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Koch Bros Reach Out To Hispanics, Hispanics Don’t Care

From the Associated Press:

Koch brothers reach out to Hispanics


SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Looking to make inroads with the rising number of Hispanic voters, conservative activists are offering English classes, health checkups and courses to help Spanish-speakers earn high school diplomas. Picking up part of the tab: Charles and David Koch.

The billionaire industrialists are working to patch a gaping hole in the GOP coalition that could spell a generation of irrelevance if Republicans cannot build some credibility with Hispanic voters, who typically shun the GOP. The fast-growing group could have tremendous sway in American politics for years to come. Party elders have acknowledged their struggles to win over Hispanic voters, who as recently as 2004 were roughly split in party preference.

Enter the Libre Initiative, an organization that has collected millions from the Kochs’ political network. Libre, which is pronounced LEE’-bray and means "free," pushes a message of limited government and economic freedom between lessons on how to build family-run businesses and prayer breakfasts with Hispanic pastors.

Well, it was a brilliant stroke to put ‘free’ in the title. Though some people might be disappointed to learn they aren’t giving stuff away.

Its organizers pitch conservative ideals while offering tutorials on U.S. immigration law, support for overhauling the broken immigration system that stops short of campaigning for the Senate’s bipartisan bill and collecting donations for the unaccompanied children crossing the United States-Mexico border illegally.

In effect, it is a shadow GOP — one with a gentle emphasis on social services and assimilation over a central party often seen as hostile to immigrants and minorities.

So, in effect, it is a shadow DNC.

It’s a subtle approach, for sure, when compared to other groups’ sometimes angry rhetoric. While some conservatives are staging protests over the waves of immigrant children pouring into the United States, Libre is working with a Tucson, Arizona, church to collect donations for the children being held at federal sites. A similar effort in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, the epicenter for the immigration surge, is on deck.

It’s merely the latest effort of the Koch-backed pitch to Hispanic voters and the effort to shape the future of the Republican Party and American politics…

How many Hispanics even know the Koch Brothers are even doing this? How will it change anyone’s mind?

In June the United Negro College Fund, which provides scholarships to students attending historically black colleges, announced a $25 million donation from Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation.

It’s odd, but for some reason the AP doesn’t mention how that donation turned out. And all the love and great PR it generated for the Koch Brothers.

Still, part of me hopes that the La Raza Libre activists will find out the source of so much of their funding, and return the filthy lucre.

Meanwhile, from Breitbart:

Univision Survey: Immigration Low Priority for Latino Voters in California

By Jon Fleischman | August 8, 2014

Immigration is only the 6th-most-important issue for Latino voters in California when casting a vote for a candidate for U.S. Senator or for U.S. Congress, according to a statewide survey conducted by Univision. 

When registered Latino voters were asked to name their most important issues, the results, in order, were: education (21%), jobs (16%), government spending and the deficit (15%), social security (13%), "how what they do will affect my wallet" (10%), health care (9%), immigration (8%), and crime and personal safety (5%).

An overwhelming 86% of those surveyed support comprehensive immigration reform. However, a majority–53%–of registered Latino voters in California also answered that they believe that, “…we should require borders to be secured before providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants."


Furthermore, when asked, “Which of the following is your major concern or complaint about the Republican Party?”, only ten percent of those surveyed named Republican opposition to immigration reform. 

The number one gripe was that Republicans "care mostly about corporations and big business" (17%). Other concerns, in order, were that Republicans: care only for themselves (17%), favor the rich (14%), are against immigration reform (10%), don’t stand up strongly for their beliefs (7%), "don’t understand people like me" (6%), and favoring white people not minorities (5%)…

Don’t worry. Once they hear about how the Koch Brothers are feeding and sheltering and schooling illegal aliens that will turn around overnight.

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2 Responses to “Koch Bros Reach Out To Hispanics, Hispanics Don’t Care”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    From the Associated Press?


  2. yadayada says:

    koch bros. have large holdings in GEO group which is bidding to house some of the “children” and their families pouring across the line obummer drew down in Texas.

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