un push a buttons to crack the lake and make strange sightings.

  9. sticks says:

    Maybe the son pushed some other buttons he learned from his father and suddenly he is Dear Leader for life. Whatever, he and Obama should get along together well once Obama bows to him, then they can figure out some new ways to rip off the American tax payer.

    • canary says:

      With fowl play supsected, could the muslim-brotherhood have a hand in Kim’s dismiss. lol. I hope N. Korea doesn’t blame Obama’s deadly call to celebrate Arab Spring.

      I wonder specifically, exactly, directly, “whose hands” in N Korea did Obama just give the 6 Billion dollars to? Just curious. Like it’s really going to be spent on food.

      It should have been given to South Korea who are so afraid they took down Christmas lights near the border. Christianity is really taking a beating world-wide thanks to Obama’s Arab Spring worship.

    • canary says:

      With fowl play supsected, could the muslim-brotherhood have a hand in Kim’s dismiss. lol. I hope N. Korea doesn’t blame Obama’s deadly call to celebrate Arab Spring.

      He dies right after U.S. gave 6 Billion dollars in aid to him. Maybe it never reached his hands. Who is holding it now?

      It should have been given to South Korea who are so afraid they took down Christmas lights near the border. Christianity is really taking a beating world-wide thanks to Obama’s Arab Spring worship.

    • sticks says:

      “Christianity is really taking a beating world-wide…” Then I suspect that our “Dear Leader” is getiing what he secretly wants.

  10. Anonymoose says:

    No worries. Obama will just sit down and talk with Kim Jong Un, then go shoot hoops with him. There’s nothing to worry about, nothing to see here.

    More seriously, this broke and rundown state is only of note because it’s a buffer with China. If China didn’t care or we knew they wouldn’t be involved, any war with North Korea would be over in a week. They may have the fifth largest army in the world, but no capability to manufacture and replace the weapons they’ll lose, and barely any mobility.

    The economy is a shambles with idle factories, people starving for ten days at a time and thinking that’s normal, and trucks running on steam from burning wood. Even their nuclear threat is minimal; only the sledgehammer of China behind it.

    We have a lot more to contend with from states that are functioning and have a fair amount of wealth and power. Iran will continue to be a thorn in our side; in an straight up shooting war they’d be another Iraq, the threat with them is from terrorism and stirring international animosities. Venezuela will also be interesting when Chavez kicks the bucket and the power struggle there commences.

    Meanwhile I await the next the next spoof of North Korea in a “Team America” sequel.

    • canary says:

      Interesting in the videos I posted Dec 21st showing the long front line up the most important figures facing the glass coffin with late Kim Jung IL is a different figure. One has a belly sticking out and that is Jung Un showing number 1 son eats better than anyone else in N. Korea.

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